Phase Technology Releases New In -Wall Subwoofer Series

In-Wall Subwoofer Series

JACKSONVILLE, FL - January 8, 2004 - Phase Technology, manufacturer of premium home entertainment speakers, broadens its support of the custom electronics installation market with the introduction of the SUB 200 & SUB 100 In -Wall Powered Subwoofer Systems. Each system delivers the deep, floor -shaking bass that brings added realism and unparalleled impact to movies and music while staying out of sight inside almost any wall. These new in -wall subwoofer systems provide an invisible home theater and music solution to dealers and customers without compromising performance for aesthetics.

"With our new subwoofer systems, we've enhanced our Custom Installation series, offering a complete in -wall audio solution," said Roberta Lewis, vice president of sales and marketing for Phase Technology. "Our dealers can now offer a complete in -wall music and home theater system that seamlessly blends into any environment."

The SUB 200 and SUB 100 Powered Subwoofer Systems fill the needs of custom installers by delivering big subwoofer sound and in -wall functionality in an unobtrusive design that won't compete with a room's architecture or dcor. Phase Technology's patented Positive Clamping System creates a rigid barrier around the speaker baffle, trapping vibrations to let the subwoofer rattle the senses and not the walls. Phase Technology's exclusive Low Level Linearity means the IW -200 SUB always pumps bass that's deep and balanced, even at lower volumes where many speakers lose their punch. These features combined with the 200 -watt P200 amp - the largest in its price category - make the SUB 200 and SUB 100 Systems the custom installer's secret weapon in designing an elegant and powerful home audio and theater solution.

The SUB 200 System, marked at an incredibly affordable retail price of $999, comes with the IW -200 Subwoofer, the 200 -watt P200 Amplifier and the IW -EB 200 In -Wall Enclosure Box. The IW -200 Subwoofer has massive dual 8" mica/graphite polypropylene cone drivers. The material is extremely rigid yet lightweight enough to maintain superb balance and response for the ultimate in crisp bass performance. The IW -200's voice coils are treated and wound at Phase Technology's own factory, specifically to enhance the subwoofer application. Using a process called "thermosetting," Phase Technology bakes and cures the coil to guarantee a driver that can handle high -power levels even when pushed to 600oF, a third hotter than most competitors.

The IW -EB 200 enclosure box has been designed within the confines of an in -wall application without sacrificing performance quality. Its slim 3 -3/8" depth allows installation in any new wall, while its 72" height and 14 -3/8" width creates the volume necessary to produce 25Hz. The IW -EB 200 enclosure is screw -mounted directly to standard 16" center framing. The box's surrounding layer of vibration -isolating, low -resonant foam ensures the subwoofer won't shake the walls or nearby rooms. The included 20 -1/2" H x 10" W grille and frame can be painted or even wallpapered for a nearly invisible installation. While the sub blends seamlessly with any of our in -wall or box speaker systems, the IW -200 grille and frame are the same as the high -end CI 110 -II 3 -way in -wall speaker, which allows for a perfectly matched, complete in -wall theater system.

The second system introduced, the SUB 100 System, marked at a suggested retail price of $650, comes with the IW -100 Subwoofer, its enclosure box and the 200 -watt P200 Amplifier. The system's sound is generated from the single 7" mica/graphite polypropylene woofer. When installed, the only sign of the speaker is a sound vent that resembles an HVAC return vent, an application so seamless, it's practically undetectable. The vent can be painted to completely match its environment.

Both subwoofer systems come with the P200 amplifier. This low -distortion, mono block amp delivers 200 watts rms/350 watts peak and is the largest in its category. The amp operates in three modes (Sub, LFE and Wide -Range) and has a user -adjustable EQ to tune the sub to any room in which it is installed. The outboard amp design is ideal for custom installation where electrical and building code requirements can complicate powered speaker installation.

Phase Technology provides custom installers with greater flexibility by selling system components individually for convenience in staging and installation. Purchased separately, without enclosure, the IW -200 SUB retails at $499. Its 72 -inch tall IW -EB 200 enclosure box retails for $100. The IW -100 SUB with enclosure has a suggested retail price of $250. The P200 Amp has an MSRP of $400.


IW -200 Subwoofer

• Driver Type: 2 x 8" mica/graphite polypropylene cones
• Frequency Response: 25 -150Hz
• Enclosure Box Dimensions: 72"H x 14 -3/8"W x 3 -3/8"D
• Grill/flange Size: 20 -1/2"H x 10"W
• Weight: 51 lbs (with enclosure)

IW -100 Subwoofer

• Driver Type: 7" mica/graphite polypropylene cone
• Frequency Response: 38 -150Hz
• Enclosure Box Dimensions: 48"H x 14 -3/8"W x 3 -3/8"D
• Grill Size: 11 -5/8"H x 8 -1/2"W
• Weight: 36 lbs (with enclosure)

P200 Amp

• Rated Amp Power: 200 Watts, 350 Watts peak performance
• 3 -Mode Switch: Subwoofer / Low Frequency Effects (LFE) / Wide Range modes
• Variable Gain Control
• User -adjustable Low Frequency EQ
• Compatible with 4 -8 ohm speaker systems
• Line Level Inputs
• Adjustable Crossover Range: 40 -180Hz
• Slip -proof wire binding posts
• Dimensions: 17 -3/4"W x 11 -3/4"D x 1 -7/8"H
• Weight: 18 lbs
• Black finish

In November of 2003, the SUB 200 Subwoofer System won the 2003 Distributed Audio Award for Best In -Wall/In -Ceiling Subwoofer.

About Phase Technology

Phase Technology Corporation (toll -free at 888 -PHASE TK; website at is one of the few fully -vertically integrated American speaker manufacturers. The company started as United Speaker Systems in 1955 as an original equipment manufacturer and still designs and produces all of its own sub -assemblies, fashioning drivers using self -wound voice coils and cutting -edge designs like the flat piston, joining them with proprietary Absolute PhaseTM crossover tm designs that puts an unmatched number of exclusive enhancements into each speaker. Phase Technology manufactures all of its wood speaker cabinets by hand and performs quality control checks throughout the entire construction process. All Phase Technology home theater, audiophile and in -wall/in -ceiling custom installation speakers are constructed at the company's Jacksonville, Florida headquarters facility and are covered by a 10 -year warranty. Phase Technology's amplifiers are covered by a 3 -year warranty.

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