DH Labs Introduces New Products at 2005 International CES

DH LABS INTRODUCES A HOST OF NEW PRODUCTS AT CES 2005 New cables and connectors target the audiophile and home theater markets.



New cables and interconnects target the audiophile and home theater markets.

Las Vegas, NV - CES 2005 - Alexis Park Suite#1810 - DH Labs Inc. introduces a host of new products for the audiophile and home theater markets. These new products make use of the highest purity metals and materials that are sourced from the USA, represent DH Labs' commitment to high -quality, high -value products.

Gravitationally Compensated Audio Cables

If the moon's gravitational pull has the power to move entire oceans, imagine what it does to the tiny electrons traveling through your audio cables. In light of this, DH Labs has created the world's first gravitationally compensated audio cables. By using electro -gyroscopic technology, DH Labs has defeated the laws of physics, and the results are spectacular. This new technology necessitates maintaining a double inventory, as all cables shipped to the southern hemisphere must have their conductor strands wound in the opposite direction. Monitoring circuitry is included to maintain calibration should the planet's magnetic poles ever reverse.

PURE SILVER "Revelation" XLR Interconnect:
Audiophiles have long known that a balanced connection between their components provides a wider soundstage, increased dynamics and a quieter background. The Revelation XLR is a Balanced version of DH Labs' acclaimed Revelation. This product features six strands of solid core silver in an air -spaced, tape wrapped Teflon dielectric. The result is an interconnect, that is as clear and uncolored as any on the market at any price. MSRP - $350 for 1 -meter pair.

HC Alloy Locking Banana Plug:
DH Labs recently introduced their HC (High Copper) Alloy RCA interconnects that feature the highest copper content in the industry. Carrying this technology over to their speaker cables, DH Labs introduces the HC Alloy Locking Banana Plug that is four times more conductive than all other locking bananas. The HC Alloy guarantees the highest conductivity in the industry, while the "locking" configuration ensures the connection won't come loose. A free sample of this connector is available to all CES attendees at the DH display. MSRP - $15/each.

Founded in 1991 by electrical and sound engineers, DH Labs is committed to producing innovative audio/video cables and connectors that deliver the highest level of sound and video quality possible. DH Labs pioneered the use of silver in audio interconnects, and is focused on sourcing top quality materials and manufacturing in the USA.

For the dealer nearest you, please contact: DH Labs, Inc, 612 North Orange Avenue, # A -2, Jupiter, Florida 33458. (Phone/Fax) 561.745.6406 or (Phone) 561.745 -6607.
Or visit: www.silversonic.com.


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