M&S Systems goes retro with the new DMC3 -4 system

The new DMC3-4 retrofit music/communication system is designed to replace most 3 and 4 wire intercom systems. It is easy to install and uses existing home wiring.

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M&S Systems goes retro with the new DMC3 -4 system,
'the intercom that updates your current system

DALLAS, Texas, August 30, 2004 - Do you want an intercom that is attractively styled and offers the latest technology in your home? But are you stuck with one of the older intercom systems straight out of the 70's? Well, M&S Systems has come to the rescue. The new DMC3 -4 retrofit music/communication system is designed to replace most 3 and 4 wire intercom system, without running new wires or having to repair drywall.

M&S Systems - the leading designer and manufacturer of built -in home amenities - is introducing the next generation of retrofitable home intercom systems: the DMC3 -4. The DMC3 -4 system is easy to install and uses existing home wiring.

"There are a lot of older intercom systems installed in homes today that are unattractive and may not even work. Homeowners still want to communicate and have music available throughout their homes. The DMC3 -4 system was designed to provide in home communications and audio distribution along with updated styling," said Gary Baker, M&S Systems' Director of Sales and Marketing. "But the strength of the DMC3 -4 product is that it provides all this in existing homes."

The M&S Systems' DMC3 -4 master intercom is a full 30 percent smaller than the previous model - and the room stations are even smaller. The retrofit system uses specially designed finish -out frames to fill the holes left by the replaced systems virtually eliminating the need for drywall repair. The small size and elegant style combine to make the DMC3 -4 intercom technology less obtrusive than existing models.

Better inside and out

"The new DMC3 -4 offers every feature that the existing intercom system provided - and a lot more besides. Yes, the DMC3 -4 intercom is a stylish addition to any home. But this change is more than appearance. It's what's inside the intercom that will excite homeowners, dealers and installers," said Baker.

The DMC3 -4 has an upgrade path to make it a stereo distributed audio system. Simply by adding an MC960PA power amplifier, your intercom can become a stereo music source, delivering stereo quality music from the radio or CD player to any room in the home. This feature may require running wire in homes that are not already wired for stereo music.

Benefits to Dealers & Installers

The DMC3 -4 also offers distinct advantages to dealers and installers. For example, the DMC3 -4 is designed to provide you with a retrofit product that will run on existing 3 and 4 conductor flat wire applications. This includes existing M&S System and NuTone intercom installations.
More than an intercom company

"The DMC3 -4 is not your typical home intercom system. But then M&S Systems is not your typical intercom company. Strictly speaking, we're not just an intercom company - and anybody who thinks of M&S solely in terms of intercoms has missed all the exciting changes in our business. At M&S, we think of ourselves as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of built -in, electronic home amenities," Baker points out

"Our product line includes the best home intercom systems on the market, of course. But we also offer a broad range of other products - from our built -in AirVac systems to structured wiring and home entertainment functionality. And we continue to introduce exciting home innovations such as our WaveGuide speakers, the MC2000 Digital Audio Network, the DMC1 intercom and now our DMC3 -4 retrofit intercom. For builders, dealers and installers, this means the convenience of one -stop shopping," Baker said.

'whole house audio'

He also noted "M&S now offers the MC2000 system, which delivers a digital whole -house audio network complete with MP3 playback capability, music management databases and intercom functionality. Our systems have progressed from a single master unit controlling music throughout the home to individual room stations having the capability to control their own music sources and expanded features."

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, M&S Systems is renowned for over 50 -years of history applying technology, style and value to its diverse line of products that help to enrich the enjoyment of the home, including home communication systems, home theater surround sound systems and central vacuums. M&S products are distributed internationally, throughout the United States, Australia, Mexico, Central America and Canada.


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