Packard Bell Selects Intellon's HomePlug® ICs to Introduce PC's with Built -in Powerline Connectivity

New Desktops Offer the Best Balance of Simplified Whole-House Connectivity, Reliable Sharing and Enhanced Security

OCALA, FL - August 23, 2004 - Intellon Corporation, the world's leading provider of integrated circuit (IC) solutions for high -speed powerline networking, today announced that Packard Bell, the number one personal computer manufacturer in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK, has selected Intellon's HomePlug technology to provide connectivity for the world's first personal computers (PCs) with built -in powerline networking. By embedding Intellon's ICs into the power supplies, the new desktop PC platforms use a single power cord to provide both power and reliable whole -house connectivity.

Known as imedia and ixtreme, the new PCs are true media centers designed for today's popular uses, such as digital entertainment, audio and data communications. With powerline networking built -in to these new PC platforms, imedia and ixtreme users can add the PCs to a home network by simply plugging them into any existing electrical outlet and experience whole -house connectivity in a matter of seconds. Additional products in the home can be connected to the new networking infrastructure instantly by simply plugging in to Packard Bell's Net2Plug adapters. The new imedia and ixtreme PC platforms will be available in Europe later this summer.

Intellon's HomePlug standard technology delivers high -speed networking over existing home power lines. The company's products enable imedia and ixtreme users to securely transfer Internet and digital entertainment content at speeds up to 14 megabits per second (Mbps).

"Packard Bell is a supporter of powerline home networking technology because it offers reliable connectivity, limitless coverage area, and increased security," said Louis Perrin, product marketing director, consumer division, Packard Bell. "Intellon is a pioneer and the leader in this arena, so it's a natural decision to select their ICs. We have already worked with Intellon to develop an entire product line embedded with powerline technology including our new Digital Media Adapter (Medi@TV) and network powerplugs (net2plug)."

Powerline connectivity offers greater flexibility and convenience because the number of power outlets in a home greatly exceeds the number of telephone jacks and cable connections. Therefore, it does not require the users to run new wires or cables.

"As the digital home emerges, consumers need new levels of home connectivity and PC/CE convergence," said Cameron McCaskill, Intellon's vice president, sales and business development. "We are proud to partner with Packard Bell to develop the world's first desktop PC with built -in powerline connectivity, providing consumers with the ability to simply plug in their computer for whole -house networking. The selection of Intellon's HomePlug technology for imedia and ixtreme and the decision to develop a complete family of powerline embedded products further validates the fact that powerline connectivity truly is the simplest, most reliable way to network devices in the home. We look forward to continuing to work with Packard Bell to enhance their customers' digital home experience."

About Packard Bell
Created in 1991, Packard Bell is the consumer division of NEC Computers International and the number one home PC brand in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK (Source: Gartner Dataquest - January 2003).

Packard Bell invented the first truly consumer tailored PC and through its commitment to the home user has continued to develop many of the industry's 'firsts' including - the first software bundled PC, color -coded PC cables as well as being the first manufacturer to equip PCs with built -in CD and DVD -RW drives.

Packard Bell is the only PC manufacturer to continuously invest in the consumer market - driving and delivering upon home user demands and desires through innovative technology, bold new designs and stronger partnerships. Packard Bell products are sold through the retail channel.

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About Intellon
Intellon Corporation ( is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in powerline networking and communications. Intellon's integrated circuits allow consumers to share Internet connections, stream digital audio and video, and network PC and consumer entertainment devices by simply plugging into existing power outlets. Intellon's patented powerline technology, selected by the HomePlug Powerline Alliance as the basis for its HomePlug 1.0 industry specification following a 500 -home test, is built on more than 12 years of experience working in the powerline environment. Intellon is a founding sponsor and member of the board of directors of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance.

Intellon is the world leader in supplying HomePlug 1.0 ICs. Home and small business networking products using Intellon's powerline ICs are already available in Europe, North America, and Asia from leading companies including Asoka, Belkin, Corinex, Deneg, Devolo, DLink, Elcon, Gateway, Gigafast, Linksys, Netgear, Olitec, Packard Bell, Powertec, RadioShack, Sagem, Siemens and ST&T. Consumer electronics manufacturers are working with Intellon to develop a wide variety of HomePlug -embedded devices, including desktop PCs, broadband modems, Internet gateways, security cameras and audio/video entertainment systems.

Intellon is currently developing its next generation of powerline networking ICs, which will be available next year. These new ICs, which are expected to be based on the forthcoming HomePlugAV industry specification, will enable consumers to stream high definition video and home theatre audio, as well as broadband Internet connectivity, over their existing home power lines.

HomePlug is a registered trademark of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, Inc.

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