Kaleidescape, Inc., Announces The Availability Of The Kaleidescape Collectionstm, A Group Of Specially-Assembled DVD Collections Of Must-Have Movies For High-End Home Theaters

Indianapolis, IN - CEDIA EXPO 2004 - Sept. 8 -12 - Booth #432 - Kaleidescape, Inc., announces the availability of The Kaleidescape CollectionsTM, a group of specially -assembled DVD collections of must -have movies for high -end home theaters. Kaleidescape has made it easy to own the very best DVD movies that capture the excitement, glamour and drama that only motion pictures can deliver.

The Kaleidescape Collections include some of the most popular, highly acclaimed, technically and artistically superior films ever made. The first four collections include:

Kaleidescape Collection: Academy Award® Winners - Best Picture
Every year only one film is deemed "Best Picture of the Year" by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. From the sweeping scope of Gone with the Wind to the epic drama of Schindler's List, this Collection allows you to enjoy 67 titles of Oscar -winning greats representing the pinnacle of achievement from 1930 -2003.

Kaleidescape Collection: Kaleidescape's Critics 150TM
By carefully compiling and cross -referencing the selections made by the industry's most -respected reviewers, authorities and opinion -makers, Kaleidescape has created the definitive list of 150 must -have titles that will complete and complement any movie library. Whether you're interested in silent classics like Modern Times, modern masterpieces like The Godfather, or the epic scope of Lawrence of Arabia, Kaleidescape's Critics 150 brings together the best in domestic and international film.

Kaleidescape Collection: The Criterion CollectionTM Catalog
The discriminating viewer recognizes the contributions of extraordinary film makers from around the world who have made cinema more than just entertainment. The Criterion Collection Catalog delivers a diverse series of artistically superior films, created with the highest quality digital transfers and presented with insightful commentaries and award -winning supplemental material. This Collection of 191 titles provides access to the most thought -provoking and influential films of our time in a collectible and technically superior format.

Kaleidescape Collection: The Superbit® Series
Superbit DVDs were conceived by Columbia TriStar with the most discriminating home theater enthusiasts in mind. All titles in the Superbit series incorporate the highest -bandwidth video and audio DVD encoding to deliver superlative playback fidelity. The highest resolution video combined with DTS® and Dolby Digital® 5.1 soundtracks accurately reproduce the total theatrical experience. The 42 title Superbit collection lets you enjoy Air Force 1's screaming jet engines or the eye -popping visual effects of The Fifth Element in your own home. These DVDs are mastered for maximum enjoyment - forsaking Easter eggs and bonus features in order to deliver premium playback performance for demanding consumers.

The Kaleidescape Collections are specially -assembled DVD collections that make it easy to own and show the world's best movies. Kaleidescape has done the research to make it easy for consumers - each collection captures the depth, breadth and richness of cinematic expression in its respective category. By aggregating and selling Collections, Kaleidescape has made it easy for individuals to quickly build an impressive movie library without having to invest the time and energy necessary to define, locate, and purchase each individual title in a truly credible collection.

Kaleidescape intends to offer additional Kaleidescape Collections that highlight the best and most critically acclaimed DVD releases available to showcase the most popular movie genres. As additional Collections are defined, they will be available for purchase via Kaleidescape's website.

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Kaleidescape, Inc. is an independent company from and not a partner or affiliate of or joint venturer with, any third party holding trademarks that appear in titles of the Kaleidescape Collections. The Kaleidescape Collections are not in any way sponsored or endorsed by any such third party. The contents of these collections are DVDs published by companies other than Kaleidescape, Inc., that have been independently aggregated and packaged by Kaleidescape, Inc. for resale. Trademark information may be found on the web pages that describe each individual Kaleidescape Collection. The use of third party trademarks in the names of Kaleidescape's products is intended only to describe those products clearly for the customer. 'Kaleidescape Collections' and 'Critics 150' are trademarks of Kaleidescape, Inc.

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