NetStreams® and Polk Audio Introduce First IP -Addressable Loudspeakers Featuring DigiLinX™

Two Industry-Leading Audio Technology Innovators Offer First-Ever Marriage of Distributed Audio, Internet Protocol and Speaker Technologies

Austin, TX - September 8, 2004 - NetStreams, the leader in Networked Audio/Video distribution, announced the integration of its revolutionary DigiLinX IP -based distributed audio system with Polk Audio's IP -addressable powered loudspeaker systems, which use NetStreams' StreamNet™ technology. This exciting pairing of technology can be sampled during CEDIA EXPO 2004 in Indianapolis, Indiana from September 8 through 12. The NetStreams DigiLinX system can be found at NetStreams' booth #725 and at Polk Audio's booth #745 where they will demonstrate this revolutionary speaker system. StreamNet™ technology delivers non -compressed, full -fidelity audio signals (WAV) or compressed (MP -3) digital audio signals and control from any source on the network, while Polk Audio leads in high performance loudspeaker systems -including the newly released LCi Series of audiophile -grade in -wall and in -ceiling loudspeakers. The products are flush -mount

speakers featuring digital amplifiers, electronic crossovers, DSP circuitry and TCP/IP control modules that are built into the speakers to deliver a wealth of demonstrable convenience and performance features. "The marriage of this new technology integrating our DigiLinX system and Polk's IPaddressable speakers marks an exciting development in the custom installation industry," remarked Herman Cardenas, CEO and founder of NetStreams. "What results from this combination is a powerful digital whole -house audio distribution system that delivers crisp, clear, impressive sound with unprecedented customization options for the custom installer." "DigiLinX is the first audio distribution system that offers custom installation dealers a system with unprecedented flexibility, intelligence and control; enabling them to offer a rich user experience without a lot of programming" added Michael Braithwaite, chief technology officer of NetStreams.

DigiLinX delivers IP -based networked audio and control distribution to multiple rooms over an Ethernet network using TCP/IP and controlled via a variety of devices. Its conformance to the internationally accepted TCP/IP standard protocol, translates into easy and elegant integration with a wide variety of systems and products -all controlled via any Web browser -equipped devices,
including NetStreams in -wall IP -based TouchLInX™ keypads. The speaker's integrated StreamNet™ module allows the system to find the speaker set on the network and outstanding audio quality from any source on the network. The built -in digital amplifiers and crossovers biamplify (or tri -amplify in the case of the three -way LC265i -p) the loudspeakers for more accurate, lower distortion audio performance while integrated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) electronics provide sophisticated sound tailoring to optimize the performance of the speaker for the room and speaker locations. Al Baron, Polk Product Line Manager, commented: "We can do things with an amplified speaker that you just can't do with a passive speaker and external amplifier. With the NetStreams system and our IP addressable speakers you now can have lossless, noise and distortion -free 96kHz/24 -bit digital audio transmitted anywhere in the house all the way up to the inputs of the individual drivers in the speaker system. The performance will knock you out." Polk Audio's four LCi -p Series model feature technologies such as advanced ring radiator tweeters and Aerated Polypropylene cones. These are the same technologies used in Polk's critically acclaimed LSi Series loudspeakers to deliver the performance of stand -alone models. The rectangular models feature Polk's patented Power Port technology and available Performance Enclosures for consistent, high performance bass response. Polk expects to deliver the LCi -p products in the spring of 2005 at suggested retail prices ranging from $2500 to $4500 per pair. As part of the DigiLinX product launch at CEDIA EXPO 2004, NetStreams will carry out Dealer Training on its revolutionary new technology on Thursday September 9 at 2:00 p.m., as well as Friday September 10 at 10:00 a.m.

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