Commack, NY, September 10, 2004 - At CEDIA 2004, TERK Technologies Corp. will expand its T2 line of custom installation signal management solutions with the introduction of the AP-IF Satellite Amplifier.

Commack, NY, September 10, 2004 - At CEDIA 2004, TERK Technologies Corp. will expand its T2 line of custom installation signal management solutions with the introduction of the AP -IF Satellite Amplifier, a compact, high -performance accessory that amplifies signals within the satellite IF band. The AP -IF is ideal for use in applications where long runs of coaxial cable are required, and provides superior performance along with total ease of installation.

The AP -IF incorporates a high -power, ultra -low -noise IF amplifier with gain adjustable from 10dB to 25dB and features independently adjustable gain and tilt controls, enabling it to be fine -tuned for the best performance in the widest variety of satellite installations. The AP -IF receives its power directly from the coaxial cable, eliminating the need for additional power cable runs.

The AP -IF is designed to provide maximum installation flexibility. Its rugged, compact aluminum housing features integral brackets that enable it to be mounted almost anywhere. In addition to being sold individually, the AP -IF is available in a package (model AP -IF4) that includes four AP -IF amplifiers, plus a special mounting bracket that makes it easy to install four units side -by -side within a structured enclosure. The AP -IF is fully compatible with HDTV satellite dishes, thanks to its high -bandwidth design that enables the full bandwidth of HDTV signals to be passed, with no degradation in quality.

Pat Comunale, Vice President of Sales, TERK Technologies pointed out: "The AP -IF exemplifies the design philosophy embodied in every T2 product - it provides a useful, versatile installation solution that solves a real -world need and makes it easier for systems integrators to complete a successful
installation. It's perfect for use in satellite TV applications where long cable runs are required, but where signal quality cannot be compromised."

Like every T2 product, the AP -IF utilizes premium construction and internal components, such as high -quality connectors, advanced amplifier technology and a rugged, weatherproofed housing that enables its use even under extreme environmental conditions.

Pricing and availability of the AP -IF inline amplifier, AP -IFB mounting bracket and AP -IF4 four -pack (includes four AP -IF inline amplifiers plus AP -IFB mounting bracket) will be announced.

About TERK
TERK Technologies is a leader in antenna technology and signal management solutions. TERK offers a broad range of products as a leader in antenna technology for TV, satellite, radio, and mobile entertainment and communications applications, and is dedicated to providing state -of -the -art solutions for consumers as well as innovative marketing and merchandising solutions for its retail partners.

TERK's diverse product range includes indoor and outdoor HDTV, analog TV, satellite radio and analog radio antennas, DIRECTV satellite dishes, satellite/cable installation hardware and audio/video accessories. TERK also offers its T2 line of high -performance signal management products for the custom integrator market, and its Leapfrog wireless multi -room audio/video distribution and control systems. TERK is also the exclusive distributor of the XM Commander Universal Satellite Radio receiver for in -car reception of XM Satellite Radio.

Synonymous with style and quality, TERK's innovative and advanced technology engineering has earned the company numerous patents and industry awards.

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