M.D. Manufacturing Exhibits MD AirForce®, First UPB -Enabled Whole -House Cleaning System

'Smart 'Central Vacuum Integrates with Home Automation Systems, While Delivering Ultra-Quiet, Ultra-Cool, Ultra-Reliable Performance


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M.D. Manufacturing Exhibits MD AirForce®, First UPB -Enabled Whole -House Cleaning System

'Smart 'Central Vacuum Integrates with Home Automation Systems, While Delivering Ultra -Quiet, Ultra -Cool, Ultra -Reliable Performance

CEDIA EXPO, Indianapolis, Sept. 10, 2004 - M.D. Manufacturing, Inc., an award -winning specialist in the design and manufacture of high -performance whole -house central vacuum systems, exhibits the MD AirForce® Central Vacuum at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo 2004, beginning today in Indianapolis.

The AirForce Central Vacuum is the quietest, coolest, most technologically advanced central vacuum now available. Poised on the cutting edge of central vacuum evolution, the AirForce incorporates exclusively licensed Power3 Technology employing a patented new Universal Powerline Bus™ (UPB™) that electronically integrates the vacuum, for the first time, into home automation systems. This permits features never before available on central vacuums, such as a Telephone Module that automatically turns off the vacuum when the telephone rings (see separate release). Users need never again miss an important phone call while vacuuming.

Building the motor inside the housing - an additional innovation - enables the AirForce to run significantly quieter than conventional central vacuums, as well as up to 18 percent cooler, while dramatically extending motor life by 25 percent.
These and other refinements make the AirForce unparalleled for its power, deep cleaning ability, convenience, versatility, quietness, and value as an investment that actually increases the appraised prices of owners' homes.

UPB -Enabled Technology

The AirForce, alone among central vacuums, breaks the automation barrier. Its built -in UPB -enabled Power3 technology allows the AirForce to replace the low -voltage wire traditionally used in central vacuums with a small microprocessor -based module embedded in the vacuum hose.

The module sends a series of encoded digital pulses over ordinary 120 -volt household wiring, which are detected and decoded by a receiver module, enabling the vacuum to communicate seamlessly with other elements of a home automation system, including numerous UPB -enabled components by companies such as Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), a leading provider of programmable automation products.

Benefits include the ability to program AirForce to turn off automatically if a phone or doorbell rings, if a smoke alert or other alarm sounds, or if a garage door is activated. Benefits to installation professionals include a faster, simpler, less costly set -up process.

A manual override on the handle allows users to ignore interruptions at their discretion. Additional features will be added as M.D. continues its development of Power3 Technology, for which it holds an exclusive license among central vacuum manufacturers.

Pioneering Motor Placement

AirForce's second major innovation is its placement of the vacuum motor inside the vacuum chamber, rather than bolted to the outside. Since sound can't travel in a vacuum, this makes the AirForce uniquely quieter than any other central vacuum. The interior placement also results in massive quantities of air rushing past the motor, keeping it far cooler than other central vacuums, eliminating the need for external cooling, and extending motor life.

Filtration and Health

AirForce's many additional innovations include micro -fine filtration, four -stage filtration for increased motor life, the largest trash capacity available, and electronically spot -welded, 20 -gauge steel construction. A new two -ply micro -filter bag, complemented by a strong cloth filter, allows the AirForce to capture dust particles as minuscule as 0.3 micron, cleansing the air as it vacuums to protect the health of its owners.

As with other M.D. central vacuum systems, the AirForce also removes dust mites and other allergens and eliminates the re -circulation of dirty air inside living areas, leading to cleaner indoor air quality and significant long -term health benefits. The AirForce delivers several times the cleaning power of most portable vacuums, takes less time to use, and is more convenient since its lightweight hose connects to any inlet in the home.

The AirForce is available in six different models for homes of all sizes, whether already built or under construction. In addition, dozens of attachments for carpeting, wood and tile floors, draperies, furniture, crevices, corners, staircases, ceiling fans, mini -blinds, cars, and the like are available to help users do an extraordinary job of cleaning in less time and with less effort.

The MD AirForce Central Vacuum can be seen with other outstanding M.D. Manufacturing products in Booth 508, Indiana Convention Center, during CEDIA EXPO.

About M.D. Manufacturing

Based in Bakersfield, California, M.D. Manufacturing has long been acclaimed for the quality, performance, and engineering design of its central vacuum cleaning systems. Family -owned and operated since its founding by Charles Emdy in 1961, the company has created an array of central vacuum systems and accessories designed to serve the needs of custom installation professionals as well as residential and commercial customers.

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For further information about M.D. Manufacturing, including the health benefits and other aspects of its unique products, visit the most comprehensive web site in the central vacuum industry: www.centralvacuum.com, or call 1 -800 525 -2055.

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