Digital Acoustics Corporation Delivers TalkMaster™ Upgrade For its ii3 IP Intercom Series

New features add fault tolerance for Ethernet intercoms supporting local and worldwide connections.

LAKE FOREST, Ill., Sept.22, 2004 -Digital Acoustics Corporation today announced immediate availability of TalkMaster™ (Version 1.5) PC console software, an IP -based solution for managing the company's Ethernet intercom products. TalkMaster™ supports an array of affordable, easy -to -install intercom stations from the company's ii3 IP Intercom Series, which includes desktop units, door stations, OEM modules, and wall mount units.

TalkMaster enables flexible point -to -multipoint intercom solutions for single building, multi -facility and distributed communications. With this important upgrade to its TalkMaster software, Digital Acoustics breaks new ground using proprietary control features that allow intercoms to be connected to alternate command centers as staffing or emergency situations require. TalkMaster also improves fault -tolerance with "fail -forward." Should a command center fail, intercoms will automatically seek their next programmed command center. Additionally, TalkMaster's supervised system feature constantly determines if an intercom is online, with non -reporting intercoms displayed on the console software.

"The combination of our latest version of TalkMaster and the ii3 IP Intercom Series is the most robust and cost -effective product on the market for central command and control over wired or wireless local area and wide area networks," said Chris Coffin, Digital Acoustics CEO. "The beauty of the ii3 Series is that it is IP -based and digital from end -to -end, leveraging existing network infrastructure and reducing the costs of new installations. With our new software, our customers can more easily and intuitively manage their intercom communications to and from anywhere in the world."

Other TalkMaster software updates include an enhanced user interface allowing security/monitoring personnel to manage intercom stations and their respective access control components (eg. door latches) and a digital audio recorder that allows audio conversations to be archived and selected for playback via a graphical user interface. The time, date, source and duration of the archived calls is also logged. The integrated Intercom Configuration Tool can be accessed via user defined password protection to enable authorized personnel the ability to perform system wide configuration from a single PC.

TalkMaster's architecture has virtually no limit to scalability of intercom stations; the software can be used to connect hundreds of intercoms in different locations anywhere in the world. Installers simply add new stations by attaching an ii3 IP Intercom to a local area network via a network connector. TalkMaster detects the added station, provides proprietary auto -latency management, establishes a voice communication link and automatically insures crisp reliable audio quality. All ii3 IP Intercoms can be configured to meet a wide range of point -to -multipoint environments. Additionally, the ii3 Series provides direct mode communication enabling ii3 IP Intercom pairs to communicate directly to each other, without a PC or console software.

Typical installations include two -way audio upgrades to existing video surveillance systems, access control, security systems, intrusion detection systems, military command and control, facilities and process monitoring, checkpoint management, IT help desks, school classroom communications, remote audio relay, and more.

Development Kit Available for OEMs and System Integrators

Supporting the new release is the iTalk/X Software Development Kit (SDK), providing OEMs and system integrators the ability integrate audio communication management into comprehensive command and control systems.

The iTalk/X™ Software Developer Kit (SDK), which is designed specifically for ii3 IP Intercoms, provides programming language support through Microsoft ActiveX objects, giving OEMs and integrators the ability to incorporate audio intercom functions and GPIO logic (door latches) into their video surveillance, programmable logic controls (PLC) and access control applications.

Pricing and Availability

TalkMaster PC Version 1.5 and the iTalk/X™ Software Developer Kit (SDK) are both available now.

TalkMaster PC Version 1.5 is bundled with every ii3 IP Intercom.

iTalk/X™ Software Developer Kit (SDK), is priced at $499, with intercom configurations starting at under $300.

Click or call Digital Acoustics Sales at (847) 604 -9256 for more information.

Digital Acoustics will be exhibiting at ASIS 2004 (Dallas, TX), on September 27 -29, 2004, Booth #2866.

About Digital Acoustics

Digital Acoustics Corporation was founded in 1991 to create and take advantage of developments in the converging areas of voice, data, and semiconductor technology. This objective remains the guiding focus today, as the Digital Acoustics' stable of products successfully leverage its core competencies in speech/audio and data communication.

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