Homeportal Inc has changed the name of parent company and all subsidiaries to Extrada.
Further info Graham Nicholls, gn@extrada.com or visit www.extrada.com


Homeportal becomes Extrada
1st September 2004
For immediate release
Homeportal, Inc. today announced that it has changed the name of the parent company and all subsidiaries to Extrada.
The company has taken a very successful path in the past two -and -a -half years since the XTN Digital Services Hub product was first launched, and has become the market leader for software platforms delivering new electronic services to homes. As Extrada steps up its marketing and sales drive in target markets around the world, the new name will better distinguish its product and service offerings.
The XTN Hub is the essential software glue to "connect the home" to a wide variety of services for convenience, communications, security and entertainment. A comprehensive end -to -end software solution, it offers vastly more than just another web portal or gateway device for installation in the home. Providing consumers with a unified portal experience across their communication, entertainment, community and control services is only a part of the XTN Hub's value proposition. Graham Nicholls, CEO of Extrada, said: "The unique value of the XTN Hub is that it provides the 'backend' to enable operators and service providers to make service delivery to the connected home a viable and profitable business. We are very pleased with the early reactions to the new name, as it facilitates the 'right' associations with what we offer."
Extrada, with the tag line 'connecting the home', was chosen because the name focuses on the business generating aspects of the software. It captures the essence of the fact that the XTN Hub extrapolates data networks to devices and services and enables extended trading channels from service providers to homeowners.
Apart from the new name, the company's strategy and products remain unchanged. Mark Herterich, CMO of Extrada, said: "We are more convinced than ever that we have the right product. We see exciting opportunities in a variety of market segments around the world, and the new brand will drive home to our customers that this is all about them making money and that our software implements their business models."
About Extrada:
Extrada, a privately held software company, was founded in early 2000. The company's products enable operators to create real and tangible value from delivering digital services to consumers. The XTN Digital Services HubTM mediates services from third party service providers through the operator's hub to consumer networks, in homes, cars or mobile devices. The company's website is at www.extrada.com
For further information, contact Graham Nicholls, CEO (gn@extrada.com) or Mark Herterich, CMO (mh@extrada.com).

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