Innovative TERK HDTVa Compact Indoor Antenna Delivers Powerful, Extended -Range HDTV Reception

Amplified HDTVa Receives Both UHF and VHF Broadcast Signals, To Provide Long-Range Reception of All Local HDTV Broadcasts

Commack, NY, September 10, 2004 - TERK Technologies Corp., a leader in antenna technology for TV, satellite, radio and mobile communications applications, today announced the introduction of its HDTVa, the company's first -ever amplified indoor HDTV antenna. The strikingly designed, high -performance HDTVa is the only amplified indoor antenna designed to capture both UHF and VHF signals (channels 2 - 69), to provide extended -range reception of all local HDTV broadcasts. The HDTVa incorporates an ultra -low -noise, high -gain amplifier with Dual -Drive Amplifier™ technology that provides clear reception of both distant and close HDTV and DTV stations.

The compact, advanced -technology TERK HDTVa gives consumers who live anywhere from a city apartment to a suburban home the ability to experience HDTV broadcasts in full resolution. Designed for total reception versatility, the HDTVa utilizes a high -gain antenna array that can be oriented either horizontally or vertically within its mounting base, to achieve optimum capture of off -air HDTV broadcasts. The HDTVa's built -in signal amplifier incorporates TERK's exclusive Dual -Drive Amplifier circuitry, which allows the user to select the best gain for maximum reception. The amplifier can be set to high -gain mode to compensate for signals that are too weak, or bypassed for reception of strong signals. To simplify installation, the amplifier utilizes TERK's Power Injector design, which delivers power to the antenna via its coaxial connecting cable, enabling a one -wire connection to the antenna.

Randall Rosenbaum, Product Manager, TERK Technologies, pointed out: "By combining advanced TERK signal amplification technology with a versatile indoor antenna design, the HDTVa delivers the best of both worlds. It offers high -performance HDTV and DTV reception, easily installs in minutes, and seamlessly blends with a wide range of home interiors." Rosenbaum concluded, "The HDTVa makes it easy for a wider range of consumers than ever before to receive HDTV broadcasts in full resolution, and it's also the ideal add -on to an existing satellite or cable installation, to expand a customer's choice of available HDTV programming."

The TERK HDTVa is engineered for reception of all local HDTV channels, with an operating bandwidth covering both the UHF (channels 2 - 13) and VHF (channels 14 - 69) frequency ranges. Its highly directional log periodic UHF and precision VHF elements are designed to receive HDTV broadcasts with maximum signal strength, along with high interference rejection.

The HDTVa is as exceptional in appearance as it is in performance. Its curved, tapering, polished aluminum antenna elements are mounted in a slim base with a contoured front section that visually complements the curve of the antenna elements. Although powerful in performance, the HDTVa is compact and easy to install atop or near a TV set.

The TERK HDTVa will be shipping in fall 2004 at a suggested retail price of $59.99.

Unrivaled Benefits From an Indoor HDTV Antenna

- Only amplified, indoor HDTV antenna engineered to receive UHF and VHF channels
- Receives HDTV broadcasts in full HDTV resolution
- Provides access to no -cost HD programming
- Excellent for urban environments where space is at a premium and outdoor antenna installation isn't possible
- Appealing design with small footprint
- Anyone can install HDTVa in minutes
- Proven TERK quality for superior reception
- Competitively priced

About TERK

TERK Technologies is a leader in antenna technology and signal management solutions. TERK offers a broad range of products as a leader in antenna technology for TV, satellite, radio, and mobile entertainment and communications applications, and is dedicated to providing state -of -the -art solutions for consumers as well as innovative marketing and merchandising solutions for its retail partners.

TERK's diverse product range includes indoor and outdoor HDTV, analog TV, satellite radio and analog radio antennas, DIRECTV satellite dishes, satellite/cable installation hardware and audio/video accessories. TERK also offers its T2 line of high -performance signal management products for the custom integrator market, and its Leapfrog wireless multi -room audio/video distribution and control systems. TERK is also the exclusive distributor of the XM Commander Universal Satellite Radio receiver for in -car reception of XM Satellite Radio.

Synonymous with style and quality, TERK's innovative and advanced technology engineering has earned the company numerous patents and industry awards.

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