Meda Introduces New Brávo™ and Bravádo™ Music Servers for Multi -Zone, Multi -Source Audio

Full-Featured Brávo 16 and Brávo 20 Servers Support Up To 25 Separate Zones; Ultra-Compact Bravádo 1 and Bravádo 4 Deliver Space-Saving Option


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Meda Introduces New Brávo™ and Bravádo™ Music Servers for Multi -Zone, Multi -Source Audio

Full -Featured Brávo 16 and Brávo 20 Servers Support Up To 25 Separate Zones; Ultra -Compact Bravádo 1 and Bravádo 4 Deliver Space -Saving Option

CEDIA EXPO, Indianapolis, Sept. 10, 2004 - Meda™ Systems, Inc., an innovative technology company whose digital media servers and software distribute entertainment throughout the home, introduces four new models of its breakthrough whole -house Brávo and Bravádo Music Servers, at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo 2004, beginning today in Indianapolis.

New models include the full -featured Brávo 16 and Brávo 20 Music Servers, designed for large homes with many rooms and listening zones; and the ultra -compact Bravádo 1 and Bravádo 4 Music Servers, designed as space -saving alternatives for smaller residences, while preserving Brávo's most important features.

The Brávo 16 comes equipped to manage 16 analog zones plus 4 digital zones of output, for a total of 20 available zones. It also includes 4 line -level inputs, and can be controlled by up to 16 users at the same time. Brávo 20 offers a huge 20 zones of analog output and an additional five zones of digital output for a total of 25 available zones. It too includes 4 line -level inputs, and can be controlled by up to 16 users at the same time. Both Brávos come equipped with a 250 GB hard drive able to record one million hours of audio content.

As with all Brávos, each zone in the Brávo 16 and Brávo 20 offer independent control of each server's built -in preamp and digital matrix switcher via built -in TV, infrared, web browser, wireless Pocket PC, or PC desktop interfaces. Multiple zones can be linked and synchronized via Meda's patent -pending MZSync™ technology, a key element of Meda's DEOS™ Digital Entertainment Operating System.

The new ultra -compact Bravádo™ 1 and Bravádo Music Servers are only 3 inches tall and 11 inches deep, allowing them to fit into the tightest of rack spaces, or even ventilated in -wall installations like structured wiring cabinets. Bravádo is an ultra -compact version of Brávo ™ designed for small spaces such as structured wiring applications, and shares most Brávo features.

Brávo Essentials

All Brávo Music Servers use fast, quiet, massive internal hard drives and a home's own network to record, store, and play back digital audio content as entertainment -on -demand through multi -room audio or audio/video systems. The Brávo Server replaces the user's CD player and holds an entire music collection of tens of thousands of songs. It can be operated from any of a multitude of visual or tactile control devices, including universal remotes, TVs, PDAs, wireless Pocket PCs, computer browsers, Web pads, and in -wall keypads.

A unique built -in matrix switcher in each Brávo Server routes audio from multiple hard -drive, network, line level and CD sources to multiple analog and/or digital outputs. It can direct any content from any source to any zone or combination of zones simultaneously, while other sources continue to play in other zones. MZSync™ technology keeps each zone in perfect audio sync with other zones throughout the house.

Each server includes a powerful digital preamplifier with a whole -house master volume and mute control; per -zone volume, mute and source -selection controls; and 10 -band equalization for each source. The built -in CD player boasts a high -speed engine that provides fast rip speeds for uncompressed WAV - and MP3 -formatted audio. Internet and local database search engines can quickly find Genre, Artist, Album, Track names, Play lists, album cover art information, and Internet radio stations.

Brávo Servers play the widest variety of music formats, including uncompressed, WAV, lossless FLAC, MP3, standard WMA, OGG, and industry -standard M3U multi -song play lists. The built -in Media Manager allows users to browse, search and select music tracks by Artist, Album, Track, Genre, File Name, Playlist and Key Word. Listeners can also create and edit an unlimited number of their own playlists.

Brávo Servers provide users with the powerful ability to transfer or play music files from other computers on their home's local network. They can store thousands of CDs on each Brávo's internal hard drive, add more capacity with optional storage drives, and back up or sync their music collections with other computers, other Brávo Servers, or to an optional internal backup drive.

Each Brávo system includes ready -to -use control software for wireless touch -screen control from a Pocket PC, desktop PC, TV screen, or other computers' Web browsers. No programming is necessary when using a Brávo Music Server as a stand -alone whole -house music system. Brávo Server set -up is quick and simple and can be performed using a TV, a laptop or any Web browser. No PC is required for operation.

The Brávo 16 and Brávo 20 Music Servers, and Bravádo 1 and Bravádo 4 Music Servers, will be available in October. They can be seen with Meda's other outstanding products in Booth 2056, Indiana Convention Center, during CEDIA EXPO.

About Meda Systems

Headquartered in Emeryville, California, Meda™ Systems, Inc. is a media technology company providing software and hard -drive -based servers that store, access and distribute digital media throughout the home. Meda's Brávo™ Media Servers, powered by its DEOS™ Digital Entertainment Operating System, featuring proprietary MZSync™ technology, comprise a fully integrated whole -house digital music system capable of playing and synchronizing multiple audio sources through multiple zones through analog, digital or IP -based entertainment systems, all operable from virtually any suitable device or remote control. To assure the highest levels of integration and performance for its system, Meda's partners and associates comprise a cross -section of leading manufacturers specializing in digital technology, consumer electronics and home networking, including Crestron, AMX, D -Tools, Microsoft, Xantech, ADA, RipDigital, MusicBrainz, Universal Remote Control, Inc. and Logitech Harmony Remote. Further information about Meda can be found on its Web site at

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