Freescale Semiconductor delivers complete, single -chip Fast Ethernet solution

Freescale Semiconductor introduces the industry's first complete, single-chip 10/100Mbps Ethernet device. These 16-bit controllers will help meet growing industrial market requirements for control and connectivity.

Freescale Semiconductor delivers complete, single -chip Fast Ethernet solution

New microcontroller brings affordable end -node connectivity to industrial control applications

AUSTIN, Texas - Sept. 20, 2004 - Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. (NYSE:FSL) today reduced both complexity and cost for system designers with the introduction of the industry`s first complete, single -chip 10/100Mbps Ethernet device. The 16 -bit MC9S12NE64 microcontroller replaces more complex multi -chip Ethernet offerings.

`Designers who choose the MC9S12NE64 can expect to reap the benefits of a single -chip Fast Ethernet (100Mbps) solution, increasing reliability and reducing the size of the Ethernet control `footprint` within a system,` said Daniel Hoste, vice president and general manager of Freescale`s 8/16 -bit Products Division. `These benefits help make Ethernet connectivity an easy option for new applications and low -cost systems where it may not have been practical in the past.`

`Freescale has propelled the industry forward significantly with the introduction of this device,` said Analyst Fred Zieber of Pathfinder Research. `The combination of a single chip with a rich peripheral set and Fast Ethernet connectivity - all at a new price point - can potentially change the rules of game.`

The embedded Ethernet solution for end nodes
Ethernet is the leading networking technology for local area networks (LAN). It is used to connect embedded devices within a LAN or to the Internet. Today`s embedded devices often perform monitoring and control functions, such as gathering data from sensors or controlling electric motors or switches. Using an Ethernet connection, these devices can now be controlled remotely or distribute data over a network.

Ethernet`s established infrastructure, performance, interoperability, scalability and ease of deployment increasingly make it the networking standard of choice in industrial settings. Typical embedded Ethernet applications include industrial controls, security systems, building automation, lighting controls, power supply monitors, vending machines and point -of -sale terminals.

The MC9S12NE64 is the first in a Freescale series of 16 -bit microcontrollers with embedded Ethernet connectivity. It provides a complete, cost -effective solution for industrial control applications and embedded systems that could benefit from network connectivity.

`The NE64`s on -chip Ethernet was a key factor for EBTRON,` said Len Damiano, vice president of sales and marketing for EBTRON, a manufacturer of sensors for HVAC and irrigation control. `Our Web -based, demand -controlled irrigation system uses a Web -enabled device to remotely program and monitor water valves or pumps. The MC9S12NE64 reads the sensors and calculates soil moisture and temperature, then determines the control action required based on this data and programmed input. In short, the system is smart enough to prevent watering soil that doesn`t need it.`

Complete Ethernet connectivity on one chip
The MC9S12NE64 is based on Freescale`s HCS12 central processing unit (CPU) platform. It offers everything needed for Ethernet connectivity - a communications stack, flash memory, random access memory (RAM), a media access controller (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) transceiver - in a single low -pin -count package.

Specific MC9S12NE64 features include:
- Embedded 10/100 Mbps Ethernet PHY and MAC, compliant with the IEEE 802.3 specification
- Dedicated, deeply embedded digital signal processor (DSP) functionality to facilitate rapid operation of the PHY transceiver
- 64 Kbytes of third -generation flash
- A high -performance 25MHz HCS12 core
- A 10 -bit, eight -channel analog -to -digital converter
- A clock generation module with a phase locked loop
- A four -channel 16 -bit timer
- Two serial communication interfaces (SCIs) and a serial peripheral interface - running at speeds up to 6.25 Mbps, and an inter IC bus
- 8 Kbytes of static RAM

Freescale partners CMX and Treck offer flash -based TCP/IP stack software licensing, and a port of the openTCP open source stack (originated by Viola Systems) is also available. The MC9S12NE64 supports a full set of TCP/IP application protocols using the IP version 4 (IPv4) standard. The MC9S12NE64 is also built for the newer IP version 6 (IPv6) TCP/IP protocol. This combined functionality gives the MC9S12NE64 ample headroom to accommodate the next generation of networked applications.

Speeding system development
Freescale is committed to helping reduce developers` time -to -market by offering:
- Affordable development hardware (evaluation board and demonstration board)
- Metrowerks` Code Warrior™ integrated development environment (IDE)
- Reference designs, application notes, FAQs and online tutorials

Third -party developers will also offer reference designs for the MC9S12NE64.

To help demonstrate the device`s capabilities, Freescale has developed a fully functional Web server occupying about one square inch of printed circuit board space. Design details are available on the Freescale Web site.

For more information about the MC9S12NE64 and services and support available, please visit

Price and availability
The MC9S12NE64 is now available in sample quantities. Suggested resale pricing in 10,000 -piece quantities is:
- $8.50 (USD) for the MC9S12NE64VTU in an 80 -pin TQFP -EP
- $8.80 (USD) for the MC9S12NE64CPV in a 112 -pin LQFP

The DEMO9S12NE64 demonstration board is available for a suggested resale price of $74.95 (USD). The EVB9S12NE64 evaluation board is available for a suggested resale price of $249 (USD)

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