NoviiRemote Blaster

The New Revolution in Remote Controls Has Arrived!

San Francisco, CA - September 9, 2004 NoviiMedia, developers for handheld computers, unveiled a new product today - NoviiRemote Blaster - an SD card and CD -ROM for turning your handheld device into a powerful, easy to use universal remote control! This unique product is the first -ever universal remote control on an SD card.

NoviiRemote Blaster ends the battle for control of the remote forever by turning your handheld into the household remote. Easily program the hard buttons on your handheld for all of your entertainment devices, including TV, Cable/Sat, DVD/CD, VCR, TiVo, etc. Brilliant colors on your screen identify volume, channels and other functions. NoviiRemote Blaster controls over 100,000 home entertainment devices!

The Blaster is powered by the most popular remote software on the market… the winner of numerous awards and accolades. See what journalists from The New York Times and Associated Press have raved about, and why thousands of owners of NoviiRemote love it.

The developers of NoviiRemote Blaster set out to create a remote control that works better, looks better, is easier to use and is faster to set up, when compared to the many other remote controls on the market. This first version of the Blaster works on the following handhelds from palmOne: Zire 72, Tungsten E, Zire 71, Tungsten T2 and Tungsten T. A future version will work on most handhelds with an SD slot.

Why NoviiRemote Blaster?

President of NoviiMedia, Geoff Evans, described the reasons why NoviiRemote Blaster is the best remote control solution on the market. "With NoviiRemote Blaster on your palmOne handheld, you get a remote control that does more, looks better and is more fun to use than comparable remotes selling at a price in the neighborhood of one thousand dollars! The Blaster is easy to setup. Just select your brand of TV, VCR, DVD, DVR, cable/sat box, CD player and audio receiver from the list, and the NoviiRemote software automatically starts controlling your AV system. You can be up and running in seconds.

"For many of our customers, the easy setup means that you can now own the TV controls at your friend's house, or your favorite sports bar! And because your device is still a PDA, you can do a million -and -one other things when you're done using it as a remote."

Buy Now & More Info

NoviiRemote Blaster is available for purchase from NoviiMedia's website at for $59.99. Additional details and information are available at this web address.

About NoviiMedia
Headquartered in San Francisco, NoviiMedia is engaged in the development of several lines of products for handheld computers. Our primary focus is on the creation of software and devices for using handheld computers and smartphones as remote controls in the home. Novii is committed to delivering high quality solutions to the growing number of handheld owners who use their devices for fun and entertaiment. Novii's award -winning team is prepared to rapidly expand its client base with great products for consumers, through offices in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Over 200,000 consumers use software products from Novii.

To learn more about NoviiRemote Blaster and today's announcement, visit All products and service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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