VOOM satellite service offers consumers High-Definition advantage with over 35 HD channels; more than any other satellite or cable provider. Recently expanded distribution channels enhance customer accessibility.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, September 10, 2004 - VOOM, the first comprehensive high -definition (HD) satellite service, is well positioned to meet the demand of a growing HDTV market, as sales of HDTVs are projected to increase by 75 percent over the next three years. VOOM currently offers three times more HD programming than any other cable or satellite provider, delivering more than 35 HD channels, including 21 exclusive VOOM HD Originals created expressly to meet the demand of today's underserved HDTV audience.

Expanded Distribution Channels

VOOM continues to forge distribution partnerships with influential national and regional consumer electronics retailers, as well as high -profile distributors, to reach a more targeted audience. In addition to long -time partner Sears, VOOM is available through 1 -800 -GET -VOOM, www.voom.com, and a variety of other outlets, including:

- The EDGE Group, a consortium of twelve regional distributors serving the premium US custom installation market;
- Electronics Expo, the fastest growing consumer electronics retailer in the New Jersey and New York area;
- National distributor O'Rourke, with more than 10,000 independent retailers nationwide;
- BrandsMart USA, South Florida's number one high -volume HDTV discount retailer; and
- Crutchfield, the nation's premier electronics resource.

Complete Resource for HD and SD Programming

VOOM's HD lineup features HBO HDTV, CINEMAX HDTV, ESPN HD, Showtime HD, Starz! HD, The Movie Channel HD, Discovery HD Theater, Bravo HD+, TNT HD and Encore HD. VOOM's more than 35 HD channels also include 21 exclusive VOOM HD Originals created by Rainbow Media to showcase the best in movies, sports, music and more. Rainbow Media is the Cablevision programming subsidiary that launched such successful cable channels as AMC, IFC, WE: Women's Entertainment, Fuse, News 12 and Bravo, which was later sold to NBC. The 21 VOOM HD Originals are:

- Animania HD - unique animation entertainment
- Auction HD - a look into exclusive sales at the leading auction houses
- Equator HD - awe -inspiring sights, sounds and stories from exotic locations
- Gallery HD - artistic masterpieces from around the world
- Monsters HD - spine -chilling movies brought to life in hi -definition
- HDNews - 24/7 news shot in native HD
- MOOV - experimental non -narrative video art
- Rave HD - the latest pop music concerts
- Rush HD - in -your -face action sports
- Ultra HD - the best in fashion, food and fine living
- WorldSport HD - exclusive HD coverage of international soccer
- HD Cinema 10 - a 10 -channel multiplex of uncut, commercial -free films including Divine HD, the first HD channel created especially for the Gay and Lesbian community

Customers also receive more than 80 channels in standard definition (SD) and over -the -air digital local broadcast channels in SD and HD where available. Examples of SD channels include CNN, Discovery, ESPN, FX, History Channel, MTV, Nickelodeon, Oxygen, TBS, TLC, and many more.

To provide an even richer choice of entertainment, VOOM features 18 commercial -free, digital music channels. Consumers can choose from a broad selection of music genres including country, rock, classical, golden oldies and the latest hits, all with dynamic digital sound.

Leading -Edge Technology to Serve a Large and Growing Audience

VOOM is provided by Rainbow DBS, Cablevision System Corporation's satellite division. Rainbow DBS's robust technology provides an unparalleled HDTV experience in Dolby 5.1 sound, using the most advanced technology to provide and deliver sharper images more efficiently than ever before. Its user -friendly, on -screen program guide, specifically designed for the HD format, allows customers to search easily and rapidly for the programming they want by genre. Customers can also personalize the guide to display only the channels they want to watch.

VOOM will also be the first service to take full advantage of the coming MPEG -4 compression technology, which will double the available satellite capacity. Because of the state -of -the -art Rainbow 1 satellite and MPEG -4 -capable set -top receivers developed with Motorola, Rainbow DBS will be able to leverage the power of MPEG -4 without the legacy issues that will face other providers who will have to upgrade or replace current equipment. MPEG -4 will be phased in over the next two years.

In addition to the partnership with Motorola, Rainbow DBS has teamed with other technology partners to provide and maintain the systems and hardware that make the VOOM experience possible. These include Lockheed Martin, NDS, Open TV and Universal Remote.

About VOOM and Rainbow DBS

VOOM, provided by Rainbow DBS, Cablevision System Corporation's satellite division, is the first television service to provide a comprehensive array of high -definition (HD) programming for the rapidly growing but underserved HDTV audience. With a lineup of more than 35 HD channels, VOOM delivers more HD programming than any other satellite or cable service provider. VOOM's HD lineup includes STARZ! HD, Encore HD, Showtime HD, Playboy Hot HD, ESPN HD, HBO HDTV and Cinemax HDTV, as well as an exclusive package of brand -new, commercial -free VOOM HD Originals such as WorldSport, Equator and Animania. The service also includes more than 80 of the most popular cable channels in standard -definition (SD), 18 digital music channels, and over -the -air digital broadcast channels in HD, where available. VOOM is offered across the continental United States through local Sears retailers; at BrandsMart USA stores; at Electronics Expo stores; through leading online retailer, Crutchfield Corporation; through O'Rourke Sales Company's independent electronics retailers with approximately 10,000 locations in all 50 states; and through The EDGE Group's 12 regional distributors, including Cutting Edge Distributing, of Aurora, CO; Electronic Stockroom, of San Rafael, CA; Electronic Lane, of Dallas, TX; Electronics Source, of West Palm Beach, FL; BDC Distributing, of Bayside, NY; and Necessities, of Norwell, MA. Customers can also purchase the service by calling 1 -800 -GET -VOOM or by visiting www.voom.com.

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