Phase Technology To Release Digital Home Theater Speaker System

Leading Home Entertainment Speaker Manufacturer Plans to Introduce Digital Speaker Line First Quarter 2005, Setting Benchmark for Superior Sound

JACKSONVILLE, FL - September 2, 2004 - Phase Technology, pioneering leader in speaker design and engineering, plans to introduce its first all -digital speaker system first quarter of 2005. This innovative speaker design will fully immerses listeners in the home theater experience to a degree that no conventional surround -sound system can achieve. The system will be available in multi -channel audio/video configurations and will feature complete digital control.

"Phase Technology's exclusive Digital Home Theater System raises expectations for the level of performance and excitement that can be achieved through home theater audio," notes Ken Hecht, president of Phase Technology. "We've taken the immersive feel of surround sound to an unprecedented level of accuracy with the new, fully digital DHT System. By using digital amplifiers, crossovers, and processing, our system provides the most precise balance and tonal accuracy for any movie or musical track. This speaker system represents an innovative step forward for both Phase Technology and for digital audio entertainment technology."

The DHT System will feature:
• All digital active electronics
• Discreet class -D digital amplification
o 100 watts per component (200 watts per speaker)
o 500 watts to subwoofer
• Digital Absolute Phase™ Crossover
o Phase & Time Correction
o Frequency Correction
• Digital and analog inputs
• 192 kHz sample -rate
• Stereo front and rear speakers have 6 -1/2" woofer and 1" tweeter
o Woofer uses RPF™ flat -piston technology
o Soft dome variable -axis tweeter
• Center channel speaker has 2 x 6 -1/2" RPF™ woofers and one 1" soft dome tweeter
• 10" ultra long -throw subwoofer

Phase Technology's Digital Home Theater System continues the company's long -standing tradition of innovation through excellence. The all -digital system uses a complex assortment of digital electronic architecture mated with state -of -the -art speaker components, loaded into hand -crafted enclosures to deliver an unparalleled listening experience.

At the heart of the system is a digital signal processor that manages the incoming audio signal by passing each channel through an active digital crossover. Here the signal is divided into discrete frequency ranges that are delivered to each speaker. The front and rear surround speakers each incorporate a 6 -1/2" version of Phase Technology's proprietary RPF™ flat -piston woofers and a 1" variable -axis soft dome tweeter. The center channel has the same tweeter placed between two of the 6 -1/2" woofers. Low frequencies are delivered via a 500 watt, 10" ultra long -throw subwoofer.

By separately amplifying each speaker in the system, the digital signal processor can actively control the frequency range and contour the frequency response to each driver. The digital processor also widens the on -axis frequency response window between each speaker's woofer and tweeter. These capabilities allow the system to compensate for the characteristics of the room itself, thereby delivering optimum performance in any listening environment.

The Digital Home Theater System from Phase Technology is the latest demonstration of the company's long -standing commitment to the audio industry as a technology leader and innovator. The company's first major contribution to the advancement of audio reproduction was the invention of the soft dome tweeter in 1967. That technology is still widely used in most home audio loudspeakers. Over the past fifty years, Phase Technology has continued to make profound contributions and advancements to the audio industry. The Digital Home Theater is the company's next bold step.

About Phase Technology

Phase Technology Corporation (toll -free at 888 -PHASE TK; website at is one of the few fully -vertically integrated American speaker manufacturers. The company started as United Speaker Systems in 1955 as an original equipment manufacturer and still designs and produces its own sub -assemblies in -house. Phase Technology's speaker lines incorporate many proprietary innovations like the soft -dome tweeter, the industry's standard invented by Bill Hecht, founder of Phase Technology. Other patents cover the self -damping woofer voice coil, the manufacturing process for flat -piston midrange drivers and woofers, silicone -injected drivers for resonance damping, and the positive -clamping mounting system for the premier in -wall Model CI -110/II. The company also developed the Unicell™ Zero -Diffraction treatment that reduces acoustic reflections off cabinet and grille surfaces. Phase Technology manufactures its wood cabinets by hand and performs quality control tests at every step of the fabrication process.

Building on five decades of design and engineering innovation in the manufacture of high quality, yet affordable speakers, Phase Technology supports its products with a 10 -year warranty on speakers, while amplifiers are backed by a 3 -year warranty. Phase Technology's digital home theater, audiophile, outdoor, in -wall/in -ceiling custom installation speakers, as well as powered and in -wall subwoofers are constructed at the company's Jacksonville, Florida facility.

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