Key Technology Solution Provided by Intrado Used to Manage Test Calls

Edison, N.J. October 14, 2004 - Vonage Holdings Corp, the leading provider of broadband phone service, today announced completion of a VoIP E9 -1 -1 trial in the state of Rhode Island. As a result of a successful collaboration with Rhode Island E9 -1 -1, Vonage was able to deliver both caller's location and call back number to 9 -1 -1 emergency services personnel for 9 -1 -1 calls placed using Vonage broadband phone service. Vonage's partner Intrado Inc., North America's leading provider of 9 -1 -1 systems and services, in concert with Rhode Island E9 -1 -1's technical consultant, Arthur Kraus of AK Associates, Inc., provided the technology that enabled this service.

How It Works

When Vonage customers dial 9 -1 -1, the call is routed over Vonage's 9 -1 -1 server using industry standard SIP protocol. The Vonage server then queries Intrado for routing instructions. The call is then directed to the selective router that serves the Rhode Island Public Safety Answering Point ("PSAP"). Simultaneously, Intrado places the customer's address and telephone number into the Automatic Location Information (ALI) server. The supplementary special key unique to the call is included in signaling, and allows the PSAP 9 -1 -1 operator to pull the customer's address and phone number from the ALI database. Vonage and Intrado are working with other states to provide similar solutions and intend to roll them out market by market.

"Providing location and callback data from broadband telephony calls is a major step in providing Vonage customers with a true E9 -1 -1 solution on par with traditional telephone service. It is important that all Vonage customers can use this solution, those with native Rhode Island phone numbers and those residents of the state who chose phone numbers from other areas. The state of Rhode Island has shown their leadership by being the first state to ensure that Internet -based communications services can interoperate with Public Safety Answering Points. We commend them for their expertise and vision, and hope that other states will be as genuinely concerned about protecting the public as Rhode Island," stated Jeffrey A. Citron, chairman and CEO of Vonage Holdings Corp.

Rhode Island was the first state to implement Phase II technology on a state wide basis. "We are delighted to be the first state to now implement this cutting -edge technology which allows us to obtain caller number and location information using VoIP technology." stated Raymond LaBelle, Executive Director of Rhode Island E 9 -1 -1.

"Intrado is pleased and honored to have played a role in helping Vonage and Rhode Island provide Enhanced 9 -1 -1 service to all Vonage users within the state", said Mary Boyd, Intrado vice president of government and external affairs. "We look forward to the opportunity to work with other states, 9 -1 -1 service providers and VoIP providers on similar solutions which would grant VoIP users access into the existing E9 -1 -1 networks."

"Vonage, in partnership with Intrado and AK Associates, Inc., was the first provider to offer a comprehensive basic emergency calling service for VoIP calls. The Rhode Island trial takes its 9 -1 -1 services to the next level, providing location data and call -back just like on a traditional call," added Mr. Citron.

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Intrado Inc. (NASDAQ:TRDO), now in its 25th year, has been a pioneer in emergency communications since 1979. Intrado provides the core of the nation's 9 -1 -1 infrastructure and delivers innovative solutions to communications service providers and public safety organizations, including complex data management, network transactions, wireless data services and notification services. The company's unparalleled industry knowledge and experience reduce the effort, cost and time associated with providing reliable information for 9 -1 -1, safety and commercial applications. Additional information on Intrado, its products and services, and past press releases can be found at the Company's Web site: www.intrado.com.

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