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As long ago as 1998, Vantage already enhanced it range with the first generation of LCD 'touch screens': the LCD160 built -in touch screen. This was the first screen on the market that was designed to be a seamless part of a general home automation system.

In the meantime, the product has continued to evolve and has become extremely popular. It is often acts as the deciding factor for someone who considers automating his house. In this edition, we discuss this group of products in detail.

The fact that a touch screen is extremely useful, is beyond dispute. In comparison with a keypad, it is much more visual because it works with icons and images. An icon of a book can for example denote a lighting scene that you require for reading, an icon of a TV can denote that the light is dimmed if you start watching TV, using the same icon can you for example a obtain a comfortable temperature (that is slightly warmer than usual because you are going to sit in your armchair) - the surround system can be started and the film can be started, thus not only the light is controlled. The control is real child's play.

Everything under control
You are expecting guests, you want to listen to your favourite music or shortly take a plunge in the swimming pool? You simply go to the touch screen, that lights up as soon as you approach it, and touch the required functions. High -resolution images appear and you can browse through all of the pages in order to control the components of the Vantage system. In the same way as one press on the button of a keypad, one single touch on the screen can simultaneously perform 99 actions.

An integrated IR receiver ensures that commands from a remote control are also performed; an extra port can be used to add light sensors, movement detectors and contact inputs.

Program as you wish
At Vantage, you as the user determine yourself what appears on the screen. Approximately 250 pages and 1,000 keys can be programmed as you wish. In other words: no fixed icons, but screens that you can adjust according to your personal wishes and requirements. Images can be imported as required in order to create an interface that is just right for you.

Even more advantages
A Vantage touch screen has even more advantages in store for you. For example, in terms of lighting, in addition to the fixed scenes, you can also provide a sliding dimmer. This enables you to adjust the light whenever you wish, at a certain moment. You switch off the light, then the pre -programmed scenes are automatically readjusted (unless you decide otherwise).

The temperature in the house can also be visually controlled: with arrows or other chosen characters, you can increase or decrease the temperature. The thermostat can also be installed so that it is hidden. And thanks to the feedback, on the touch screen, you can see the temperature inside or outside the house. Or the t of the water in the swimming pool...

Simple to program
There is one major trump card: all Vantage touch screens can be connected to the standard bus, and the programming software is the same as for all products of the home automation system, i.e. the user -friendly Q -link. The result? Vantage touch screens are extremely easy to program and also communicate very easily with other Vantage products such as dimmers, thermostats, etc. This is only logical, when you know that all of the products were developed by Vantage. Program a dimmer? Adjust the feedback of the lighting system? This is done instantly.


Touch screens

- Monochrome LCD320M touch screen
• Although compact (about the same size as a conventional light switch) this touch screen is extremely versatile. In comparison with a keypad with a limited number of keys, it can program many more zones in the home. And whilst it provides most of the functions of the larger colour screen, it only costs a fraction of the price. The perfect choice for whoever only has a limited budget, but still wishes to use a visual touch screen.

- Colour LCD320C5 touch screen
• The 64,000 colour LCD touch screen was launched about six months ago. With its diameter of 5.5", it has the dimensions of a screen from a portable. Visually, it is of course even more attractive due to the colours. This touch screen also has an extremely favourable price/quality ratio.

- Colour LCD320C5 touch screen table -top model New
• A new model that is expected shortly. This touch screen is identical to the previous one, but it has been designed for installation in a tabletop model. For example, it can be very useful in a TV room.

- Colour LCD320C5V touch screen with video New
This model will shortly also enhance the Vantage range. In terms of format and characteristics, this is exactly the same touch screen, but it also has a video function as an extra. For example, you can view the images that the security cameras record outside and inside the home, on the touch screen. This is useful if you want to keep an eye on the children if they are playing in the garden or in the swimming pool while you are busy in the kitchen. Or if you want to see who is ringing the front doorbell whilst sitting in your easy chair in front of your TV or home cinema.

- WebPoint - touch screen automation from a random Internet device
• This (free) home network software enables you to control or program any installation or device on the Vantage system via the Internet from an ordinary PDA, web pad or computer. This enables you to make certain control changes or adjustments at home or from elsewhere. And this is done in an extremely simple visual way, by moving a slider or by changing the status of an on/off switch.
A few examples: adjusting a lighting scene, adjusting the timers, or switching on the sauna before you leave the office. WebPoint gives you, as a house owner, more freedom to make changes, without you having to worry about affecting essential programs and without the dealer having to attend.
You can download this software completely free -of -charge from our web site:

- Designer Toolbox - screen design customized to the end user using Flash New
• This 'plug in' software creates 2 -way communication between the powerful Vantage system and the extremely flexible Macromedia Flash™ design software. This offers unlimited possibilities for the fast and easy creation of interfaces in complete accordance with the personal wishes of the end user.
The Designer Toolbox also proposes standard buttons and backgrounds in order to speed up the creation of a screen. However, the designer can also create his own images, and even integrate moving video images in the interface in no time at all. The Designer Toolbox can operate with any computer, but you can also give preference to a touch screen for installation in a wall, or to a tabletop model that has the same design as the other Vantage products.
The main advantages? It operates in complete harmony with the Vantage Q -system, because it was designed by the same engineers. Moreover, it has an affordable price and customer -friendly programming thanks to the use of Flash.

About Vantage
For over 18 years Vantage Controls has been a leading manufacturer of automated control and dimming systems for residential and commercial applications. Vantage offers a powerful means to integrate all facility functions into one central system that can be pre -programmed to activate according to a schedule, sensor or button. Simple stylish keypads or touchscreens can eliminate entire rows of unsightly switches. The products are distributed through a worldwide network of certified representatives, dealers and installers. For more information, contact info@vantage or call + 32 3 773 31 06.


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