Deltronic Security AB has Chosen Nordic Semiconductor's RF -Technology for their Wireless Smoke Alarm

Deltronic Security AB has together with Homewatch Ltd. successfully developed the world's first wireless interconnected smoke alarms with international approval.

Oslo, Norway - October 15th, 2004 - Nordic Semiconductor ASA (OSE:NOD) today announced that Deltronic Security AB uses Nordic's RF -Technology for their Wireless Smoke Alarms.

Deltronic Security AB has together with Homewatch Ltd. successfully developed the world's first wireless interconnected smoke alarms with international approval. Their new models PR -1211 and PRH1211 have been approved by VdS in Germany according to their standard 2344 (02/99) and by BSI to the new ISO standard ISO12239. These products are now successfully being distributed in many European countries including Scandinavia, Germany and the UK.

Nordic's RF -Technology make the link between different fire alarm sensors possible. These RF products, with its high level of integration, small size, very low power and ease of use, makes it a perfect fit for Deltronic Security's Wireless Fire Alarm Systems.

"Nordic Semiconductor ASA was our first choice for this project, based on their first rate knowledge of RF design and the great benefits of their products. Nordic was committed to ensuring us a successful product development phase, said Ulf Gustafsson, Managing Director at Deltronic Security AB. The co -operation with Nordic has been very fruitful and the RF products have been a joy to work with."

"Deltronic Security AB, by far, the leading Scandinavian distributor and developer of smoke alarm products, is a great design win for us. They have a first rate product in a fast growing market concerning all of us. Security, whether it's access systems, burglar alarms or fire alarms, as in this case, is an important marked segment for Nordic. Our newest addition to the nRF -family, the nRF9X5's are perfect for these kinds of applications. We won this customer with the superior edge in size, power consumption and range offered by our RF -Technology," said Geir Langeland, Product Manager, Standard Components at Nordic Semiconductor ASA.

About Nordic Semiconductor ASA
Founded in 1983, Nordic Semiconductor ASA has evolved steadily from the traditional ASIC design house into a leading European fabless semiconductor supplier. With world -class IC design expertise focused on RF/mixed -mode and advanced back -end/physical design capabilities, Nordic is currently marketing and selling three products: a ground -breaking portfolio of standard components for wireless communication, high performance dataconverter IPs and custom design and manufacturing services (ASIC). With the ultra compact 2.4GHz transceiver and transmitter families, nRF24XX, the company has established itself as a market leader within the wireless personal interface segment comprising applications such as gamepads, keyboard/mouse and sports equipment. Nordic's products are manufactured on ultra modern technologies through strong relationships with world leading manufacturing facilities and are sold through a worldwide distribution network. The company has offices in Trondheim and Oslo, Norway and is listed on the Norwegian Stock Exchange (OSX: NOD). All operations are managed according to the ISO 9001 -approved quality assurance system. For further information:

About Deltronic Security AB
Founded in 1976, almost when the first smoke alarms where "born"; Deltronic have developed into the leading Scandinavian designer, developer and distributor of smoke alarms. In fact millions of Deltronic smoke alarms protect people and property 24 -hours a day, every month, every year! With the new approved wireless interconnected smoke alarms, Deltronic have finally made it possible to interconnect alarms in different rooms, at different floors, in just a few minutes, without the trouble of running any wires. This means security and convenience could be increased dramatically. There are many important features in these new wireless products. The main features are: microprocessor controlled self -calibrating photoelectric smoke detection, one 9V battery only, battery life up to two years, easy installation and coding, unlimited number of units in one network, range typically more than 100 meters and high security and reliability in the radio transmission. Today the product range consists of more than 100 different smoke alarms that are being sold in many countries around the world. In Scandinavia products are distributed to building societies, insurance companies and major retailers like Clas Ohlson. Worldwide, products could be found under famous private labels like ABUS and IKEA. Deltronic are famous for quality and service, and their products are often top -ranked in product comparisons. Products are of course produced according to certified ISO 9002 quality management systems and environmental management systems like ISO 14001. Please do not hesitate to contact Deltronic if you would like to know more about world -class smoke alarms. For further information:

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