NetStreams® Musica ™ Achieves Recognition as New Benchmark in Distributed Audio

Dealers Testify to Audio Distribution System*s Elegant Simplicity in Operation, Beautiful Industrial Design and Industry-Leading Performance

Austin, TX 每 September 8, 2004 每 NetStreams, the leader in IP -based Networked Audio/Video distribution, is proud to announce that installers nationwide are singing praises

for the new Musica Distributed Audio System. They note its* ease of installation, its* superior sound and ease of use through its* interactive keypad operation make Musica a superior choice for distributed audio.

Installers love Musica*s ease of installation and reliability, as well as the modular approach with in -room amplifiers. Interior designers delight in the clean lines, changeable colors and trim -out options. Homeowners are pleasantly surprised by both the sound quality and ease of
use. And music lovers, at last, have all their music, easily accessible from any room they chose, with sound quality better than most home systems.

Charles Webb of Charles Webb Design, Greater Los Angeles, Calif. on Musica*s ease of installation and sound quality©丑訖e*ve installed several NetStreams* Musica Systems and are very pleased with the audiophile sound quality as well as the ease of installation. I*d recommend Musica to anyone who is looking for superior quality from their distributed audio system.§

Ami Hadarai of Connex AD, Los Angeles, Calif. on Musica*s performance©丑蚊udio quality from the NetStreams* Musica System is amazing! It clearly outperformed other systems I have installed in the past.§

Lee Christianson of Automated Interiors, Nashville, Tenn. on Musica*s R2E integration©丑訖e typically have been integrating the NetStreams* Musica System with Vantage lighting and the PC using NetStreams* R2E web interface. The fact that the commands could be learned into the keypad easily made installation and set up efficient and easy. Our installers and customers absolutely love the system.§

NetStreams* Musica MU4602 Audio Distribution System is designed to deliver superior audio performance and features interactive keypads that are very easy to install and operate. The advanced design of the Musica MU4602 places digital amplifiers in each room, behind each keypad, rather than in one central location. This improves sound quality by reducing noise, distortion and
power losses as well as increasing reliability and simplifying the installation. Optional FM tuner keypads allow every room an independent selection of radio stations.

The Musica system's Audio Ports are highly flexible allowing the output of the distributed audio to be
coupled with a powered subwoofer or external amplifier, if so desired, as well as the input of a ※local source§ such as a TV monitor or cable box. The system will handle one local source per keypad/amplifier. Musica is capable of playing up to four different sources independently;
distributing the sources to as many as 6 rooms per Audio Distribution Center (ADC). With additional ADC*s the system can expand to 18 rooms of audio.

The Musica MU4602 Features:

Sophisticated Control©三he Musica system provides complete control of all aspects of sound in a room easily, right from the keypad. Listeners can enjoy different sources in each room at the same time. Built -in DSP allows local adjustment of bass, treble, balance, volume, and loudness for each room, individually.

Simplified Programming©三he Musica system saves programming time. Installers simply program the IR codes for each source into any keypad and they are automatically stored centrally in the system. This eliminates the tedious task of programming each keypad with the same information over and over again.

Intelligent Muting©刀usica can detect external signals like doorbells, intercom, and telephone rings. When these signals are detected, the system temporarily enters into a mute mode automatically. Musica gracefully ramps the volume back to a low background level 30 seconds later

Intuitive, Interactive In -Wall Keypad©三he mini -wide -screen LCD in the Musica keypad provides an intuitive window into the operation of the system. The human interface has been designed with a ※Look -and -Follow§ window -style menu. The professionally designed, simple -to -use menus provide the ability to control the sources and any functions for the current room or any other rooms in the system. NetStreams also introduced in August a step -up keypad model featuring an integrated FM tuner.

Audio Port -Unequalled Versatility©三he Audio Port makes it easy to play a local source, like a TV, game station, or MP3 player in the local room. The Audio Port*s output allows connection of a powered subwoofer for a complete audio experience. The output can also be fed to a local home theater system for playback of any sources connected to the Musica system.

High Performance Amplifier
The Musica MU290 Power Amplifier offers additional power for a really large room, an outdoor application, very inefficient loudspeakers, or simply to rock the house. The MU290 features superb performance, sleek appearance, robust construction, and high stability, and it is wired directly to the Musica keypad using standard CAT 5e cable.

MUR2E Network Interface
The R2E creates an elegant web browser -based control of the Musica system to manage the entire system via a web browser, from a PDA, Web Tablet, Web TV or PC. The R2E features an attractive, intuitive user interface with three web screens. The R2E is compact in size smaller than a deck of cards and the software is built -in requires no programming. A flash ROM allows for quick, easy software upgrades.

About NetStreams
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams provides sophisticated networked audio leading the marketplace in technological innovation. NetStreams is committed to utilizing state -of -the -art human engineering to create home entertainment products that are truly user -friendly and future -compatible. NetStreams, The IP -Based Audio Distribution Company. For additional information on NetStreams and its innovative products, please visit NetStreams and Musica are registered trademarks of NetStreams. Burr Brown is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments.
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