Experts Teach Installers And Builders How To Properly Install A Central Vacuum System And Maximize Profits

Indianapolis, IN - CEDIA EXPO 2004 - Sept. 8 -12 - RCA Dome, Booth #524 - To evade unreliable methods of self -teaching and trial -and -error attempts, H -P Products, Inc., manufacturer of the Dirt Devil® and Dirt Devil® Platinum Force® central vacuum systems, offers dealers and installers extensive hands -on training and comprehensive reading literature. By sending an installation expert to the scene and by offering online resources, H -P Products directly teaches dealers and installers to install a central vacuum system expertly and efficiently, giving the installer the potential to earn up to a 50% profit.

Chris Slackford, a Field Trainer for H -P Products, Inc., is dedicated to traveling all over the country to help builders and installers maximize their installation efficiency and profit margins. Some of the benefits that H -P Products' installers gain from Slackford's training and expert insight include: increased overall satisfaction of the product; decreased number of service calls to the dealer; a higher volume of recommendations for both the dealer/installer and the product.

"Efficiency is the primary concern when training an installer," notes Slackford. "Dealers often ask me how the training programs can reduce their installation time, but our focus is to ensure that the installer is putting the unit in properly, not necessarily quickly. This reduces the amount of after -installation maintenance calls," Slackford continues.

In addition to the expert advice from professionals like Chris Slackford, H -P Products also offers training that includes detailed printed resources (training manuals), Power Point presentations as well as on -site training that involves actually installing or selling the system directly to the installers' customers. Additionally, H -P Products hosts regular web -based seminars to reach interested dealers/installers who are misinformed or unaware of the benefits offered by central vacuum systems.

The web seminars (webinars), hosted by Chris Slackford, are conducted remotely from H -P Products' headquarters in Louisville, Ohio. Participants view a Power Point presentation on their personal computer while listening to Slackford's lecture over the telephone. Questions are held until the end of the seminar when the phone lines are opened up for a conference call discussion. (See below for a list of the upcoming webinars.)

Along with offering technical support, personal assistance and education programs, H -P Products also has detailed manuals available on their websites for dealers to gain additional information from. From planning the layout of the system to tools -of -the -trade, the manual is extensive with all necessary information and guidance for installers. Detailed diagrams walk the builder step by step through the process of installation. By offering such an extensive program, H -P Products helps installers build customer satisfaction with both the product and their first rate service.

With a central vacuum system manufactured by H -P Products, 100% of the vacuumed dirt is removed from your living area; 96 -98% of the vacuumed dirt is deposited in the 6 -gallon dirt canister; and the remaining fine dust particles are captured in a filter cartridge before clean exhaust air is vented from the unit. H -P Products provides a system for every size home and can easily be installed in new construction and existing homes.

"Informing the misinformed is always very gratifying," Slackford comments. "The best thing that I can teach a dealer or installer is that over 60% of customers who are presented with the central vacuum option will say YES. Once you extol the virtues of the product, all you have to do is ask," Slackford concludes.

Dirt Devil® central vacuum systems, manufactured by H -P Products, Inc. provide a whole -house cleaning solution for health conscious homeowners. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate most homes, the Dirt Devil® and Dirt Devil® Platinum Force® lines of central vacuum systems are offered with versatile accessories and kits for every application. H -P Products, manufacturer of VACUFLO® and Dirt Devil® central vacuum systems, offers over 55 years of expertise - with over 45 of those years manufacturing built -in central vacuum systems, as well as tubular products. Log onto www.centralvacheadquarters.com for more information on the full line of Dirt Devil® central vacuum products.

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