Blue Ocean Rear Projection Screens

From Japan comes entirely new type of Rigid Rear Projection Screens: Blue Ocean: with absolutely stunning & clearly superior optical performance... with a unique deep bodied, almost 3-D like presentation of Hi-Def.

Nippura Blue Ocean Rear Projection Screens are now available for order by Pro Audio Visual Specialists and Home Theater retailers across North America, Blue Ocean Screens are cast into the center of optical grade acrylic plates and are available in three freestanding frameless sizes: 72` 84`and 100` They are specifically designed for use with rear projection systems which by design virtually eliminates equipment sound, heat and light interference effectively and dramatically delivering a hi -definition image to the viewer. What viewers encounter is an amazingly brilliant image, one unrestricted by box or frame, one so deep and bodied that it appears to be flowing out of the Blue Ocean Screen.

Less than a year after Blue Ocean made its dazzling debut at the Home Entertainment 2003 Show in San Francisco, architects, designers, and image -industry developers began modeling vanguard applications.

Tony Vandenberg, President of Nippura USA, said, the 72" display amazed and astonished everyone with unheard of and incredibly faithful optical performance and aberration -free projected hi -definition images even the most hardcore home theater enthusiasts were left breathless.E
Although the standard sizes are available in 72`, 84`and 100` Blue Ocean Screens can also be custom fabricated into any geometric shape imaginable: curved walls, hemispheres, teardrops, or tunnels. These shapes will come in the world`s largest seamless sizes up to 27' by 11` The screens can also be used with 3 -D stereoscopic projection systems, resulting in a reality gain that is almost unbelievable. Enhancing cad -wall, research, product -visualization, medical virtual, and, of course, AMUSEMENT.

Blue Ocean Screens also offers something never before found in a screen: self -rigidity. The thickness of each Screen can be fabricated so that it maintains its form without external frames or tension systems. Frameless hi -definition projected images without borders amplify the infinite depth viewing experience. In addition, the thickness can be increased for even more dramatic applications`or instance, a Blue Ocean Screen can be custom fabricated to hold back the whole 12 ft depth on both sides of a swimming pool, allowing you to don your 3 -D goggles, dive in, and begin laps in the morning alongside your 1080p resolution projected bottle -nosed dolphin companions. Or with a somewhat more modest budget you can suspend your standard 84EBlue Ocean Screen in midair.

Blue Ocean Screens are the first ever to cast the screen into a hi -tolerance viewing plane centered between two ultra -clear slabs of cell -cast acrylic, the same type of material used in hi -optic fighter jet canopies. Normal wear and tear scratching has no long -term effect on the Screens performance, and a ten year old Screen, simply re -polished, will literally look and perform exactly as it did the day it left the factory. This toughness has Home Theater dealers anxiously awaiting their first inventories. No longer forced to deal with the risk of conventional surface screens that can be easily rendered useless by the slightest damage, scratch or oops (typically surface mounted screens are un -repairable), installers and users will certainly appreciate this user -friendly feature.

Blue Ocean Screens will not end in expensive obsolescence; made from an innovative proprietary diffusion material which does not restrict resolution, the Screen never needs to be upgraded and does not degrade like many of today`s hi -tech displays. Blue Ocean Screens can fully utilize and enhance all upcoming advancements in hi -resolution feed & hi -definition projectors without the hassle and expense of upgrades typical of other media technologies. For more information please visit:

About Nippura
Nippura is known for its core business of creating the worldlargest acrylic panels, tunnels, cylinders and spheres for the professional aquarium industry. Nippura was the first company ever in 1968 to produce a large scale Aquarium from Acrylic (PMMA). Nippura has been the catalyst for the modernization of Theme Park Aquariums. While Nippura Aquariums products can be found all over the world you may find yourself staring through them at some of the more local notable aquariums like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Atlantis Paradise Island, Baltimore Aquarium, New York Aquarium, Ripley`s Aquarium Gatlinburg, & the new Georgia Aquarium just to mention a fewE The largest size Aquarium Window Aqua -walls.
created to date by Nippura measures more 74` x 27'x 2' thick (297,000lbs) and listed in the 2004 Guinness Book of Records. Nippura`s technology for consistently producing hi -tolerance cell cast acrylic in large sizes with exacting optical properties has been leveraged for developing Blue Ocean Rear Projection Screens.

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