Panamax Expands the Groundbreaking MAX® In -Wall™ PRO Series

Panamax Expands the Groundbreaking MAX® In-Wall™ PRO Series

PETALUMA, CA - June 3, 2004 - Panamax, America's leading manufacturer of power conditioning and protection products, announced the addition of three new products to the MAX In -Wall™ Family, part of the custom installer -centered PRO Series. The three newest units, the MIW -Power -3Bay, MIW -Data, and MIW -SVideo, continue the systemic approach to power management by creating complete power protection and increased application flexibility for home entertainment system installers. All three units are currently available.

"Our goal with the PRO Series is giving installers complete solutions for boosting the performance and value of each of their electronic system installations," said Don King, director of product marketing at Panamax. "The MAX In -Wall family delivers safe, clean power from the main system to remote equipment such as ceiling projectors and flat panel displays, keeping AC and signal cables hidden for a clean, code -compliant installation. And the MIW family ensures protection from damaging power fluctuations and voltage differentials that can result when a component has multiple paths to ground."

The MAX In -Wall™ (MIW) Family has been engineered and designed to provide UL approved, code compliant solutions that deliver AC power and signal to remote A/V equipment. Video displays can now be installed in a discreet manner that meets the customer's aesthetic expectations. When properly installed, the MIW Family protects electronic equipment by creating a single Isolated Ground Reference™ (IGR) point for all AC and signal lines in a system. This eliminates multiple ground references and their attended problems.

Panamax teamed with Michael Candea, special projects designer for Audio Advisors, to aid in the design of the MAX® In -Wall Family, ensuring it offers the professional installer and system integrator the necessary flexibility to create clean power and signal distribution solutions in a variety of applications.

How the MIW POWER System Works

MAX In -Wall™PowerKit -TL:

The MIW -PowerKit -TL provides the ultimate, three -stage power solution for remote displays. In Stage One, the specially designed twist -lock receptacle accesses clean power from a Panamax component at the main equipment rack. At Stage Two, an in -wall power cable transmits that clean power from the twist -lock power inlet to the outlet at the remotely located display. At Stage Three, the final in -wall outlet delivers clean power and provides additional filtration to eliminate any noise that may have been introduced along the way. This three -stage power solution ensures the display has a single path to ground, which is necessary to avoid damage in the event of a power disturbance.

AC Installation Protectors:

MIW -Power - Wallplate containing a single AC power receptacle and module port which can house any of the MIW low voltage signal modules. The MIW -Power ensures a piece of equipment has a single path to ground, so it won't incur damage from spikes or surges.

MIW -Power3Bay (NEW) - Wallplate containing a single AC power receptacle and three module ports to house any combination of MIW low voltage signal modules. Offers installers increased flexibility in designing complex entertainment systems that accept and distribute multiple signal lines.

MAX® In -Wall™ Low Voltage Signal Modules:

The MIW -Power and MIW -Power3Bay can house any of the following modules, which easily snap in and out of the wallplate:

MIW -SVideo (NEW) - Low voltage module for S -Video and component video signal lines. The MIW -SVideo features one S -Video and three RCA jacks. RCA jacks may also be used for composite video and/or audio signals.

MIW -Data (NEW) - Low voltage module with RS -232 and Ethernet ports for home automation systems, ceiling projector control lines and /or home computer networks.

MIW -5RCA & MIW -VGA - These two low voltage signal line modules are used in conjunction with the MIW -PowerKit -TL and MIW -Power units. The signal modules are designed to accommodate RGBHV, component video, composite video and/or stereo audio. The MIW -VGA features one HD -DB15 connector for video and one 3.5mm stereo phone jack for audio, an IR repeater or 12VDC trigger.

MIW -B&O - Specifically designed for Bang & Olufsen systems, this unit provides surge protection for one AC outlet, one Masterlink, and one Powerlink connector.

Panamax MAX In -Wall™ Modules:

Model Type Series Application SRP

MIW -PowerKit -TL PRO AC Twist Lock Power Installation Filter Kit $299.95
MIW -Power PRO AC Installation Protector $49.95
MIW -Power3Bay PRO AC Installation Protector $69.95
MIW -Data PRO Signal Module $59.95
MIW -S -Video PRO Signal Module $59.95
MIW -5RCA PRO Signal Module $59.95
MIW -VGA PRO Signal Module $69.95
MIW -B&O PRO Combination AC and Signal for B&O Systems $99.95

Panamax - The Industry's Leader in Innovation and Technology

Panamax has been the premier power -conditioning manufacturer in the consumer electronics industry for over 25 years. Panamax has a staff of 5 full -time research & development specialists, and has introduced many technological innovations to the power -conditioning product arena. Panamax also has a high -power test laboratory that is certified by CSA to perform agency testing, and has drawn on an unparalleled understanding of noise filtration and surge protection to create the finest power -conditioning products available in the market today.

About Panamax

For over 25 years, Panamax has specialized in producing the most innovative power -conditioning products available to protect home and small business electronics equipment from damage caused by power surges and lightning. The company's extensive line of award -winning power conditioners is designed to safeguard a wide array of electrical equipment including computers, telephone systems, copiers, domestic appliances, home theater and direct broadcast satellite systems. Panamax is ISO 9001 certified and markets its line of power conditioners throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. The company has earned numerous industry awards, and is backed by outstanding customer service and the best warranties the industry has to offer.

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Featured Product

PureLink - HCE III TX/RX: 4K HDR over HDBaseT Extension System w/ Control and Bi-Directional PoE

PureLink - HCE III TX/RX: 4K HDR over HDBaseT Extension System w/ Control and Bi-Directional PoE

The HCE III Tx/Rx HDBaseT™ extension system offers full HDMI 2.0 compliance supporting HDR (High Dynamic Range) and 4K@60Hz with 4:4:4 chroma sampling. Featuring PureLink's proprietary Prcis codec, a light compression technology, the HCE III can transport Ultra HD/4K, multi-channel audio, and High Dynamic Range (10 bits support) content over a single CATx cable. The HCE III provides HDMI extension up to 130 feet (40 meters) at Ultra HD/4K and up to 230 ft. (70 meters) at 1080p over category cable with embedded multi-channel audio, CEC pass-through, bi-directional RS-232 and IR control, and PoE - all with zero loss and zero noise. The HCE III Tx/Rx also supports Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio plus LCPM (up to 192 kHz). Additionally, the low profile "slim box" enclosure design make the HCE III ideal for limited space installation environments, such as behind flat panel displays and video walls.