MediaMax now supports unlimited number of rooms and unlimited storage capacities. You can now add as many MediaDeck™ Set-top Players per Server with up to 30 rooms having instant, simultaneous media access.



System Delivers On -Demand 1080i DVD Movies, Music, Photos, Web Browse, & More For Less Than $7,500

August 23rd, 2004 - Axonix Corporation has announced the addition of several unparalleled features to its MediaMax™
On -Demand Home Entertainment System. MediaMax now supports unlimited number of rooms and unlimited storage capacities. You can now add as many MediaDeck™ Set -top Players per Server with up to 30 rooms having simultaneous access to any movie, song or other media, anytime. By offering greater room capacity supported by other movie servers, MediaMax makes on -demand entertainment more affordable, simpler to install, operate and maintain. In addition MediaMax now includes a YPbPr component video that supports movie playback up to an ultra high resolution of 1080i for the most demanding high definition video displays and a Gigabit Ethernet interface. A new Remote MediaLoader appliance is also being introduced.

MediaMax allows any user in any room to instantly watch any DVD movie with a click of a remote control button. Unlike other movie -only servers, MediaMax users can also listen to their favorite music or an Internet radio program, watch recorded TV shows, show -off family movies or photo albums, email, and surf the Web. All media is instantly accessible through the included hand held wireless remote controller or other approved home controller such as the Philips® Pronto™. Software interfaces for popular Touch Panel Controllers from AMX® , Crestron® and others are being released in the fourth quarter.

MediaMax is the most affordable Media Server available. Other movie -only servers that require multiple servers for projects that have over 8 rooms can cost over $80,000 for a 12 room, 160 movie solution. In comparison, a single server MediaMax offers the same number of rooms and movie capacity as well as music, Web and images for less than $16,000 or one fifth the cost..

Sold exclusively through Home Integration Partners (HIP), MediaMax is the perfect value -added peripheral since it can be cost effectively installed, supported, expanded and customized using non -proprietary software and hardware.

MediaMax installs in minutes on wired or with optional hardware, wireless Ethernet LANs. MediaMax comes complete "Ready -To -Play" with a MediaServer™ and a set of MediaDeck Set Top Players -requiring no additional hardware, software or costly subscription services. Unlimited room systems are available for hotels and other high capacity room applications.

MediaMax automatically records and plays back TV shows plus delivers DVD movies in their original high quality, MPEG2 format, with full Dolby®, DTS® and other digital surround sound audio formats. Using proprietary technology, MediaMax allows homeowners to access content within their home while deterring copyright violations.

MediaMax's MediaDeck Set Top Player attaches to your home theatre TV and sound system or your central audio/video distribution system via its component Y/Pb/Pr, S -Video or composite video and coax or optical S/PDIF surround sound audio outputs. A SCART PAL compatible video output is also available for supporting European region displays and media.

MediaMax supports virtually unlimited, very affordable storage expansion. Attach one or more MediaStore™ Firewire appliances, each with up to 2 -Terabytes or any Windows Network Attached Storage appliance. Other media interfaces include USB, Serial, Parallel and a 6 in 1 memory card reader for loading photos. A Console utility provides one -click media loading.

Retail pricing starts at $7,495 for a 1 room MediaMax system that stores, on average, 40 DVD movies and hundreds of music CDs, MP3's, photos and other media. Adding additional rooms costs only $500 for a MediaDeck Set Top Player and wireless remote controller. All models come with a 15 inch color Administrator LCD monitor and are available in either a desktop or a 19 inch rackmount chassis. Retail pricing for the MediaStore external add -on storage appliance starts at $1,495 for the 250GB and $4,995 for the 1 TeraByte model which stores on average 160 DVD movies. The optional remote MediaLoader, an appliance that allows you to load movies, music and more onto the MediaServer from anywhere on the LAN, retails for $5,995.
Axonix will exhibit MediaMax at the CEDIA Expo Sept. 8th -12th at the Indiana Convention Center and RCA Dome Indianapolis, IN, Booth 26 and at EHExpo November 16 -18th in Long Beach CA. Booth 157.
Contact: Douglas Kihm, 800.866.9797 X 213 or dkihm@axonix.com Axonix Corporation 844 South 200 East Salt Lake City UT. Telephone: 801.521.9797 Toll Free: 800.866.9797 Web Site: www.axonix.com
Axonix® Corporation is a private corporation that has been delivering affordable media sharing solutions since 1983. In 1994 Axonix pioneered SuperCD, the world's first hard drive caching, network -attached appliance designed for sharing CD and DVD ROMs. The company has expanded its product lines with SuperView and MediaMax, the first video and multimedia server appliances to record, store and deliver on -demand video and multimedia content respectively. Thousands of units have been installed worldwide with the highest customer satisfaction.

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