thiphi/Audio showcases its Model 6A 2.1 Versatile Speaker System

Ken Kantor designed [co-founder of NHT] Model 6A made specifically to acoustically complement high end flat monitors

"The THT model 6A was designed complement plasma, LCD and other flat technology monitors popular in today's home entertainment systems", states Philip Juang, co -founder of thiphi Audio. Mr. Juang continues, "…there were several technical challenges to overcome in creating a 2.1 system with a tower array - unique crossover system, compact form factor, audiophile sonic reproduction, at a price that most average consumers could afford."

What makes the Model 6A unique is the tower array of six 1" transducers used to create "constant directivity" - controlled by a special crossover that creates what is in effect a tweeter with high power handling capabilities. And it also has a powerful, dual cone subwoofer that contains all of the electronics of the system. Adaptable to home theater, music, and gaming applications the high performance 6A speaker system has something to offer to everyone.

"There was so much sonic data that had to be sent to the towers - Ken decided that Cat 5 cables with RJ45 connects would work best - and it is pretty cool to be able to just hook up your speakers with Cat 5 cable," commented Philip Juang, VP Marketing. "Cooler still are the 45 degree angle 3" mid range cones that really bring to the system a wider sound stage," adds Nicole Lin.

"Our preliminary response from the market has been very favorable - lots of double takes and listens after we first audition the 2.1 system. A great looking and sounding system for those who want a high performance complement to their plasmas & LCD panels, with great performance for movies and music" Mr. Juang stated.
Model 6A Speaker System Features:
· "Unique appearance and audiophile performance."
· Unique 6 vertical transducer array for compact performance - controlled by a special crossover giving them a "constant directivity". The special crossover enables the tweeters to act more like a single tweeter with high power handling.
· Powerful subwoofer with dual 8" cones.
· Adaptable to home theater, gaming, and music applications.
· Speaker connection to sub via CAT 5 cable w/RJ45 connects.
· Optional digital decoder for Dolby Digital & DTS available.
· Analog I/O audio inputs.
· On/off switch & woofer level control.
· Flexible mounting options: wall or stand.

System type:
2.1 channels, employing L & R driver arrays, plus sub,

Left & Right transducers: 6 x 1" extended range, 3" mid -transition,

Left & Right Dimensions: 3.5"(w) x 21"(h) x 3.8" (d),

Subwoofer transducers: 2 x 8",

Dual Cone Subwoofer dimensions: 20"(w) x 10"(h) x 10"(d).

The model 6A is available for $695.00

Product Specifications

System Type: 2.1 channels, employing L & R driver arrays, plus sub
Compatibility: Plasma and LCD flat type monitor units
Configuration: Sub contains all electronics; flexible interconnects to L, R
Frequency Response: 55 Hz to 20,000 Hz, +/ -3.5dB
Maximum Sound Level: 103 dB at 1.5 meters, peak in typical listening room
Total System Power: 180Wrms, 500W music, (2x50W + 4x20W)
Left & Right Transducers: 6 x 1" extended range, 3" mid -transition
Left & Right Dimensions: 3.5"(w) x 21"(h) x 3.8" (d)
Woofer Transducers: 2 x 8"
Woofer Dimensions: 20"(w) x 10"(h) x 10"(d)

Pricing and Availability
The suggested retail price for the THT model 6A 2.1 versatile speaker system is US$695 and will be available 3Q 2004.

For more information about the THT model 6A 2.1 system, consumers can visit thiphi/Audio at or call 718.830.0732 to speak to a home theater audio advisor. Come see the model 6A at CEDIA 2004 in the RCA Dome @ booth 1361.

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