Until recently, there were quite a few disadvantages to video surveillance via the Internet. The PC's on both sides of the camera always had to be switched on and the image quality was not very good.

The Veo is a stylish surveillance camera for Internet and network use, and is suitable for both business and private use. Is your son or daughter in the school musical? Now you can let family abroad listen and watch live. Family and friends from around the world can now witness important events and gatherings. The system can also be used for business purposes: think of warehouses and stores in other towns.

The device is equipped with a built -in webserver and works totally independent of the PC. The Veo Observer can be connected to any ADSL or cable modem via one cable. For users of a wireless network (WIFI 802.11 b/g) Marmitek has developed the Veo Wireless Observer. This device is connected to the Internet via the wireless network, which means you only need to plug it into the wall socket. The images can be viewed on any PC, anywhere in the world. No special software is necessary.

The Marmitek Veo has a few surprising characteristics. The viewer can move the camera to the right or left, and up and down, remotely via the Internet. This makes it possible to observe a larger area using only one camera. You can also combine several Veo's: the software included makes it possible to view four locations at once.

The retail price of the Marmitek Veo Observer is € 249. The wireless version (Wireless Observer) costs € 349.
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