M.D. Manufacturing Showcases Revolutionary Low -Noise Vacuum

AirForce® Central Vacuums Exclusively Feature Newly Patented Motor Design Inspired by School Girl`s Eighth-Grade Science Project

EHX FALL, LONG BEACH, CA, Nov. 16, 2004 - - M.D. Manufacturing, Inc., an award -winning specialist in the design and manufacture of high -performance whole -house central vacuum systems, showcases its AirForce® Central Vacuum systems, featuring a newly patented low -noise motor design, at the Electronic House Expo, beginning here today.

The invention, employed for the first time in the M.D. AirForce, was inspired by a school girl's research for an eighth -grade science project. It promises to significantly reduce vacuum cleaner noise levels and revolutionize the way vacuum cleaners are produced in the future.

The U.S. Patent Office issued Patent 6,804,857 to M.D. after extensive research proved M.D.'s invention to be a new and innovative idea. The patent provides M.D. Manufacturing with coverage until 2021. M.D. has also protected its rights in foreign countries.

The invention is now exclusively available in M.D.'s AirForce® Central Vacuums, helping to make them the quietest, coolest, most technologically advanced central vacuums on the market.

The invention was inspired by 13 -year -old Heather Olewiler, daughter of M.D. General Manager Grant Olewiler. During a science project for her eighth -grade class about safe noise levels for children listening to music, Heather read that "sound can't travel in a vacuum" and asked her father about the phenomena.

But Grant Olewiler is not just Heather's father. A 27 -year veteran of the central vacuum manufacturing business, he began to wonder, "Can sound actually be vacuumed up?" Heather and Grant thought about the idea, and sketched a rough drawing onto a napkin of a way to vacuum sound.

Grant gave the sketch to Chris Mercado, M.D.'s lead tool and die maker, who quickly converted the idea into a working sample. Usually, a vacuum motor is bolted to the outside of a dirt canister. M.D.'s new concept places the motor inside the vacuum chamber. As a result, the motor noise is sucked back into the motor, which is further shielded by the width of the canister, and greatly reduced.

Placing the motor inside the canister unexpectedly led to several other benefits. For example, tests conducted by AMETEK Inc., a leading manufacturer of electronic instruments and motors, show that the vacuum motor's armature runs up to 35 percent cooler inside the canister. In addition, the carbon dust usually generated by the motor is also eliminated, reducing potential interference and shorting. As a result, the relocated motors run more than 40 percent longer.

"The motors simply run cleaner, quieter and longer" says Grant Olewiler. "Extensive test data show that a typical vacuum motor that normally operates for 750 to 800 hours now operates for an average of 1,048 hours."

The new design also allows the vacuum power unit to be installed in a very confined space, even a closet provided the exhaust is vented outside. And users no longer have to be concerned about carbon dust gathering around the vacuum because it's all deposited out the exhaust tube.

This revolutionary motor placement is exclusively available now in M.D.'s AirForce Central Vacuums, which also incorporate many other advanced features, including an electronic system that automatically turns off the vacuum when the phone or doorbell rings, or another contact closure is activated. And all this is done without any low -voltage wire, simplifying installation.

This is not the first time M.D. has dramatically reduced the noise of central vacuum systems. In 1988, then President Wayne Emdy invented and patented the first quiet central vacuum, which set the standard for the rest of the industry. M.D.'s Silent Master series of central vacuums continue to gain market share and are sold in 47 countries around the globe.

Based in Bakersfield, California, M.D. Manufacturing has long been acclaimed for the quality, performance, and engineering design of its central vacuum cleaning systems. Family -owned and operated since its founding by Charles Emdy in 1961, the company has created an array of central vacuum systems and accessories designed to serve the needs of custom installation professionals as well as residential and commercial customers.

AirForce Vacuums are available now and can be seen with M.D.'s other outstanding products in Booth 728, Long Beach Convention Center, during Electronic House Expo.

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For further information about M.D. Manufacturing, the health benefits and other aspects of its unique products, visit the most comprehensive web site in the central vacuum industry: www.centralvacuum.com

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