Wireworld's Premium, Long Range DTV Cables Expand Installer Placement Options

This complete DTV cable line includes 63 UL/CSA rated HDMI/DVI cables in three levels, upgrade-to-ultimate. Lengths to 65 feet, plus dedicated Plasma Control cables for the most demanding DTV installations

COOPER CITY, FL., 9/07/04 - Wireworld has announced a full line of digital video cables, consisting of 63 DVI and HDMI cables in three performance levels and nine lengths up to 65 feet (20 meters). These UL -CL3 and CSA -FT4 rated cables maintain the signal's integrity and provide exceptional image quality at twice the length of typical competitive cables. The company also has dedicated Plasma Control cables in the same lengths. These handle the DTV (Digital Television) control signals for popular digital plasma display systems, while the video signals are carried by a DVI cable. For custom installers, this greatly increases the placement options for digital video displays.

"We now have what may well be the most comprehensive DTV cable line in the industry," said Wireworld president David Salz. "For the custom installer, our premium long range cables allow new options for separating the video display and source components. Our dedicated Plasma Control cables give the custom installer the opportunity to specify higher quality and more capable cables for the DVI connection."

Wireworld's DTV cable line includes HDMI to HDMI, DVI to DVI, or HDMI to DVI conversion cables at three different price levels. The top -of -the -line Starlight 5 uses silver -clad oxygen -free copper conductors, with gold plated, silver clad, copper alloy contacts for ultimate performance to 65 feet. The midline Ultraviolet 5 cables have silver -plated oxygen -free copper conductors, with gold plated, silver clad, copper alloy contacts in lengths up to 50 feet. For high value at lengths to 16 feet, Chroma 5 uses oxygen -free copper conductors, with gold plated, nickel, copper alloy contacts. Wireworld Plasma Control cables are used with upgrade DVI cables to provide a complete upgrade path for digital plasma video displays. They are available in six lengths up to 65 feet and with either 20 - or 26 -pin terminations.

All of Wireworld's DVI/HDMI and Plasma Control cables are UL -CL3 and CSA -FT4 rated, for in -wall installation. These cables are currently available at prices ranging from $59.95 for a 3 -foot Chroma 5 cable, to $1149.95 for a 65 -foot Starlight 5 cable.

Wireworld, which was founded by Salz in 1992, offers a broad spectrum of very high quality full -range and bi -wire loudspeaker cables, audio and video interconnects, digital audio interconnects, power cords, and digital A/V cables. The company has an excellent reputation among audio and home theater enthusiasts for producing high quality cables based on the use of objective perceptual testing, patented designs, premium materials, and exceptional manufacturing quality.

For more information, visit www.wireworldaudio.com or call 954 -680 -3848.

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