The N32 Reference Preamplifier and N383 Integrated Amplifier are both available immediately from authorized Mark Levinson dealers.

Following closely on the heels of delivering the N320S Preamplifier and N390S CD Processor, along with the N431 and N432 Power Amplifiers, Mark Levinson announces two more products are now shipping. The N32 Reference Preamplifier and N383 Integrated Amplifier are both available immediately from authorized Mark Levinson dealers. These latest offerings from Mark Levinson are a direct result of an extensive review and upgrade of the company's manufacturing and production facilities, and further emphasize Harman International's ongoing commitment to the Mark Levinson line of high -end products.

The critically acclaimed N32 Reference Preamplifier boasts an innovative architecture and feature set, making it the first Mark Levinson preamp revolutionary enough to be labeled as a Reference product. Featuring separation of power -supply and control circuits, the N32 Reference Preamplifier offers a quiet, shielded environment essential for superior sound quality. Employing two master power supplies located in the center section of the Controller (one dedicated to control/communication, the other for audio circuits), the N32 also incorporates a custom aluminum chassis with left and right channels separated by a solid aluminum divider wall, AC power regeneration, Arlon 25N® circuit boards, eight inputs (three balanced XLRs, five RCAs), intuitive user interface, RS -232 control, optional shielded mu -metal phono modules and many other features.

The N383 Integrated Amplifier was designed to offer the highest levels of performance and construction in situations where the size and complexity of a separate component amp/preamp system would prove impractical. The power amplifier and preamplifier are combined in the N383 single chassis design and deliver 100W per channel at 8 ohms (200 @ 4 ohms) as well as offering both balanced and single -ended inputs, dual -mono power supplies, a software -based user interface, and an intuitive, elegant remote control. The N383 employs three independent power supplies to provide stable DC power to the unit's circuits, utilizes separate power supplies for left and right channels, features a preamplifier section that accommodates five analog input pairs (including two balanced), as well as solid -state attenuators, an RS -232 port, and is built Mark Levinson's rigorous construction standards.

The N32 Reference Preamplifier and N383 Integrated Amplifier are currently available from authorized Mark Levinson dealers.

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