Amia Solutions Selects Software From D -Tools For Use in Development of New Home Building Plans Produ

Leading home-technology design firm to develop first large-scale implementation of technology plan overlays for pre-drawn home plans market with the introduction of "Tech-Home Solutions™."

Concord, CA., September 7, 2004 - D -Tools President Adam Stone announced today that Amia Solutions has chosen to utilize his company's system integration software to speed the design of up to 500 blueprint overlays to be marketed under the name "Home -Tech Solutions™ by Amia." The overlays will provide complete schematics and specifications for a variety of home entertainment, communications and comfort packages that can be integrated into the master design of existing home plans offered for purchase by an Amia Solutions business alliance partner, Homestore Plans and Publications.

The overlays to existing blueprint designs will be offered as an option to consumers who purchase popular pre -drawn home plans through nationally distributed home plans magazines and Homestore's Internet site, Each Home Tech Solution includes blueprint overlays for a master set of home plans, featuring various pre -packaged technology systems that have been bundled by another Amia Solutions alliance partner, On -Q Home. In addition to the overlays, each Home Tech Solution will include a complete parts list and estimates for both purchase and installation of the specified high -tech gear.

"This is a unique project that brings together four complementary businesses to produce a new home -design product that will drastically reduce the time and costs associated with incorporating technology into the home for builders, developers and those consumers who purchase many popular pre -drawn home plans," said Stone. "We're excited that Amia Solutions has chosen to leverage the power of our system integration software to develop their overlays." In addition, Stone indicated that the company is working closely with On -Q Home to not only create the correct database for Amia's use in completing the overlay designs, but is developing a set of custom -branded plan shapes to be used in the marketing of the plans to users.

"We are scheduled to launch in early December with an inventory of overlays to support the top 50 most popular home plans as published by Homestore," said Justin Williams, President of Amia Solutions. He continued, "There's no way we could possibly meet that deadline, or our mid -term goal of 500 Home Tech Solutions by next spring, without the kind of integrated software that has the power, flexibility and drawing capabilities found in System Integrator from D -Tools."

Amia Solutions recently joined forces with Homestore Plans and Publications to add a new dimension that company officials believe will be a popular new option for their most -requested home designs. Homestore is a leading publisher of over 10,000 pre -drawn home plans representing approximately 125 architects and designers. These plans are sold through a variety of nationally -distributed home plans magazines and the Internet. According to Lee Buescher, Director of Operations at Homestore Plans and Publications, the company distributes over three million copies of their magazines each year, and their Web site attracts over one million visitors monthly. The magazines and Web site are targeted toward developers and individuals interested in building a home and utilizing pre -drawn plans to save both time and money. "We're very pleased to be a part of this program. We think partnering with companies like Amia and On -Q Home to offer our customers yet another valuable option when they build their new home helps strengthen our leadership position in the industry," Buescher said.

According to Williams, the decision to partner with On -Q Home by featuring their pre -packaged solutions in the Home Tech Solutions overlays was easy to make. "Their simplified, packaged solutions for the home networking systems market are perfectly positioned for this project. Using the specifications in our overlays and supplied parts list, the home builder can easily contact any On -Q Home dealer or distributor anywhere in the country to purchase the equipment and arrange for installation," he said.

On -Q Home is the industry leader in the home networking systems market, offering an extensive range of products and resources in home entertainment, home communications and home comfort. "Our On -Q Home solutions approach is a great fit for this collaborative technology initiative," said Doug Fikse, President of On -Q Home. "In addition to groundbreaking new product solutions, On -Q Home is all about further simplifying the specification process and saving customers time and money." For more information on the complete offering from On -Q Home, please call 800 -321 -2343 or visit their Web site at:

Amia Solutions is a leading home -technology design and integration firm that develops and markets technology solutions for real estate developers, home builders, general contractors and individual home owners. Their alliance with Homestore is the first large -scale program of its type to provide pre -packaged, pre -engineered, home -technology planning that is readily accessible and affordable to the average home builder. For information about Amia Solutions design services, please call 612 -825 -3181 or visit their Web site at:

Founded in 1998, D -Tools is a worldwide leader in easy -to -use, highly accurate system design software. The company, based in Concord, CA, offers a wide range of products and services created to simplify the complicated design, engineering, documentation and estimating processes that accompany residential and commercial installation projects of any size. For more information, contact D -Tools, Inc. at (866) 386 -6571 or visit:

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