Boston Acoustics Launches Avidea™ 770 Integrated Home Theater System

New Generation AudioVisual System Ingeniously Combines Top Performance and Technology with Ease of Installation and Use


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Boston Acoustics Launches Avidea™ 770 Integrated Home Theater System

New Generation AudioVisual System Ingeniously Combines Top Performance and Technology with Ease of Installation and Use

CEDIA EXPO, Indianapolis, Sept. 10, 2004 - Boston Acoustics, Inc. (NASDAQ: BOSA), a premier manufacturer of high -performance audio solutions for home entertainment, automobiles and personal desktop audio systems, launches the Avidea™ 770 Integrated Home Theater System at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo 2004, beginning today in Indianapolis.

The Avidea 770, which has just begun to shipping to dealers, is the first of a new generation of totally integrated Home Theater systems. It combines state -of -the -art performance and technology, with exceptional ease of installation and use. The system's intelligent Control Center incorporates Dolby Digital® and DTS® Surround Processors, a progressive -scan DVD player, exclusive UniView™ video technology, an AM/FM tuner with Boston Recepter™ technology, six totally new satellite speakers, a powered subwoofer/amplifier, an intuitive universal remote control, and patented, easy -connect speaker cables.

The compact and powerful Avidea 770 eliminates the frustrating complexities associated with setting up and operating component systems. Working with any of today's audio and movie decoding technologies, Avidea's Control Center identifies input signal sources, matches them to the appropriate input circuitry and produces superb Home Theater. Users do not have to manipulate dials, buttons or switches while guessing at correct settings.

The Avidea 770, it must be noted, also far exceeds the performance of more economical systems popularly referred to as Home Theaters in a Box (HTIB). Despite superficial HTiB similarities, like convenience and a compact nature, the Avidea delivers component -system quality enhanced by premium, proprietary technologies far beyond the capability of any HTiB. The Avidea 770 is simply in a category currently all its own.

UniView™ Debut
On the video side, Boston Acoustics' state -of -the -art UniView™? technology assures the best possible picture quality, regardless of source. UniView up -converts and down -converts signals from all external video sources, whether composite or S -video, and offers composite, S -video, and component outputs to match any connected TV. The result is unprecedented ease of connection and operation. Users can instantly - and correctly - connect any video device, regardless of connector type or signal path. With an HD -ready TV, video sources such as digital cable and satellite look as good as DVD.

The Avidea Control Center also generates extremely useful on -screen displays. Intuitive, smartly laid -out graphics and concise onscreen texts efficiently guide users through set -up and operation.

Avidea's rear panel contains analog and digital inputs for A/V sources that include a digital cable box and/or satellite receiver, a CD - or DVD -changer, a VCR or PVR, a TV tuner, and an auxiliary audio loop that can be used for a CD recorder or analog cassette deck. Connections are arranged by source, not type, leaving the layout uncluttered and easy to comprehend.

A head -set jack and audio/video inputs for a gaming station or camcorder are conveniently located on the front of the right side panel.

New High Performance Speakers
The Avidea 770's unique surround sound package has been designed specifically for the system, with two main satellite speakers, three surround satellites, a dedicated center channel and a powered subwoofer all perfectly integrated with the Control Center to achieve genuinely high performance.

Less than 4 inches (115mm) deep, Boston Acoustics' totally new extruded aluminum satellite speakers are small enough to comfortably accompany plasma and LCD TV displays, and powerful enough to deliver the distortion -free volume essential to exciting six -channel Home Theater.

The speakers' two -way design uses a pair of two -inch (50mm) midrange drivers that deliver enough mid -bass extension and output to reach low frequencies that have never been heard in ultra -compact satellites, creating a rich, full listening experience. The midrange drivers flank a three -quarter inch (19mm) soft dome tweeter that provides extended high frequency response and exceptionally broad dispersion. The very wide and uniform 'sweet spot' that results creates a great listening experience for everyone in the room.

The Avidea's powerful 10 -inch subwoofer is also compact, yet capable of room -shaking bass. Taking advantage of Boston Acoustics' Deep Channel Design™ (DCD™) technology, the front -firing woofer is able to utilize a relatively small diameter driver in a smaller -than -expected enclosure. Its exceptional output is achieved by increasing overall excursion combined with proprietary BassTrac® circuitry that assures low distortion, even at high output levels.

Easy, Intuitive Universal Remote
The Avidea's unique universal/learning touch -screen remote control further sets the 770 apart from all other sight -and -sound systems. The highly intuitive remote displays the controls for all devices in operation at any given time on an LCD screen. There are no arrays of seldom -used buttons to create clutter and confusion.

The remote operates by Radio Frequency (RF), so it will even work through walls, and has a range of more than 60 feet (18 meters). It comes packaged with Infra Red (IR) converters for devices without RF capabilities and, when needed, can also communicate using IR signals.

The Avidea remote is pre -programmed to manage Control Center operations, and contains an extensive library of operational codes for external devices. It's also designed to easily learn to control other devices and includes special software that the dealer or the purchased can use for extensive customization.

Dual Zones and a Super -Sensitive Tuner
The Avidea 770 can be enjoyed in more than one place at the same time. A two -zone audio capability allows people in separate parts of a house to listen to the same or different audio sources. Movie fans can watch a DVD in the Home Theater, while others can listen to favorite FM stations in another room, or on another floor. The long -range RF remote makes two -zone listening easy to use.

Avidea's intelligent design includes several other features that enhance quality and convenience. For example, its exceptionally sensitive tuner can pick up stations others can't. It can also accommodate 27 preset stations, in three banks, so different family members can conveniently store and retrieve their favorites.

Available in handsome shades of charcoal or white, the Avidea 770 Integrated Home Theater System is available now from authorized Boston Acoustics dealers at a suggested price of $3,999. It can be seen with Boston Acoustics' other fine products in Booth 630, Indiana Convention Center, during CEDIA EXPO.

About Boston Acoustics
Founded in 1979, Boston Acoustics, Inc. (NASDAQ: BOSA) designs, manufactures, and markets high performance audio systems for use in home music and audio -video systems, after -market and OEM automotive systems, and custom built -in audio systems. Highly regarded for creating The Boston Sound™, the company is renowned for delivering superior, competitively priced products emphasizing performance, consistency and value. For further information, visit the company`s Web site at
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