Extensive Line of Audio/Video Hook-up Equipment Designed to Deliver High-Quality HDTV Home Theatre Experience

INDIANAPOLIS, September 9, 2004 - Applying sophisticated new manufacturing technologies for HDTV cabling and connectors, Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453) (NYSE: TMS) - a leading marketer in both the high -definition TV and accessories product categories - is displaying a new line of accessories here this week at the annual CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) conference designed to optimize the HDTV viewing experience.

"With a U.S. digital TV installed base expected to surpass 14 million units by year -end, consumers in greater numbers are seeking to maximize the HDTV home theatre experience with advanced cables and digital hook -up products capable of expanding the realism of HDTV picture and sound," said Thomson's David Geise, Vice President, Worldwide Consumer Solutions. "Often, consumers complain that their new HDTV - while it looks great - does not deliver the superior picture performance they viewed at the dealer. Consumers need to be certain that they have high -quality cabling to connect their components, and that's why we have developed these new HDTV accessories that enable consumers to receive a wide range of high -performance HDTV programming."

The Consumer Solutions display at CEDIA comprises a full assortment of digital hook -up products that transfer pristine color video images to high -definition displays and digital connectors that assure optimum performance from an array of entertainment components. The new products carry the Acoustic Research and RCA brands.

Acoustic Research Performance, Pro II and Master Series for Entertainment Enthusiasts

Targeted toward consumers with advanced digital entertainment systems, Thomson has expanded the line of Acoustic Research brand Performance, Pro II and Master Series audio and video hook -up cables that combine advanced engineering and construction to enable high -performance capability from components. These premium cables easily connect to any brand of HDTV to assure maximum performance.

Consumers with the latest HDTV gear featuring High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connections can link both digital and audio sources with the APO85 six -foot HDMI cable (suggested retail price $74.95) or the APO86 12 -foot HDMI cable (suggested retail price $84.95) from the Acoustic Research Performance Series. These cables support high -definition formats 720p and 1080i along with multi -channel audio. Enhanced performance is achieved through the use of oxygen -free copper conductors, shielding of copper braiding, aluminum and Mylar foil and gold -plated, corrosion resistant HDMI connectors. Both sets of cable products will be available in October. HDMI cables are also available in the Acoustic Research Pro II Series.

For consumers seeking to optimize performance from a digital set -top receiver, there are two options in the Acoustic Research Performance Series for Digital Video Interface (DVI) connections between a set -top source and an HDTV display. DVI cables are offered in both the APO97 (suggested retail price $54.95) six -foot length as well as the APO98 (suggested retail price $74.95) 12 -foot length. Both models support high -definition formats 720p and 1080i and are available now. DVI cables are also available in the Acoustic Research Pro II Series.

Acoustic Research's Pro II Series features a variety of HDMI and DVI adapters, including models that enable DVI output from set -top boxes to connect to new models of HDTV Sets with HDMI inputs. Three different adapters are available for consumers' high -definition connectivity needs. The PR480 (suggested retail price $54.95) features a shielded design and gold -plated connectors and can link to two different digital components - one with HDMI and the other with DVI connections. The PR481 (suggested retail price $54.95) HDMI to DVI adapter includes a one -foot cable. The PR485 DVI (suggested retail price $44.95) adapter allows two lengths of DVI cables to be joined together for custom length cable runs. All three models will be available in October.

Acoustic Research's Pro II Series will also feature the PR136 six -foot 5.1 SACD/DVDA audio cable. This cable employs advanced technologies in engineering, manufacturing and materials to specifically address the current and anticipated requirements of SACD and DVDA surround sound audio/video equipment standards in order to achieve the manufacturers' intended level of performance.

The Acoustic Research Master Series will feature new HDMI and DVI cables along with an HDMI to DVI adapter, featuring the most comprehensive protection against video noise and interference. The HDMI cables will be offered in 3 -foot, 12 -foot and 25 -foot lengths. Models are the 3 -foot MS284 (suggested retail price $149.95), the 12 -foot MS285 (suggested retail price $169.95) and the 25 -foot MS286 (suggested retail price $199.95) and MS287 (suggested retail price $289.95). The advanced design HDMI digital A/V interconnect has precision -made HDMI connectors for demanding, high -performance applications. The cables feature polished silver coating over a fine -strand 99.99 percent oxygen -free copper conductors for improved signal transfer and multiple layers of shielding consisting of 100 percent overlapped Mylar foils for maximum RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) isolation and six -tinned copper braids for maximum EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) isolation. The products will be available in October.

The Master Series will include two additional models of digital video interconnect cables which will be available in October. They are the 12 -foot MS298 (suggested retail price $179.95) and the 25 -foot MS299 (suggested retail price $309.95).

RCA High -Performance Cables Provide Convenient Connections

Built to provide reliable and precise connections, an extensive new line of over 60 RCA brand audio/video cables are designed to help consumers maximize performance of high -definition products. The new offerings facilitate the transfer of digital information directly to displays such as HDTV Monitors.

RCA's Ultimate Performance Collection (UPC) provides consumers owning HDTV equipment with HDMI, DVI, component and optical connections for premium cable connectivity solutions.

Components featuring HDMI connections can link both video and multi -channel digital audio components with the RCA UPC PD12HDMI (suggested retail price $89.95) 12 -foot HDMI digital cable. HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high -definition video plus multi -channel digital audio on a single cable. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards and supports eight -channel digital audio. The increased bandwidth enables the HDMI cable to accommodate future enhancements and requirements. The RCA PD12HDMI cable will be available in October.

For DVI connections between a set -top source and an HDTV display, the Ultimate Performance Collection 12 -foot DVI Digital Video Cable has 24 -karat gold -plated DVI connectors with machined screws, multi -shielded construction with layers of copper braiding and 100 percent foil plus 100 percent free -stranded signal conductors. The PD12 DV1 (suggested retail price $89.95) will be available in October.

An additional adapter, the RCA PDHDMIDVI (suggested retail price $34.95), enables the connection of HDMI high -definition A/V components with DVI video components. The new model will be available in October.

The RCA UPC PD12DCSA (suggested retail price $109.95) 12 -foot component video and stereo audio cable is compatible with today's advanced digital products and can be connected to an HDTV, DVD or A/V receiver. The PD12DCSA features gold -plated, laser -cut connectors with 12 -segmented gripping rings and split -signal pin, color -coded labels for easy connection and multi -shielded cable construction. The model will be available in October.

Enhanced audio performance is available using the RCA UPC PD6HP (suggested retail price $39.95) six -foot optical cable that features cable construction which protects the signal and provides maximum signal transfer. The model is available now.

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