NXT to showcase latest technologies and prototypes at CES 2005

In addition to displaying some current NXT based consumer products, the company will also be demonstrating some prototypes on the show floor (Booth no. 22114) and in two hospitality suites at the Las Vegas Hilton.

HUNTINGDON, 22 December 2004: NXT today announces it will demonstrate some of the latest in -market products to incorporate its technologies at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), at the Las Vegas Convention Center, from 6 - 9 January. In addition to displaying some current NXT based consumer products, the company will also be demonstrating some prototypes on the show floor (Booth no. 22114) and in two hospitality suites at the Las Vegas Hilton.

NXT has historically used the CES platform to highlight the latest developments in its core technologies, and this year is no exception, with prototype products from both the portable digital device and display sectors. Many industry leaders, NXT licensees, potential licensees, media representatives and other interested parties have already registered for appointments in the two NXT demonstration suites.

NXT enabled products and prototypes on display at CES 2005 include -

SoundVu LCD Rear Projection TV - this 50 -inch prototype is the first LCD Rear Projection TV to incorporate NXTs SoundVu technology for a true to life home cinema experience and impressive soundstage
NEC Computers and Monitors - the latest innovations from NEC featuring NXT technologies will be on show at CES 2005, including the Valuestar S computers and LaVie Laptops Click Here For Image, the most recent offerings from NEC to utilise NXT's SoundVu technology. More than 60% of NEC's Valuestar range of products now use SoundVu technology, including flat screen LCD monitors ranging in size from 15 -inch to 23 -inch
KEF KIT100 is a complete DVD -based system featuring NXT technology Click Here For Image. The system incorporates two compact satellite loudspeakers which combine KEF's Uni -Q® 'point source' drivers with NXT side -facing panels to deliver a dynamic surround sound effect
AFR loudspeakers - hear these speakers at the show, as featured in the TVR Tuscan 2 (the first vehicle on the road to incorporate NXT's AFR technology)
Philips 32 -inch Flat Screen TV - This EISA award -winning TV from Philips 'Matchline' range Click Here For Image incorporates NXT's SurfaceSound technology in its grilleless speakers, resulting in enhanced aesthetics and an improved audio experience
Portable audio accessories - including SoundBags, the most successful products in NXT's history to date. These mono and stereo CD cases are a must -have accessory for any traveller. New brand names join the ranks of those already using NXT's technology to create these products which, when connected to a music source such as a portable CD player or notebook computer, pack a powerful audio punch

NXT's CEO, David Pearson comments, "For NXT, CES is one of the most important industry events of the year, and being so well attended and supported, it has always provided us with the opportunity to highlight our capabilities and technologies to many of our existing and potential partners in one place. As well as highlighting our own latest advances, some of our licensees will again be using CES to demonstrate prototypes and launch new products to the market, so we will be available to support them where required."

SoundVu technology facts:

NXT SoundVu technology enables the design and construction of completely transparent, ultra -thin loudspeakers that bring sound and vision together. SoundVu technology can be applied to a wide range of transparent materials, from polycarbonate plastics to laminated and tempered glass, to create a wide range of display devices that can also function as loudspeakers. The technology involves a combination of optimally positioning exciters at the 'invisible' edge of a screen and controlled integration of a vibrating screen with the main body of a display product to achieve the best synchronisation of image and sound.

SoundVu technology removes the need for conventional loudspeakers, giving manufacturers of display products such as mobile phones, flat -screen LCD monitors and televisions added design flexibility and an easy, space -saving means of producing sound, without compromising on quality.

SurfaceSound technology facts:

SurfaceSound technology is a unique flat speaker technology that utilises a vast choice of panel materials suitable for a wide choice of applications. Based on Distributed Mode Loudspeaker (DML) technology, in which the resonant modes of a panel are optimally excited by a transducer (exciter), SurfaceSound technology delivers a truly remarkable diffuse sound field over a wide audio frequency bandwidth. Resulting key acoustic properties include reduced destructive interaction with the boundaries of the listening space and lessened fall -off in sound pressure with distance.

The pure, coherent and uncoloured sound quality produced by SurfaceSound technology makes it possible to design slim, space -saving speakers that deliver expansive sound to fill the listening area.

About NXT

NXT's business is the invention, patenting, licensing and marketing of enabling technologies in sound and touch. NXT is setting a new world -standard in loudspeakers. It offers a superior alternative to existing technologies across most product sectors while creating new opportunities where conventional technology has been unable to deliver. NXT has developed industry -specific expertise and is focused on helping its licensees advance product to market efficiently and cost effectively.

NXT has more than 250 licensees for its patented flat panel loudspeaker technology.

Licensees include 3M, Acer Computers, Armstrong, Authentic (mainly owned by NEC), Fujitsu Ten, Intier, KEF, LG Electronics, Mission, Philips, Pioneer, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, Synaptics, TDK and Visteon. The company, which is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange (symbol NTX), has a Technology Centre in Huntingdon, England, and operations in Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and the USA. For more information about NXT: www.nxtsound.com.

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