RCA Brand's Flagship DLP HDTV Spotlighted at CEDIA Conference Along With Complete New Line of Standard DLP HDTVs, LCD Displays, HDTV Recorders, Home Theatre Audio Products

INDIANAPOLIS, September 9, 2004 - Combining world class innovation and expressive design, the new Digital Cable Ready RCA Scenium Profiles DLP (Digital Light Processing) HDTV Sets from TCL -Thomson Electronics Corporation (TTE) take center stage this week at the annual CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) Expo where attendees will get a first -hand look at the world's first microdisplay rear -projection HDTV so thin that it can easily hang on a wall.

Sharing the spotlight with RCA Scenium Profiles is a complete new line -up of standard RCA Scenium and RCA DLP HDTV Sets, LCD displays in two screen sizes, two new RCA Scenium HDTV recorders, and a new Home Theatre audio system. All RCA Scenium and RCA DLP HDTV Sets utilize Texas Instruments' Digital Light Processing (DLP) video technology.

The ultra -thin 6.85 -inch depth and light 130 -pound weight of the wide -screen RCA Scenium Profiles HDTV Set is expected to revolutionize the high -definition microdisplay TV market in both the consumer and commercial sectors. Initially, the RCA Scenium Profiles line will comprise the 61 -inch HD61THW263 (suggested retail price $9,999) to be followed by an even more impressive 70 -inch model as well as a 50 -inch model.

"RCA Scenium Profiles represents the best of our most advanced, high -performance TV product developments," said Greg Bosler, Executive Vice President - North America Operations, for TTE. "Through products such as these, we can assure custom installers, retailers and consumers of effective solutions to their home entertainment needs."

The all -new model line -up represents the initial series of high -end television products from TTE, a global television enterprise formed by China's TCL and Thomson. TCL -Thomson Electronics is the world's largest developer and manufacturer of TV products.

"The new RCA Scenium Profiles HDTV models offer world -class innovation in a versatile design form factor that is ideal for wall mounting or as the free -standing centerpiece of an advanced home entertainment system," said Mike O'Hara, Executive Vice President of Thomson, which provides sales agent services to TTE. "Utilizing the latest DLP microdisplay technology, RCA Scenium Profiles provides the viewer with breathtaking reality in color imagery and vibrant audio capability that rivals a movie soundtrack."
Centralized Remote Functions Accommodated in Profiles Design

In addition to light weight and narrow profile, custom installers will favor the user -friendly remote control options of the RCA Scenium Profiles HDTV models. A Universal Backlit Learning Remote allows the user to connect various home theatre products - DVD players, satellite receivers, cable set -tops, audio components, VCRs and more - for direct control of basic functions. Or, the custom installer may elect to utilize the Profiles Wired IR (Infrared) Jack to install a customized central remote system with wired controls to an array of entertainment and household electronic products via a single keypad.

The RCA Scenium Profiles HDTV models deliver a broad scope of video and audio enhancements and are among the first DLP HDTV Sets to include both an Integrated ATSC Tuner -Decoder for over -the -air digital television and Digital Cable Ready circuitry for plug -and -play access to digital cable HDTV programming. The Digital Cable Ready technology provides cable -ready high -definition programming with a CableCARD™ security interface without the need for a separate digital cable box. The cable security card is provided by the cable operator and insures nationwide portability on a compliant digital cable network throughout the United States.

The ultra -thin depth of the RCA Scenium Profiles models is enabled by technology developed with InFocus Corporation. The product incorporates new lens projection technology integrated with the InFocus® Engine, a lamp -to -lens solution designed to significantly reduce the projection path, resulting in the 6.85 -inch cabinet depth.

Like all HDTVs that utilize Texas Instruments' DLP technology, the RCA Scenium Profiles models deliver high contrast with rich blacks and dark detail, creating the optimum viewing experience. At the same time, reduced pixelization results in a smoother picture compared to direct -view and rear -projection CRT technologies. DLP technology produces over 16 million colors and over 1,000 shades of gray with twice the contrast of many competing technologies. Nearly a million microscopic mirrors deliver razor sharp images and a seamless picture without convergence issues or burn -in.

Multiple Features, Convenience Options

Among other features and convenience options that distinguish RCA Scenium Profiles models are:

NetConnect Ethernet with Microsoft Windows CE operating system and Internet Explorer Web Browser with wireless keyboard, HDMI, DTVLink (1394) and YPrPb connections. Through the Ethernet connection and Ethernet 6.0 browser, the viewer has the capability to watch TV, surf the Internet and display favorite digital photos from a nearby PC.

HDTV Recording using the new RCA Scenium DVR2080 (suggested retail price $449) or RCA Scenium DVR 2160 (suggested retail price $549) high -definition video recorders. The new set -top hard -disc recorders include the ability to pause, rewind and fast -forward live programming so the viewer will never miss a favorite scene or action from a sports contest.

