GE's Security Business Introduces Builder Marketing & Protection Program

GE & launch unique program

Arden Hills, Minnesota - August 25, 2004 - The Security business of GE Infrastructure has introduced the GE Builder Program, an innovative marketing program that provides everything builders need to make homes more attractive to today's technology -minded consumers. This turnkey program gives dealers a new channel opportunity with homebuilders. It helps builders, working with their local GE Security dealer, to sell more homes while also addressing some of their biggest business concerns.

The GE Builder Program includes:
* Innovative structured wiring to deliver electronic technology to every room in the house
* The most advanced security systems to protect the homeowner's investment
* The industry's best warranties
* Revenue -generating marketing tools
* Nationwide dealer/integrator network
* Discounted security to protect the job site and prevent losses
* Tracking opening/closing of model and spec homes
* Traffic analysis of the amenities driving home sales
* Documented national installation and service standards

The GE Builder Program enables builders to capitalize on the branding of GE, and at the same time address some of their most pressing business problems. Builders receive increased benefits the higher their level of commitment in the program. Depending on their commitment level, GE offers builders two benefits:

1. Job site protection - Through a partnership with, the GE Builder Program is the only one that enables builders to install special equipment in their modular spaces (trailers), model homes, and spec or "pre -delivery" homes. Builders can monitor openings and closings, protect tools and materials, and analyze traffic patterns to determine which amenities and features really drive their home sales. In addition to remote arming and disarming of security panels, builders can be notified of job site vandalism and break -ins through email and phone alerts. All this is possible through wireless connectivity (no landline needed) with's service.

2. Increased home sales and upgrades - The GE Builder Program helps builders increase the number of homes they sell and their revenue per home sold. GE Security provides the top three technologies homeowners desire in new homes - structured wiring, security, and distributed audio.

"The GE Builder Program is designed to equip and educate dealers with everything they need to successfully sell to builders, from product to positioning, display materials, builder tools, and branding," said Richard Genece, Director of Residential Vertical Marketing, GE Security. "GE Security directly provides three of the four hottest electronic technologies homebuyers want: security, structured wiring, and distributed audio. The Smart ConnectionCenter is at the heart of it all, and once installed, significantly increases upsell for both dealers and builders."

"We are excited about our partnership with GE Security," said Mary Knebel, Vice President of Business Development, " gives dealers a new revenue stream from builders, and builders get to bring the unique value that provides to the homeowner."

About GE Infrastructure, Security
The Security business of GE Infrastructure is a wholly owned subsidiary of the General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) focused on communication and information technologies for security, safety and lifestyle enhancements. The company has operations in more than 30 countries and is represented by some of the best -known brand names for intrusion and fire detection, access and building control, video surveillance, explosive and drug detection, key management, and structured wiring. For more information about GE's security business and our product offerings, please visit

About GE Infrastructure
GE Infrastructure (NYSE: GE) is a high -technology platform comprised of some of GE's fastest -growing businesses. These global businesses offer a set of infrastructure protection and productivity solutions to some of the most pressing issues that industries face: pure water, safe facilities, plant automation, and sensing applications in the operating environment. GE Infrastructure is headquartered in Wilton, CT. Learn more at

For more information on this release, contact:
Steve Craig
Marketing Communications Director
GE Infrastructure, Security
Tel: 651 -779 -4843; Fax: 651 -773 -2215

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