Company also aggressively targets the home control market, introducing new IP-enabled home control and distributed audio components

Zurich, Switzerland, November 15, 2004 - Barix today announced that it will showcase Exstreamer Gold, the latest addition to its network -based distributed audio system, as well as its line of IP -enabled home control devices, at Electronic House Expo 2004. The event will be held in Long Beach, CA on November 15 -18.

Instreamer/Exstreamer: Award -Winning Networked Audio Devices Make Multi -zone Distributed Audio Systems Easy
Barix's distributed audio system is comprised of Instreamer and Exstreamer. Instreamer converts analog and digital audio from sources such as tuners, CD/DVD players, and cassette tapes, into MP3 streams, which can then be distributed via Ethernet or wireless network. Exstreamer delivers these MP3 streams to any stereo in the home. An enhanced version of Exstreamer further extends the original device's features by offering audio synchronization, built -in IR capabilities, and optical and digital audio outputs in addition to the analog output at line level.

Exstreamer Gold Now Features a Built -in Amplifier
The new Exstreamer Gold is targeted for custom home installations and commercial applications. The device enables professional home installers and integrators to install multi -zone distributed audio systems using standard IP technology. Now, with a built -in amplifier, users may attach speakers directly to the device without using an external amplifier, thus achieving greater flexibility in design. Together with Instreamer, users can integrate network -based as well as standard digital and analog sources and synchronize multiple devices.

Exstreamer Gold can be controlled via web browser and/or IR remote control. Connection to audio equipment is made possible through RCA analog, as well as S/PDIF and coax digital outputs.

Barix Expands Product Range in Home Control Market
Barix will also showcase its latest home control devices, including introducing a Barionet Relay Extension Module, which features six relay contact closures that can switch high power lights, shades, and other devices.

The Relay Extension Module is the first expansion device for the Barionet, a programmable network controller, which interfaces any device or appliance to open, IP -based networks, adding local intelligence and building open, standards -based home automation systems.

The I/O extensions speak the industry standard "Modbus" protocol and thus can be used independent of the Barionet. Also, Modbus I/O devices of other manufacturers can be seamlessly connected to the Barionet.

Unlike most home automation and control systems, the Barionet is a fully programmable, IP -enabled modular component that can operate stand -alone and be controlled via any web browser. The device can interoperate with other units, web servers, and control systems, thus building large, intelligent, distributed systems.

Barionet provides various interfaces, including analog inputs to measure voltages; digital inputs to monitor contact closures; digital outputs and relays to control equipment; RS -485 and RS -232 serial ports; an interface for a bus -capable temperature sensor; and a 10/100Mbit Ethernet port. I/O extensions are possible with standard components via the I/O interfaces. With the Relay Extension, the system can now be extended to a virtually unlimited number of relay outputs.

The system is programmable for stand -alone or connected operation in a powerful control language, enhanced with advanced functions for network communications. The language syntax is very similar to the well -known Basic language, so most programmers can instantly craft interface solutions. The built -in web server can serve user specific pages, which can contain data generated by the control program or the various inputs.

For more information and technical specifications, visit Barix products are available in the U.S. through Barix Technology Inc. or through Smarthome (

About Barix AG
Barix AG is a Zurich, Switzerland -based provider of networked audio, communications, and security solutions and technologies. The company specializes in developing innovative IP -enabled interface devices targeting home automation, industrial automation, security and surveillance, and remote control and data collection systems applications. Barix products are programmable components with device -level intelligence and are used worldwide to distribute audio, monitor sensors, and control devices via standard IP -based networks. For more information, visit

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