Furman Introduces the World's First AC Power Conditioning Line Featuring Maintenance Free Surge Suppression and Linear Filtering Technology at CEDIA 2004

September, 2004 - CEDIA Expo - Furman Sound, CEDIA booth 1065, the most widely recognized and trusted name in AC power conditioning for over 30 years, is proud to introduce its first full line of AC power conditioning products for the C.E. / Home Theater market. Amongst the many unique fea -tures these power conditioners possess is Furman's exclusive maintenance -free transient voltage surge suppression with Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT).

Unfortunately, traditional AC filter - conditioners have been designed for unrealistic laboratory condi -tions. Prior AC noise reduction technologies, whether employing multiple pole filters, exotic ferrite blocks, inductive shunt networks, or proprietary wiring topologies could actually harm audio and video performance more than they helped, due to the resonant peaking of their antiquated, non -linear designs. Under certain conditions, these designs can actually add noise to the incoming AC line! Furman's LiFT takes another approach, assuring consistently optimal system performance by lowering noise linearly regardless of AC line or load conditions. The result is stunning realism you can hear and see.

Introduced for fall 2004 are three new products for Furman's unparalleled Reference Series. These products are the IT -Reference -20, IT -Reference -15, and SPR -20. Both the Reference 15 and 20 utilize high current discrete symmetrical balanced power, as well as AC power factor correction and ultra -wide bandwidth AC noise reduction. The SPR -20 AC voltage regulator features our Stable Power technology made famous by its predecessor the RA -1220, but it has been augmented with our new maintenance -free surge protection, and LiFT technology. All three include modular, ground -contamination -free cable and telco TVSS protection as well.
CEDIA 2004 introduces a new mid -priced line of 17 inch power conditioning components, the Elite Se -ries. The Elite -15 is a slim profile power conditioner featuring an attractive sculpted front panel, our exclusive retractable LED rack lights, maintenance -free surge protection with LiFT technology, and zero ground contamination transient voltage surge suppressors for cable and telco connectors. The Elite -15 DM contains many of the performance feature benefits of its sibling the Elite -15. While sporting a higher profile chassis boasting 13 AC outlets, and dimmable voltage and current meters. The Elite -15 PF features the Elite Series protection and filtering, but takes it a quantum leap beyond with the incorpo -ration of power factor correction technology previously available only in the IT -Reference. Power Fac -tor technology greatly increases the bandwidth of AC noise reduction as well as enhancing the perform -ance of today's current starved power amplifiers and receivers.

Additionally, Furman introduces five unique AC power strips and our slim -profile adjustable -mount AC -215. The Power Station Series, is comprised of the PST -2 + 6, PST -6, PST -8, PST -8 Digital, and PST -10 Digital. These slim -profile, attractive AC strips were designed to command as little space as possible. Yet their performance is unequaled. Priced from $49.00 retail, these strips feature a host of performance and protection benefits exclusive to Furman. The AC -215 feature adjustable mounting brackets (2) 15A outlets, and a removable AC cord. It's compact size is ideal for mounting on or above projectors and plasma's where the isolation of the RVC -7W is not required. From zero ground contami -nation to series mode maintenance -free surge suppression to linear filtering technology, Furman assures even modest home theaters many of the performance benefits developed for its cost -no -object Reference Series.

For additional information about the product lines of Furman Sound, Inc., contact: Dave Keller, VP of Business Development, Furman Sound, Inc., 1997 South McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, CA, 94954 USA. Tel: 707 -763 -1010, fax: 707 -763 -1310 Visit the Furman Sound, Inc., World Wide Web Page at http://www.furmansound.com

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