New Room 2 Room Series of Audio Components Provides High Performance While Simplifying Installation and Operation

Responding to installer and end -user demands for a straightforward, uncomplicated approach to multi -zone audio/video distribution, NHT today announced the upcoming availability of Room 2 Room, a series of stylish, compact electronics components designed to provide high performance audio and composite video in up to four different rooms throughout the house.

Scheduled to ship Q2 '04, the Room 2 Room series consists of two amplifiers (50 Watts per channel stereo and 100 Watts mono, respectively), a multi -room preamp/switcher, FM/AM tuner, and 10 -outlet power center. (Additional components will be added to the Room 2 Room line next year.) This modular approach to product design allows installers to replace components as needed, without having to disable an entire system. Additionally, new components can be added as needed or as new products and technologies are introduced, making Room 2 Room backwards compatible, with no danger of obsolescence.

"Room 2 Room is consistent with NHT's philosophy of designing highly reliable audio products that fit specific applications," said Chris Byrne, Managing Director of Rockford Home Group, which includes NHT. "Installers sometimes have projects that call for straightforward, simple solutions. That's why we designed Room 2 Room to be among the most intuitive systems on the market, with sonic characteristics that belie the affordable price point."

Room 2 Room components feature clean, uncluttered aluminum faceplates with clearly labeled buttons and, where appropriate, easy -to -read displays. In keeping consistent with the system's intuitive operation, all models can be powered via a 12V trigger, so that end -users power the system when switching on just one of the components. Rounding out the convenience characteristics is the fact that all R2R components are based on two common chassis: one -half rack width (8.5" x 1.75"H x 10" D), and full rack width (17.0"W x 3"H x 10"D), providing installers and end -users with near -limitless placement options including rack mount capability.

Room 2 Room Components

201 Multi -Room Preamp

The four -source, four -zone 201 multi -room preamp (SRP: $400) is the epitome of design simplicity and performance for the investment. All the end -user needs to do is tap a button on the front panel or discrete IR remote control, indicating the desired zone, component, volume and mute commands.

The microprocessor is programmed with a library of typical source component (CD, TV, Satellite Receiver) and zone names (bedroom, living room, etc) that are easily customized via the front panel controls. Additionally, the 201 includes an additional set of "pass through" outputs that allow installers or end -users to simply "daisy -chain" two preamps together allowing four -source, eight -zone operation.

The 201 preamp measures 3.5" x 17" x 10" (H/W/D), and weighs 8 lbs.

301 and 302 Amplifiers

The 301 (SRP: $225) and 302 (SRP: $225) amps are designed to allow installers to recommend amplification options that combine simplicity of operation with value -added features. Both the 301 and 302 employ cool, highly efficient class D amplifiers coupled to reliable high -current linear power supplies.

The 301 is a 100 Watt mono amp that is ideal for high power applications, or installations where traditional stereo is not required, e.g. bathrooms, hallways, and outdoor speakers. The incoming two -channel signal is internally mixed to mono, allowing use of up to three paralleled high -fidelity single speakers. For traditional two -channel configurations, the 302 provides a robust 50 Watts -per -channel output.

Both the 301 and 302 include 12V trigger and RCA inputs/outputs, and are rack mountable with an optional accessory kit. Each model measures 1.75" x 8.5" x 10" (H/W/D), and weighs 14 lbs.

101 FM/AM Tuner

With its fully discrete IR codes, the 101 FM/AM tuner (SRP: $150) is the first source component in the Room 2 Room line -up.

In addition to its ability to pull in the weakest signals in potentially cluttered areas, the 101 features antenna inputs and outputs so that it can be daisy -chained with other tuners.

The 101 FM/AM tuner measures 1.75" x 8.5" x 10", and weighs 5 lbs.

601 Power Center

Serving as the heart of the Room 2 Room series, the 601 Power Center (SRP: $150) features 10 AC power outlets with full surge protection, thereby keeping Room 2 Room power cabling to a minimum while providing a consistent appearance with other models in the line.

The 601 power center comes equipped with eight short IEC -to -IEC jumper cables for fast and easy connection to other Room 2 Room components. Additionally, two IEC -AC outlet cables are provided to accommodate non -NHT source components.

The 601 power center measures 3.5" x 17" x 10" (H/W/D), and weighs 8 lbs.

For additional information, high -resolution images, and product loans, contact Adam Sohmer, 718 -499 -9161 (voice/fax), 347 -512 -0066 (cell), adam@sohmerassoc.com.

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Since it was founded in 1986, NHT® has continually challenged the notion that the very best sound reproduction must come at a premium price. NHT takes pride in designing and marketing loudspeaker systems that provide a lifetime of listening pleasure. Its products from past to present speak volumes of NHT's dedication to sonic excellence. For more information, visit www.nhthifi.com. NHT (Now Hear This) is a brand name of Rockford Corporation®. Rockford Corporation is based in Tempe, Ariz. and is a publicly traded company under the NASDAQ stock symbol ROFO. NHT's website can be viewed at www.nhthifi.com and www.rockfordcorp.com.

Editors' Note: For Rockford Home Group media inquiries, including product images and loans, contact Adam Sohmer, SOHMER ASSOCIATES, 718 -499 -9161 (voice/fax), 347 -512 -0066 (cell), adam@sohmerassoc.com.

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