Devolo AG Selects Intellon's HomePlug ICs for Its MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router

New Intellon-Enabled ADSL Modem Router Provides Secure Whole-House Internet Connectivity

OCALA, FL, November 22, 2004 - Intellon Corporation, the world leader in powerline communications, today announced that devolo AG, the market leader for HomePlug® products in Germany, has selected Intellon's IC for its new MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router. Merely plug the router into an existing electrical outlet and instantly turn all outlets in a home into Internet access points, thus freeing users to place their PCs and other connected devices wherever they want.

Most homes in Europe have only one or two phone jacks, limiting the vast majority of Internet users to setting up their PCs near existing phone jacks. A MicroLink dLAN adapter allows users to create instant home networking by connecting any PC to a broadband -enabled electrical outlet. Intellon's IC enables the MicroLink dLAN Modem Router users to securely transfer files and share printers at speeds of up to 14 megabits per second (Mbps).

Devolo designed its MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router with an easy -to -use interface that allows the device to be configured with just a few clicks of the mouse. The new router also has an integrated firewall, with powerful filters and other security layers, ensuring protection from unauthorized access.

"The ability to choose home networking devices is critical for our customers," said Heiko Harbers, CEO of devolo AG. "European homes are built with thick walls and ceilings of reinforced concrete, which is not an ideal environment for wireless home networking. Therefore, a powerline networking product is the best solution. We selected Intellon's ICs as a result of the company's extensive experience in enabling HomePlug products. We look forward to continuing this relationship with Intellon to develop additional home networking products."

The MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router has been on sale since November 2004. devolo products are sold through the customary distribution channels, including Germany's largest distributors. devolo products are available to consumers from specialist resellers and from the popular high -street retail chains including MediaMarkt, Saturn, Promarkt, Karstadt and Kaufhaus.

"Devolo has paved the way for user -friendly home networking products in Europe," said Bill Casby, vice president of sales for Intellon. "The MicroLink dLAN ADSL Modem Router continues devolo's record of delivering innovative products that take full advantage of Intellon's HomePlug ICs, offering users reliable connectivity, whole -house coverage, and increased security. We are currently working with devolo on further networking products that will enhance users' broadband experiences."

About devolo AG
devolo AG was founded in 2002 in Aachen, Germany, and specializes in the development of communications solutions for consumers and industrial applications. The product range includes networking products, analogue modems, DSL modems and ISDN adapters. Along with the Internet -access products, the networking products of the MicroLink dLAN line are particularly successful. These adapters work with the international HomePlug standard and have helped the company to successfully establish a new technology in the market -data transfer via the existing household power circuit. In 2003, devolo achieved German market leadership in analog modems and HomePlug adapters.

About Intellon
Intellon is the world leader in powerline communications, providing HomePlug® compliant and other powerline integrated circuits for home networking, networked entertainment, BPL access and commercial applications. Intellon created and patented the baseline technology for HomePlug 1.0, and is a major contributor to the baseline technology for the new 200 -Mbps HomePlug AV powerline standard. With over two million HomePlug ICs sold, Intellon holds the dominant market share of the rapidly growing HomePlug market. Intellon's ICs are used to create instant networks, enabling PCs, broadband modems, set -top boxes, gaming consoles and audio/video devices to communicate instantly over existing power lines in the home. HomePlug embedded products can be found at numerous retailers, both online and conventional, including CompUSA, Fry's Electronics, Circuit City and MicroCenter. Intellon is a founding sponsor and member of the board of directors of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance. The company was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Ocala, Florida, with offices in San Jose and Toronto.

Intellon is a registered trademark of wIntellon Corporation. HomePlug is a registered trademark of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, Inc.

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