Low-cost, easy to install device for the Opus 500 Series Multi-Room Entertainment System delivers album, artist and track feedback on the Opus keypad display from virtually any Sony CD multi-changer or Xiva™ based hard disc server.

Opus Technologies, the world's most progressive manufacturer of multi -room entertainment systems and structured wiring solutions, announces the launch of the Opus TXT500 Text Interface Unit, a low -cost, easy to install device for the Opus 500 Series Multi -Room Entertainment System that delivers album, artist and track information to the LCD panel on the Opus WCU500 Wall Control Keypad from virtually any Sony CD multi -disc player or Xiva™ based hard disc server.

To create the album database, the TXT500 is connected to the chosen piece of source equipment and to an internet -enabled PC via the dedicated USB or RS232 ports. The simple Opus TXT software application creates a link to the Gracenote™ CDDB online music database, and with a single click reviews all the discs in the multi -changer and downloads artist, album and track information into the TXT500 from the internet. Additional CDs and their information can be added to the multi -changer by simply re -running the PC application which intelligently searches for the new disk data only. All the data downloaded can be edited by user, making the database and display information fully customisable.

The TXT500 stores this album database in its virtual memory which allows the user to quickly scroll through their discs on screen and then select an album before that disc is retrieved by multi -changer / server. This means that text information is instantaneously shown on the WCU500 and a superior experience delivered to the user.

Compatible with Sony CX series multi -changers, the TXT500 features two S -LINK™ inputs and acts as an interface between the Opus MCU500 Master Control Unit and one or two of these multi -changers (which can contain up to 800 CDs in total). For Opus 500 Series Systems in larger properties, the TXT500 can be connected to up 4 MCU500 units simultaneously

In addition an RS232 port allows hard -disc servers which use XIVA™ protocol to be fully integrated into the Opus 500 Series Multi -Room Entertainment System and their text information displayed on the WCU500 Wall Control Keypad. Currently this includes units from Marantz, Imerge, Meridan, Naim, Living Control, Integra and Elan.

The TXT500 also features an Ethernet port which, together with the USB and RS232 ports, will ensure that the TXT500 is future -proof. Software upgrades to add new features and add compatibility with further sources will be added in the future.

James Johnson -Flint, CEO, Opus Technologies commented, "Our customers love the text feedback that we provide on our wall keypads. The TXT500 takes this one step further by allowing the Opus 500 Series to interface to more devices than ever before. In making our system work with both XIVA -based servers and low -cost Sony CD multi -changers, we now offer an even more attractive solution to our dealers and their clients."

The TXT500 has a retail price of £170 (exc. VAT) and will be available from professional Opus authorised dealers at the end of September 2004.

For more information please call 0845 090 2266 in the UK, +44 207 940 2205 internationally or visit our website www.opus -technologies.co.uk

About Opus Technologies:
Opus Technologies is a leading British designer and manufacturer of multi -room entertainment systems and structured wiring solutions. It also integrates lighting and other complementary technologies into its multi -award winning portfolio of home automation solutions.

Opus has a highly motivated team which provides 24 hour, 7 days a week support to all trade customers and has established a comprehensive global network of professionally trained suppliers and dealer -installers.

www.opus -technologies.co.uk

For more press information and images, to arrange demonstrations, review units and interviews please contact:

Jenny Potts at Opus Technologies
Tel: 020 7089 1919
E -mail: jennifer.potts@opus -technologies.co.uk

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