High-Definition Speaker Panels Incorporate Breakthrough Technology to Eliminate Crossover Distortion, Improve Sound Quality, Reduce Cost



High -Definition Speaker Panels Incorporate Breakthrough Technology to
Eliminate Crossover Distortion, Improve Sound Quality, Reduce Cost

LAS VEGAS, Nev. - January 6, 2005 - Dutch audio innovator Final Sound introduced the newest model in its line of high -definition electrostatic speakers designed exclusively for the home theater. The Model 100i Home Theater Audio Suite includes five flat -panel electrostatic speakers - all for a suggested retail price of $2,999. The award -winning speakers were demonstrated at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show, which opened today at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

"With each new model in this electrostatic line, we are raising the standard for high -end home theater audio," said CEO Gijsbert van den Brink, "The Model 100i is an extraordinary leap forward in terms of sound quality. We have essentially eliminated every bit of crossover distortion that is common with old -style cone speakers. The result is a smooth, transparent, and very warm sound that reveals every word and special effect on the screen - even sounds you never noticed before. This is a new level of high -definition audio for the home theater."

Both the Model 100i and the smaller Model 80i, which was introduced in September, are unique in that each speaker covers a full spectrum of sound in the low, mid, and high ranges using a single electrostatic panel. Old -style cone speakers combine several woofers, tweeters, and mid -ranges to cover the full sound spectrum - causing noise and distortion where the speakers overlap or "crossover." The Final system eliminates this crossover by dividing the diaphragm electronically with separate sections for high, medium, and low tones - all on the same audio surface. In addition, the panels are acoustically matched to a custom subwoofer that seamlessly handles the deep bass tones down as low as 35 Hz.

With the announcement of its exclusive inverter principle, Final has re -engineered fundamental speaker technology to change the way both sound and power move across the face of the speaker. Where previous electrostat designs moved the audio signal across positive and negatively charged stator plates on each side of a Mylar diaphragm to "pull" the film and create the sound, the Final technology "inverts" that process by embedding the audio signal inside a sealed diaphragm to create sound energy that is clearer and far more responsive and lifelike. The simplicity of the new inverter enables speaker impedance on the 80i and 100i to remain well above 5 ohms across the frequency spectrum, allowing use of smaller amplifiers - as low as 35 watts - to drive the speakers. Until now, high -performance electrostatic speakers required more powerful and expensive amplifiers with 100 -200 watts per channel to adequately drive the speakers. In addition to the redesigned diaphragm, the new Final panels also feature a compact power supply that has led to significantly lower production costs for building high -end electrostatic speakers.

"Affordability is an extremely important feature of the entire Final speaker line," said van den Brink. "Electrostatic speakers have long been the state -of -the -art in the audio and stereo marketplace - the very best you could buy. Unfortunately, the technology was expensive to build and the speakers were large and bulky - definitely not suited for today's home theaters. Now, with our exclusive inverter technology, we've been able to build extremely powerful speakers that are small, slim, and sound as good as systems costing five times as much - or even better."

Like the Model 80i system, the Model 100i speakers are also compatible with U.L. requirements in the United States - something no other electrostatic speaker has ever achieved. The panels need no speaker cabinet to create room -filling noise -free voice and music, ideal for today's sound -rich DVD movies. The speakers are so thin and light that they can be easily mounted anywhere on floor, wall, or ceiling, creating a true surround sound environment. The Model 100i panels measure only 28 inches tall by 8 inches wide by 2.8 inches thin, and each weighs just under 8 pounds. In addition, the Final speakers feature unique circuitry and foil technology that resists wear and tear.

The new Model 100i Home Theater Suite is also available paired with the Final S100 Subwoofer for a complete 5.1 speaker system. The S100 is a 12 -inch black piano gloss free -standing cube with an 8 -inch driver. It operates at 100 watts with a frequency response of 35 to 240 Hz. The suggested retail price of the Model 100i 5.1 Home Theater Suite is $3,699 ($US). In addition to the new Model 100i panels, the new Final speaker line includes six models ranging from 20 to 75 inches tall for home theaters. Suggested prices begin at $1,999 ($US) for a suite of five 20 -inch Model 80i panels and range as high as $15,000 per pair for the 75 -inch Model 1400 Reference Series. Dealer locations and additional information is available at

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About Final Sound Solutions
Final Sound Solutions is a full -line manufacturer of the world's lightest high -definition speakers for home theaters and audiophiles. Based in the Netherlands, the company has been an innovator in the development of advanced electrostatic speaker technology for the high -end audiophile market since 1991. Final engineers were the first in the industry to develop a true "hybrid" speaker blending dynamic technology for the bass and electrostatic technology for the mid -range and high frequencies. In 2002, the company completed work on breakthrough technology that created the first modular electrostatic speakers and in 2004, introduced its unique inverter technology, which completely eliminated the crossover distortion common to traditional cone speakers, creating the most natural, life -like audio speakers in the home theater market.

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