Evolution Is Ultimate Testament To Krell Manufacturing Excellence

Las Vegas, NV - CES Jan 6 - 9, LVCC South 2, Booth # 26111 & 25705 - Krell Industries proudly introduces the Evolution Series of high -end stereo components. The introduction of Evolution marks 25 years since Krell reinvented the notion of "high -end" audio by manufacturing products that delivered audio performance at a level audio enthusiasts had never before experienced. The Evolution Series is a testament to this unwavering pursuit.

The Evolution Series culminates more than two decades of cutting edge audio design. When envisioning Evolution, founder and CEO Dan D'Agostino had one solitary goal - to hand craft a preamplifier and power amplifier that, simply put, were the best sounding products ever built. The result is a synthesis of almost impossible contradictions; a unique blend of beauty, grace, and the effortless power synonymous with the Krell name.

The Evolution One is a Class A, 450 -watt monaural amplifier that utilizes proprietary current gain topologies from input to output allowing the audio signal to remain in the current domain throughout the entire amplifier thereby avoiding unnecessary current to voltage conversions that add distortion, require heavy feedback and severely limit bandwidth. The Evolution One circuitry is virtually devoid of feedback and sports a bandwidth an order of magnitude greater than any conventional design. Coupled to this circuitry is a power section that is virtually limitless in its capability to drive any speaker to its full potential. With all of this unrestricted power on tap, the Evolution One employs advanced microprocessors that constantly monitor operating conditions and can automatically adjust the operating parameters or shut the amplifier down to prevent damage to the input stages or loudspeakers.

The Evolution Two monaural preamplifier is also a Class A design that was built to absolute perfection inside and out. The audio signal path operates in full balanced mode from input to output and the proprietary Krell CAST inputs further ensure absolute integrity of the audio signal. Nothing was over looked when designing the Evolution Two; not even the volume control that features a 16 -bit balanced resistor ladder which uses low -resistance, high -linearity solid -state switches and discrete precision resistors for the purest line stage possible. Although the Evolution Two embraces the simplistic pleasures of a high -end two channel preamp, it also features sophisticated RS -232, IR and 12 -volt controls for better integration into a state -of -the -art home environment.

Both the Evolution One and Evolution Two utilize power supplies that are housed in separate chassis that makes use of extensive electrical and magnetic shielding to keep radiated magnetic interference out of the circuits that are critical to music reproduction. Krell engineered their own power supply featuring a dedicated 165 VA Torodial transformer on the Evolution Two and two massive 2100 VA Torodial transformers for the Evolution One. Each power supply also features internal, high -current line conditioning circuitry that filters RF noise and compensates for asymmetric power waveforms that could possibly affect the amplifier's performance.

The Evolution series aesthetic takes Krell's industrial design to an entirely new level. The machined custom aluminum chassis features a 1.5 -inch faceplate that not only looks incredible but fronts the resonance free environment that houses the sensitive electronics contained within. While the Evolution Two strives for minimalist beauty the Evolution One flaunts its power with a custom fabricated polycarbonate analog power meter that is backlit by the soft glow of the blue lights Krell is known for.

MSRP of the Evolution One and Evolution Two are $45,000/pr and $35,000/pr respectively and are expected to ship in March 2005.

Established in 1980, Krell Industries, Inc. is the premier manufacturer of high -end audio equipment. Guided by the innovative designs and guidance of CEO Dan D'Agostino, Krell's extensive line of amplifiers, preamplifiers, DVD players, surround sound processors, and loudspeakers are renowned for their exceptional quality, and the Krell brand has become synonymous with outstanding high -end performance among music and home theater enthusiasts everywhere.

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