Wireless Line of Products Enables Automation for Any Home; Standards-based Automation System Interacts with Consumers' Existing Networks

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - Sept. 9, 2004 - Control4, a home automation company, today unveiled a portfolio of wired and wireless IP -based products that enable home automation. The Company is the first to offer automation products that can be retrofitted into any home.

"It is our intention to make home automation affordable, applicable and available to a very broad consumer audience. Our standards -based approach allows products from virtually all third -party vendors to integrate with this system," said Will West, Chief Executive Officer of Control4. "We believe these products will begin to transform the home automation industry and improve the way people live."

The Company said its products will dramatically reduce the cost of home automation and permit consumers to incrementally upgrade their systems. For as little as $500, users can install and customize basic system components.

The family of Control4 products encompasses the entertainment, security, convenience and comfort needs of homeowners (see attached product portfolio). Control4 has 15 patents in process, in such key areas as network security and installation. The technology utilizes auto -discovery for IP -based control devices, including those that do not support discovery. In addition, auto -creation of programming and user interfaces allows for easy integration of new products, which the system will automatically configure.

"Control4's new technology is the first IP -controlled system for non -engineers," said Eric Smith, Chief Technology Officer of Control4. "These next -generation systems can be managed through a smart remote or touch screen and incrementally updated as budget allows."

The full line of products will first be introduced at the CEDIA trade show in Indianapolis, Indiana (Sept.10 -12).

Control4 was founded in 2003 by a team with extensive experience in residential automation systems and an in -depth background in networking. Before founding Control4, Will West and Eric Smith founded PHAST Corporation in 1995. PHAST is broadly recognized as developing the first home control system with an intuitive interface for programming and daily use. PHAST was sold to AMX in 1997. The same team later founded and built STSN into the largest provider of broadband services in the hospitality industry, serving more than 2,000 hotels and more than 250,000 guest rooms worldwide.

About Control4
Control4 makes home automation a practical option for any home by combining innovative technology with today's wired and wireless networking standards. Led by a team of experienced industry professionals, the Company focuses its expertise on providing a new breed of home automation solutions that are affordable, non -invasive, easy to install and designed to adapt to any lifestyle.


The Control4® Audio/Video Family

 Control4® Home Theater Receiver Controller
- Surround sound with amplification
- Digital music server
- Turns home theater into one -button event
- Automates the whole home

 Control4® Media Controller
- Delivers multi -room music, entertainment, digital streaming and storage
- Easy -to -use media management system
- Can control entire home

 Control4® Home Theater Controller
- Eliminates multiple remotes
- User -friendly on -screen navigation interface
- Provides home control management

 Control4® Audio Matrix Switch - 16
- Provides ample inputs and outputs for a large distributed installation
- Signal sensing allows for custom programming for better audio zone management

 Control4® Multi -Channel Amplifier - 16
- Delivers high -end sound to eight separate music zones throughout the home
- Provides 100 watts of digital power to 16 channels

 Control4® Multi -Tuner
- Three separate radio tuners available to any audio zone in the house
- Gives users options including: AM, FM and XM satellite radio

 Control4® Amplifier Switch Controller
- All -in -one, multi -room audio solution with digital amplifier, integrated audio switch and digital streaming capabilities

 Control4® Audio Point and Speaker Point
- Creates instant audio zones for existing (retrofit) homes
- Encodes and/or decodes IP music streams over the home Wi -Fi or Ethernet network

The Control4® Touch Screen Family

 Control4® 10.5" Touch Screen - Wireless & Ethernet
- Wall mount or mobile - control where you want it
- Provides easy access with intuitive graphical interface
- Allows for quick personalization

 Control4® Mini -Touch Screen - Wireless & Ethernet
- Streamlines navigation through color graphic display
- Can become instant audio zone
- Enables whole -home control

 Control4® Touch Screen Wall Dock
- Retractable wall cradle/recharging station

 Control4® Touch Screen Table Dock
- Tabletop recharging station

The Control4® Keypad Family

 Control4® Wireless Keypad
- Controls multiple events throughout the home
- Includes easy -to -use, three and six -button versions with engraving
- Available in Standard Decora™ and custom colors

 Control4® Wireless LCD Keypad
- Makes total home control easy with eight -button, back -lit LCD screen and intuitive jog dial
- Streamlines navigation through interactive list control

The Control4® Lighting Family

 Control4® Dimmer - Wireless & Ethernet
- Smart IP lighting solution handles 1000 watts
- Ethernet, Wi -Fi and 802.15.4 standards

 Control4® Wireless Switch
- Smart IP lighting solution handles 1000 watts
- Ethernet, Wi -Fi and 802.15.4 standards

 Control4® Wireless Outlet Dimmer
- Adds intelligent, automated features to any plug -in device rated up to 500 watts and integrates seamlessly with the Control4 home automation network

 Control4® Wireless Outlet Switch
- Adds intelligent, automated features to any plug -in device
- Provides power sensing and management features

 Control4® Wireless 3 -Way Switch
- Controls lighting from a local or remote switch anywhere in the home without adding new wiring

The Control4® Extender Family

 Control4® Remote Contact/Relay Extender - Wireless & Ethernet
- Adds contact inputs and relay outputs to the central system or to remote locations throughout the home

 Control4® Serial IR Extender - Wireless & Ethernet
- Adds serial communication ports and IR outputs to the central system or to remote locations throughout the home

Additional Products in the Control4® Family

 Control4® System Remote Control
- Increases readability and ease of use with back -lit LCD screen
- Communicates on a bi -directional, wireless IP mesh network
- Allows management of music, lighting and other home subsystems

 Control4® Wireless Thermostat
- Adds climate control function and integration
- Reacts to local/remote temperatures and weather service information
- Communicates on home network

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