digital Ambience TM 1010 music server by coNEXTion Systems

digital Ambience TM 1010 music server by coNEXTion Systems powered by omnilala TM software technology to debut at CEDIA 2004.

coNEXTion Systems will introduce the first product in its new digital Ambience line of Ethernet home entertainment products - the digital Ambience 1010 music server - at CEDIA 2004. The music server stands out as an exceptionally easy -to -use product that intuitively manages a home user's music collection and plays it in multiple locations via a single interface. The Ambience 1010 is powered by innovative omnilala software that makes the server unique among controllers for popular digital playback devices. It does not require complex CD -ROM installations or Windows ® based computers that always need to be "turned on".

The digital Ambience 1010 is a Linux -based server featuring the new omnilala software. It is faster to install than any other product of its kind, is self -configuring, and it allows users to easily select music to play from a variety of sources and formats. The Ambience 1010 plays different music in multiple rooms simultaneously from an array of new digital players. Via the automated remote upgrade system that will add future functionality to the server automatically, the digital Ambience 1010 is expected to be able to maintain a leading position in the marketplace.

The digital Ambience 1010 features dual 200GB hard drives for storing music and auto -synchronized back up that will keep the music playing without interruption in the event of a drive failure.

The server is expected to be available for sale during the 4th quarter of 2004 and to be sold dealer direct via the coNEXTion systems' web site. Suggested Retail will be under $2499.00.

About coNEXTion Systems: The company's high -profile sales and engineering group joined forces to produce a ground -breaking line of ceiling and outdoor speakers and home entertainment products for the new manufacturer. The members of the coNEXTion Systems team have impressive acoustic and industrial design product experience, which they use to produce the coNEXTion product line. The company's new products are both highly innovative and highly profitable for the custom installation community and sold on a direct -to -dealer basis. Team members, who often worked "behind the scenes" at a number of other successful companies, include President Doug Wright, the award -winning industrial designer of C/I and outdoor Speakers; the services of Vance Dickason Consulting, one of the foremost loudspeaker design consultants; the author of the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook, VP of Sales Russ Swanson; and VP of Marketing Nancy Weiner.

About omnilala software technology: omnilala is a Massachusetts -based software company and design house that is committed to delivering the best digital media network systems. It develops and licenses the underlying software platform that power a new wave of digital media products and computer networks to function seamlessly with a variety of audio and video entertainment devices. omnilala also provides both consulting on advanced audio systems and rapid development of custom software and hardware solutions for integrating audio, video and home automation. Members of the Omnilala team are seasoned professionals who led major technology innovations for many leading Fortune 500 companies - such as Motorola, Sony, Lotus and Sun Microsystems - to produce breakthroughs in automated systems and Internet technologies. Omnilala has positioned itself as a bridge between today's fast -growing digital media and entertainment segment in the consumer electronics market and the continuously evolving computer market.

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