Acoustic Innovations Launches KISS for Seating™ Software to Increase Dealers' Sales and Margins

First 'Keep It Simple Solutions' Design Module Simplifies Seating Design And Sales Process, and Helps Dealers Create a Complete Seating Solution


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CEDIA EXPO, Indianapolis, Sept. 10, 2004 - Acoustic Innovations, Inc. the leading developer and manufacturer of high -performance Home Theater interiors and related components, is officially launching its new Keep It Simple Solutions (KISS) Software for the custom installation community at the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo 2004, beginning today in Indianapolis.

Acoustic Innovations' new KISS Software delivers a series of PC -based Room Solutions designed to help dealers more effectively, efficiently and profitably meet the individual needs of their personal theater clients. The first KISS component, with many more still to come, is a Seating for Seating™ module that focuses on helping dealers provide seating solutions, not just seats.

"Our KISS for Seating software is unique in the custom installation marketplace, there's nothing else like it," said Rick Schuett, Acoustic Innovations Executive Vice President. "Within a matter of minutes, a dealer can create a customized chair layout including dimensions and pricing so that he or she can close a client without the need to call the factory for design and/or pricing assistance."

First demonstrated as a prototype at CEDIA Expo 2003, the KISS for Seating module enables a dealer to create a plan view of a room, select the style of seating desired, and then drag and drop in customized chair components or select from a list of pre -existing templates. Dealers can specify essential elements such as material choices, colors, and chair options.

Overall project margins can be adjusted on the fly to meet individual situations. A customized proposal that uses the dealer's own imported logo, as well as a purchase order, can be created automatically, eliminating the additional time and effort to create these documents following a client meeting.

All KISS for Seating drawings and specifications are fully relational, so that any change need only be entered once for the program to automatically adjust other linked files. KISS for Seating works on desktop and portable laptop computers, and its database of products, materials, prices, images, colors, and the like can be simply and immediately updated over the Internet. This means, for example, that if Acoustic Innovations changes a color, material, product dimension, delivery time or price, the software will update the new information without the dealer needing to laboriously enter the details by hand.

KISS simplifies the entire process, significantly reducing the time it takes to produce a drawing and a proposal for custom theater seating. It provides a repeatable methodology that can make it immensely easier to collaborate with other professionals, especially interior designers, who will be encouraged to see dealers as allies rather than potential adversaries.

"Another aspect of KISS for Seating that's revolutionary is the ability of a dealer to share KISS with, say, an interior designer," explained Schuett. "The designer is given an authentication code created by the dealer. From this point forward the dealer gains visibility to all the projects the designer is working on, enabling him to provide any assistance the designer might need in the future.

"This feature," continued Schuett, "especially when coupled with our Affiliate Program that allows dealers to be substantially compensated by Acoustic Innovations when working with interior designers on seating projects, changes the way custom installers can earn money and take control of their marketplace."

KISS for Seating software is currently available for Windows -based PCs. It can be seen with Acoustic Innovations' other outstanding theater interior and customized seating solutions in Booth 350, Indiana Convention Center, during CEDIA EXPO. A limited number of copies of the software will be distributed at the show.

About Acoustic Innovations
A leading developer and manufacturer of high -performance residential theater interiors and related components, Acoustic Innovations combines the science of acoustics with the art of aesthetics for a complete home entertainment experience. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, and founded in 1992, Acoustic Innovations designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of "Room Solutions" encompassing its custom and semi -custom Showcase Theaters, CinemaChairs theater seating, and Acoustic Room Treatment Solutions.
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