SRS TruSurroundXT™ surround sound utilizing the RCA Scenium Profiles 60 -watt, five -speaker (including subwoofer) system for DVD -quality audio. TruSurround XT includes two proprietary techniquest to enhance the performance of the bass response and maintain clarity of dialog and vocals against background noise and sound effects.

Hi -Pix™ Picture System combining digital display technology video optimization with updated Tru -Scan Digital Reality signal processing. The proprietary DLP bit sequences optimize the HDTV video for DLP displays. New Tru -Scan Digital Reality digital signal processing algorithms include advanced edge replacement, recursive noise reduction and digital contrast expansion for a sharper, more realistic picture. Tru -Scan Digital Reality also includes horizontal and vertical peaking, auto -flesh and 3 -D Y/C frame comb technologies.

New RCA Scenium Standard DLP Models for Versatile Room Placement

Along with RCA Scenium Profiles ultra -thin models, new Digital Cable Ready standard DLP HDTV models - in 44 -, 50 - and 61 -inch screen sizes - are featured in this year's rear -projection HDTV series. These models incorporate cabinets as thin as 16 inches deep and weigh under 100 pounds, making them ideal for placement in various room sizes or to carry up staircases in townhouses or high -rise apartments.

The RCA Scenium standard DLP HDTV Sets feature built -in ATSC and QAM cable reception with Digital Cable Ready security interface, Hi -Pix Picture System, and an extensive package of secure digital interfaces including HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) with HDCP copy protection which adds digital audio to the digital video to provide an uncompressed digital audio/video input on a convenient single cable. The convenient connection replaces the DVI -HDTV video and separate audio connections on set -top devices via an adapter cable.

The standard -depth RCA Scenium DLP models include:

61 -inch HD61LPW162 (suggested retail price $3,999)
50 -inch HD50LPW162 (suggested retail price $3,399)
61 -inch HD61LPW163 (suggested retail price $4,299)
61 -inch HD61LPW 164 (suggested retail price $4,399)
50 -inch HD50LPW164 (suggested retail price $3,999)
61 -inch HD61LPW165 (suggested retail price $4,599)
50 -inch HD50LPW165 (suggested retail price $3,899)
44 -inch HD44LPW165 (suggested retail price $3,599)

The 165 Series - HD61LPW165, HD50LPW165, HD44LPW165 - - features the TV Guide On Screen electronic program guide for easy access to both digital and analog channels and one -touch recording of favorite programs to send HDTV signals to Digital Video Recorders and analog TV signals to VCRs or DVD recorders.

Sleek, Thin LCD Displays Combine Outstanding Convenience, High -Power Picture Performance

Two new RCA Scenium LCD high -definition monitors that easily connect to multiple components for an expansive entertainment experience are on display this week at the CEDIA conference. The flat -screen monitors include 30 -inch and 27 -inch screen sizes. The monitors are the 30 -inch RCA Scenium LCDX3022W (suggested retail price $2,999) and the 27 -inch RCA Scenium LCDX2722W (suggested retail price $2,199).

The LCD displays feature three discrete inputs - DVI -HDCP, Component Video YPrPb, and RGB - all capable of accepting a high -definition signal. Both models incorporate an integrated analog NTSC tuner to display over the -air television and cable programs, VGA port for connection to a laptop or desktop computer, "picture -in -PC" capability that provides a second window to view video when connected to a PC, and bi -sonic stereo speakers. The displays feature swift response time for a sharper, smoother image and incorporate a series of adjustable features, including brightness, contrast, backlighting and color temperature to enhance the viewing experience in any lighting condition.

The LCD HDTV monitors are the first in the market to feature SRS TruSurround XT™ , a virtual surround sound technology that enables the viewer to clearly understand TV show or movie dialog even when background noise or sound effects are prevalent. Additionally, TruSurround XT features a patented cinema -like bass technology delivers the perception of deeper, richer low bass tones. With TruSurround XT, viewers will enjoy the experience of Dolby Digital, Dolby Surround or DTS encoded programming.

Dynamic Sound Package Completes the Home Theatre Experience

The RCA Scenium Home Theatre System ST2680 (suggested retail price $449) offers the vital link to an outstanding home theatre entertainment experience by providing the final connection between picture and sound with flawless fidelity. The centerpiece for any home entertainment system, the 600 -watt ST2680 package integrates ease -of -use and performance with a brilliant sonic solution. Pure audio is insured with a six -speaker package that includes four tower speakers, a dedicated center channel, and a powered subwoofer.

The RCA Scenium ST2680 boosts digital audio signals without converting them to analog, resulting in crisp, clear sound reproduction. Six direct RCA jack inputs allow connection with any component transmitting a 5.1 channel audio such as SuperAudio or DVD audio while Dolby Digital Surround Decoding assures the full impact of a movie soundtrack with full, wide -band frequency response. Dolby ProLogic II processes any surround sound into a multi -channel 5.1 audio without relying on uncoded ProLogic to improve sound quality. DTS Surround Decoding delivers up to 5.1 channels of master quality, providing uncompromised reproduction of the original multi -track layer, and Digital Tuning tunes AM/FM stations with optimum accuracy and minimum drift.


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