PSB Shows Dramatic, Expanded Line -up of In -Cabinet and In -Wall High Performance Loudspeakers

Products Deliver Legendary PSB Sonics to the Custom Installation Market


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PSB Shows Dramatic, Expanded Line -up of In -Cabinet and In -Wall High Performance Loudspeakers

Products Deliver Legendary PSB Sonics to the Custom Installation Market

CEDIA Expo, Indianapolis, IN. Sept. 10, 2004 - PSB Speakers, long renowned for affordable excellence, continues to expand their CustomSound Series with the highest levels of performance for in -cabinet and in -wall solutions in several new models targeted for the growing custom installation market during CEDIA Expo 2004 in Indianapolis today.

Further broadening their line of custom hidden solutions, PSB Speakers extends their line with a new in -cabinet model, the CHS60. The new CW800E, CW383, CWS8, CW180R and CW180S offer a wide range of features and designs for in -wall applications. Additionally, PSB is introducing the CWA -1, a dedicated power amplifier for in -wall subwoofers.

In -Cabinet Models

Realizing that most speaker systems just don't perform well when mounted in AV cabinets, PSB has pioneered the concept of purpose -designed systems for in -cabinet installations. The new CHS60 joins the line up that now includes the CHS80, an in -cabinet loudspeaker modeled after PSB's prestigious flagship Platinum T8 tower speaker and the CHS212 that is essentially a SubSonic10 housed inside a utility cabinet.

Using the components of the highly regarded Platinum Series T6 towers, the CHS60 is a high power/high output speaker with a new crossover network optimized for in -cabinet mounting. It delivers Platinum T6 performance down to 38Hz.

Many high -end home theater systems have most of their components, including the speakers, hidden away in cabinets. While this hides the clutter it can be detrimental to speaker performance unless the effects of the equipment cabinet are taken into account. For instance, when mounting one of the PSB in -cabinet speakers the surrounding cabinetry adds 'chestiness' to the system's sound. Frequently, LCR speaker arrays are mounted behind perforated video screens that result in high frequency roll off. Moreover, the physical dimensions of a floor standing speaker are generally not appropriate for mounting inside a cabinet plus the elegant furniture finishes are not necessary since they are being hidden.

To address these issues, the CHS60 includes a two -position boundary compensation switch to provide the best low frequency response whether the system is in an equipment cabinet or in free space. A second switch compensates for the high frequency roll off that comes from mounting the system behind a perforated screen.

Designed for installation in the average entertainment center., the CHS60`s cabinet is rugged and heavily braced, constructed as a highly durable utility cabinet with a tough textured "spatter coat" paint finish, especially suited for its intended use.

In -Wall Models

With the popularity of in -wall systems today, and PSB's belief that smarter designs will let the customer have the "invisible look" without any sonic compromise, the CustomSound Series offers several models for a variety of applications.

The CW800E Enclosed In -Wall uses components from the PSB Platinum T8 in a 3 and 3/4 -inch deep enclosure, effectively capturing most of the performance of the T8, less a few Hertz of bass extension. The specialized woofer design along with some novel crossover circuitry, allows the woofer to perform exceedingly well with restricted air volume. The enclosure of the Platinum In -Wall mates to the wall with an aluminum extrusion -based flange and easy to use 'dog leg' mounting clamps. A perforated metal grille completes the look and can be easily painted to match any decor.

The CW383 is an eight -inch, three -way design with a midrange and tweeter assembly that rotates so that the system can be used horizontally or vertically. It cosmetically mates to the CWS8, a dual eight -inch subwoofer. Looking extensively at the in -wall environment, PSB came up with a subwoofer design that works surprisingly well with the unknown volume each wall presents and the typically less -than -rigid wall construction. It features high excursion woofers for the output levels that movie lovers demand.

PSB is also offering two unique eight -inch coax models, the CW180R [round] and CW180S [square] that feature a tweeter mated to the proprietary PSB SonicGuide™. The PSB SonicGuide can be tilted 30 degrees left or right and the whole assembly can be turned 90 degrees. This provides constant directivity to the listening area whether the speaker is mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. With the use of the PSB SonicGuide the tweeter's high end response is smooth at any angle, and reflections from the woofer are greatly reduced compared to other coax designs.

Subwoofer Power Amplifier

The CWA -1 power amplifier was designed for use with the CustomSound Series CWS8, a dual eight -inch subwoofer. The CWA -1 is a shelf mountable amplifier, stable down to two ohms, with continuous power output of 300 watts. The CWA -1 features a full complement of subwoofer controls, such as variable low pass filter, phase switching, low frequency level, two different EQ/extension settings and a high pass output. The 2 -position EQ will allow the CWA -1 to suit the CWS8 and other future custom subwoofers, both large and small. A unique feature of the CWA -1 is the parametric equalizer, which can be customized to correct undesirable resonances of the typical listening room. Full adjustment for bandwidth, center frequency and equalizer boost or cut is provided. Custom installers will appreciate the selectable music and voltage sensor triggering, input and output triggers plus built -in, automatic resetting overdrive current protection circuitry.

All the PSB CustomSound Series models can be seen in Booth # 314 at the Indianapolis Convention Center during CEDIA Expo 2004.

Pricing and Delivery

Model MSRP Target Delivery
CHS60 $1749/ea Now Shipping
CW800E $2,749/ea Late 4th Quarter `04
CW383 $899/ea Now Shipping
CWS8 $799/ea 4th Quarter `04
CW180R/CW180S $599/ea 4th Quarter `04
CWA -1 $699/ea 4th Quarter `04
Combo CWA -1/CWS8 $1,399/ea 4th Quarter `04

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