Shure Announces the Perfect Companion to the Latest Digital Audio Players

Shure`s new E3c earphones are the perfect accessory for the latest digital audio players, such as the Apple® iPod™


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Shure Announces the Perfect Companion to the Latest Digital Audio Players at this Year's Consumer Electronics Show
World Renowned Audio Manufacturer Breaks New Ground with E3c Sound Isolating Earphones

NILES, IL and Las Vegas, NV, January 8, 2004 -Shure Incorporated has added a new look and feel to its popular line of E Series earphones with the launch of the E3c. The E3c sound isolating earphones combine the same unparalleled studio -quality listening experience common to the line, with a new level of comfort and design that make it the perfect accessory for the latest digital audio players, such as the Apple® iPod™.

The E3c earphones represent Shure's newest effort to bring professional -level audio quality from the stage to consumers everywhere. For nearly a decade musicians have used Shure earphone technology to monitor or listen to their performances onstage. Prizing their earphones for their unparalleled audio quality, durability, and portability, many artists began to take them on the road for their own personal listening enjoyment. With the E Series, these benefits are now available to the consumer market.

The smallest and most compact design of any earphone in the Shure line, the E3cs utilize low mass, high energy micro -speakers to deliver incredibly precise sound that many users have called "a concert in your head." In addition, the E3cs block external noise with comfortable sound isolating sleeves that contour to the inside of the ears. And unlike noise -canceling headphones, these sound isolating earphones block more external noise without compromising audio quality.

"With the E3c, Shure has created the ultimate portable listening experience," said Scott Sullivan, Director of Consumer Earphones at Shure. "Consumers will hear subtleties in their favorite music that they've never heard before, and they'll hear them from an ultra lightweight earphone that draws on nearly 80 years of audio engineering expertise."

With the Shure E3c, listeners will enjoy:
• Studio -Quality Sound: Sound isolating technology prevents outside noise from interfering with the music and creates a quiet space for exceptional audio clarity. The studio grade, low mass, high energy micro -speakers include balanced armature technology for more efficient output and extended high frequencies.
• Longer Wearing Comfort: Every E3 comes with its own complete Fit Kit to match a wide variety of ear sizes and fit preferences, including expanding foam sleeves, three sizes of flex sleeves, and three sizes ultra -soft flex sleeves.
• A Stylish New Design: The Shure E3c sports a new design to match the elegant style of portable music players such as the Apple® iPod™. A carrying case rounds out the convenient package, priced at $179.

The Shure E3c is compatible with all 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) audio outputs. Home and office users who crave audiophile sound can plug the earphones into their DVD entertainment systems and computers. Road warriors with portable MP3, CD, and MiniDisc® players, as well as Pocket PC and Palm™ handhelds, will appreciate the sound isolation from travel noise. Gamers will love the fully immersive experience the E3c adds to systems such as the Xbox®, PlayStation®, and GameCube®.

"Our customers demand both high -quality audio equipment and the ability to block out background noise when traveling. Shure's E Series sound isolating earphones are the perfect fit for us, as noise -canceling options are bulkier, heavier, and introduce sound artifacts to the listening experience," said Barney Freedman, Founder, InMotion Pictures. "With its new look, comfort fit and enhanced sound quality, the E3c is sure to be deemed a must -have travel accessory."

The Shure E3c carries a 30 -day money -back guarantee for online purchases only and a two -year limited warranty. The E3c is available online at or by calling 1 -888 -88 -SHURE.

About Shure Incorporated
Founded in 1925, Shure Incorporated ( is widely acknowledged as the world's leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics. Over the years, the company has designed and produced a wide variety of high -quality consumer and professional audio products, providing a vehicle for an individual's personal sound. Shure's diverse product line includes world -standard microphones, premier wireless audio systems, top -rated phonograph cartridges, problem -solving mixers, digital signal processors, personal monitors, and consumer earphones. Today, Shure products are used wherever high -quality audio performance is a top priority, in a wide variety of industries, markets, and settings.

Shure Incorporated corporate headquarters are located at 5800 West Touhy Ave., Niles, IL 60714, 847.600.2000.

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