Theta Audio and AV Components Power Live $500K Ultimate Home Theater Demonstration

Casablanca III Controller, Citadel Amps, Gen VIII DACS, Compli and More Join THIEL, JVC and Alpha-Core in Multi-Manufacturer Dream System

CES 2005, LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2005 - Theta Digital, acclaimed as America's most advanced manufacturer of high -end digital audio and video products, is the featured electronics manufacturer in an ultimate $500,000 Home Theater demonstration at the Athena Ballroom in the Alexis Park Hotel at the International Consumer Electronics Show, beginning today in Las Vegas.

The 6.1 -channel dream system brings together the finest high performance home audio and video products to deliver exceptional realism at every level. Theta components in the system include an $18,930 Theta Casablanca III Digital Music & Cinema Controller. with Six Shooter 6 -Channel Analog Preamp, a $6,000 Theta Compli Universal Player, six $7,900 Citadel Monoblock Amplifiers, and four $10,000 Generation VIII DACs.

Additional dream system partners include THIEL Audio, JVC and Alpha -Core whose key components include THIEL's flagship CS7.2 loudspeakers and SmartSub® subwoofers, an 18x12 -foot DLA -QX1G high -resolution video projection system by JVC, and high -performance Alpha -Core Goertz cables. In addition, visitors will enjoy the opportunity to hear Apple's innovative iPod played through some of the world's best audio components.

Direct from Theta
The Casablanca III Digital Music & Cinema Controller is the latest version of Theta's highly innovative, highly flexible music and cinema controller. It boasts a new lightning -fast operating system that speeds up all operations and enables the Casablanca to more quickly adapt to future software enhancements.

Its numerous features include hundreds of crossover choices, which facilitate an exquisite level of tailoring to each environment and speaker set -up, and Central Power Redistribution, which corrects for theater sound mixes. It also includes all of the latest Dolby®, DTS®and Circle Surround processes including Dolby Pro Logic®IIx, Dolby Digital EX, DTS NEO:6, DTS -ES™ and Circle Surround II.

The Six Shooter 6 -Channel Analog Preamp is Theta's innovative, proprietary solution for playing back multi -channel DVD -Audio and SACD music sources. It provides input switching, volume and balance controls, and makes an ideal companion to Theta's Casablanca III Music and Cinema Controller, which seamlessly commands the Six Shooter's internal analog controls - made from individual high -quality metal -film resisters - for the purest possible signal transfer.

The Theta Compli Universal Player combines a high -quality DVD and CD transport with state -of -the -art processing, and comes as close to serving as a universal -format source component as A/V technology allows. The Compli's combination of sophistication and exceptional versatility provides listeners with a high -level solution to many of the challenges posed by technology's multiplying listening and viewing formats.

The Citadel Monoblock Amplifier is a 400 -Watt single -channel power amplifier created to satisfy the needs of the most revealing and discriminating music reproduction systems, as well as Home Theater environments demanding abundant power to effortlessly recreate movie soundtracks. The Citadel delivers massive brute power with absolute integrity, sonically expressing a new level of veracity and intimacy in the experience of music, and movie sound performance.

The Generation VIII Digital -to -Analog Converter is a full differential balanced DAC featuring custom -designed, software -programmable digital filters feeding into two digital -to -analog converters per channel. It delivers the most accurate, defined, natural sound digital technology offers, and employs Theta's exclusive "jitter jail," which provides freedom from the types of digital distortions that most degrade high -quality playback.

The Theta/THIEL/JVC/Alpha -Core super -system will be demonstrated throughout CES at the Alexis Park's Athena Ballroom, just off the hotel lobby. A complimentary Alexis Park Express shuttle leaves every 15 minutes for the Las Vegas Convention Center. Theta products can also be seen at Genesis Advanced Technologies, Room AP2301, Alexis Park Hotel; and at Definitive Technology, Booth 20938, Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 1, during CES.

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