With lack of speed & reliability of current WiFi and Satellite offerings to trains etc, companies like Broadreach, Pointshot and Icomera may have to think again. IPe has patent pending tricks to put true broadband internet onto vehicles.

San Francisco, CA - IP Everywhere TM is a name that may not be familiar now … "just wait a while" says founder and CEO, Tony Whelan. Holding a number of patents relating to broadband internet through electricity cables (BPL), IP Everywhere TM is going to make traveling overland a whole lot more interesting. The company itself is still in its infancy but the ideas have been around for a while. "A very good friend asked me one day if I could put the internet onto a train" says Tony. That was over two years ago. Today, the principles of the technology will allow the traveler with a computer or a PDA to get onto the internet either through a wireless card or even the power outlets on the train itself. A subscription to the service will be necessary too but with the subscription comes a whole host of invaluable tools for the traveler whilst en route. How about "My IP Everywhere TM" with tailored news content? Or a ticker tape with your favorite stocks whilst taking the subway to work on Wall Street? Or even a "Where's My Buddy TM" feature that locates anyone else using IP Everywhere TM (you have 3 buddies online; 1 two stations ahead, 1 four stations behind and 1 approaching on carriage three)?

"Because the internet traffic is two way, travelers will be able to do things that were previously impossible" explains Tony. "Imagine getting on the airport monorail at terminal X for a flight and being able to e -ticket check in with hand luggage before you get to terminal Y". "I see the time we spend traveling overland a waste when we could be using it more effectively to prepare for work or even to start the day early" explains Tony. He is a firm believer of time management and sees opportunities grow exponentially when the power of IP Everywhere TM is combined with things like Cisco's Softphone technology, for example. "Cisco Softphone technology brings your desktop office phone to your laptop or PDA. I used this at my time at Cisco and loved it as I could be in Singapore, someone would call my desk in Brussels and my laptop would ring. Imagine the power of that type of bond for employees sat day after day on a commuter train staring at static ads when they could be VPN'ing into their work, firing up their Softphone and having work underway even before they get to their real desk an hour away"

The features of this are not bound to the travelers alone. Subway travel, for example, can become safer. With IP Everywhere TM's technologies, cost effective web cams could be installed in all carriages and monitored in real time from a Security Operations Center (SOC) or even be linked live to the police. Panic buttons could be installed and the cameras could swivel and 'zero in' on a specific area when pressed, triggering an alarm at the SOC and the Police. Any camera at any location could be controlled remotely. In the event of a driver collapse, using a web cam and a remote control service, a subway train could be remotely controlled at low speed to deliver the passengers safely to the next station to avoid them evacuating between stations and stepping on the high voltage power rail. How this is delivered will also give rise to other opportunities to the transport companies. In Metropolitan areas, Tony wants to create a meshed network environment where the whole bus/train/tram/trolley route is blanket covered by WiFi access points mounted onto the electricity posts and the vehicles will simply drive through and pick up the signal. The magic in this is that anyone with a WiFi card can pick up the signal within a 200 foot radius. That means that if you live near a bus route or a metro, the bus company could become your ISP. In a meshed network, you could go into any coffee shop and be connected to IP Everywhere TM's service.

Sounds promising right? This is only half of IP Everywhere TM's arsenal. "We are literally going to change the face of advertising on a moving vehicle," proclaims Tony. "The stream we provide for a moving vehicle can also be used for screens to be mounted on the walls of the carriages. These screens will replace the static adverts we see on carriages at the moment. Live advertising content will be delivered real time right into the vehicles. Live news, weather, stocks, train timetables, football, baseball, basketball & hockey scores, flight arrivals and departures, infomercials and of course, advertising will be possible. "How captive is that audience who stare at the static adverts on the subways across the world every single day??" exclaims Tony. "We are going to bring advertising technologies and revenues into the 21st century at last. Interactivity is going to be the key function behind commuter travel from now on. There will be touch panel screens near the doors and users can look up a shop location and have the directions printed out with targeted advertising on the output based on factors such as shop type, location etc. Travelers will be able to order a taxi on the train to be waiting for them at the station. The applications for this part of the technology are limitless." For more information, send an email to info@ip

Watch this space …

IP Everywhere TM (IPe) is currently seeking partners for the Proof Of Concept trials. They are also interested to begin talks with funding partners. Ameren, Cinergy, Current Technologies, PG&E and B.A.R.T. are just a few of the companies that IPe are looking to partner with at the moment. IPe is also in negotiations with an ISP in South America but details of this venture cannot be disclosed at this time.


Tony Whelan is no newcomer to the IT industry. Hailing from Liverpool, Great Britain, he has worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and consulted for giants such as Holiday Inns/Bass, NCR, Taylor Woodrow, Telecom Giant Belgacom and a 3 year spell with Internet leader, Cisco Systems as an independent Technical Project Manager. He wrote the patents for these technologies whilst on a 6 -month honeymoon after marrying his wife in Florence, Italy. The patents were written in between trekking to Everest Base Camp (17 days, 54 miles, blistering cold temperatures and 18,400 feet no less), swimming with dolphins in New Zealand, jumping out of a perfectly good airplane without a parachute (honestly) and a 2500 mile tour around Rajisthan amongst other things. He is now settled in San Francisco with his wife and has all his energies turned towards IP Everywhere TM. He loves all things technical and has obviously become very familiar with Broadband over Power Line (BPL) technologies. Coupling this with his knowledge of internet technology allowed him to write the patents. He secured the services of a Patent firm in San Francisco. His second in command is Greg Schofield, Chief Information Officer of IP Everywhere TM. Greg hails from the UK too and has a very similar IT background, with an edge more towards the business as opposed to the technical nowadays, he admits. There are a number of consulting partners and of course a set of more than competent engineers.


contact - info@ip

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