This is a high performance PC-HDTV Video Scaler based on our exclusive CORIO2 technology conversion engine.

TV One introduces the C2 -4100 RGB Video Scaler. This is a high performance PC -HDTV Video Scaler based on our exclusive CORIO2 technology conversion engine. It handles any resolution from 640x480 up to 2048x2048, even non -standard resolutions, plus all HDTV resolutions. The C2 -4100 is a feature packed RGB, PC -HDTV, HDTV -HDTV and PC -PC Scaler. Seamless Switching, Picture -in Picture, RGB Frame Sync, Windowing, RGB -HDTV, Genlock, Logo Insertion, Aspect Ratio Conversion, Chroma Keying, Luma Keying are all possible with the C2 -4100. This powerful new RGB Video Scaler is able to solve many of the presentation problems facing professional and corporate users.

The C2 -4100 has three Inputs and two Outputs, plus one Preview Output, and can handle RGBHV, RGBS and RGsB both in and out. Flexible windowing technology allows any source to be inserted into any other source, regardless of the format. Multiple units may be cascaded to provide layer upon layer and window upon window of images. Amazingly powerful Zoom of up to 1000% and Image Shrink down to 10%, plus seamless switching with cuts or fades and any input can be Genlocked to any other, all thanks to the incredible technology developed by the TV One engineers.

In addition to front panel controls via a Rotary Encoder and LCD Display, the unit can be controlled by Infrared and it also has an RS -232 interface. A IP option (C2 -4101) is also be available for Ethernet control.

Priced at $3,000.00 MRSP the C2 -4100 is part of the CORIO2 range of high performance scaling products including the C2 -770 and C2 -775 Universal Video Scalers.

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North America: Dan Gibson

Europe& Middle East: Rob van Brakel

Latin America: Alex Paludi

Asia: Karen Lo

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